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Best Class and Attachments For Call of Duty: Black Ops II(M27)

M27 Black Ops II

M27 Black Ops II

Best Class Black Ops II

For Call of Duty: Black Ops II, I spent countless hours trying to find the class that fit my style of gaming. I'm the run and gun, camp if being camped on, close range hip fire type of guy. It took me a while to realize that an SMG wasn't the answer. The problem with the SMGs on Black Ops II is that if someone is well hidden and sniping from across the map, you either have to get off a lucky shot or close a lot of ground to kill them. Now, I realize you have four other classes in which you can have a Sniper Rifle, but for the sake of finding an all around good weapon for close and long range combat, I'm going to ignore the other classes. Also, in my defense, I know that long range shots come easily to an experienced player with the SMGs. This tutorial may not be for you if that is the case. If you do need help with your weapons loadout, or want any other tips for the game, my email is phtechradio@gmail.com. Make sure that you put which hub you are referring to in either the subject line or body of your email, and include your name and your question. I will get back to you ASAP with an answer.


The M27 fully automatic assault rifle is definitely my weapon of choice for all around combat. It has gotten me more than my fair share of long range kills, along with close combat hip fire kills. With the right perks attached and good support from your team, you can cycle through your scorestreaks like there is nothing stopping you. If you decide to use this weapon, I think you will be highly impressed with it. Also, the recoil on this gun is almost nonexistent. This makes for a lot of headshots and scorestreaks because you aren't trying to fight the pull of the gun as you are sending shots downrange. Make sure that you use the perks and add-ons that work for you. I'm not going to be responsible for you being mad because I told you to use Scavenger instead of something else. Thanks for reading!


*Make sure to read the update below. I have gone from an Assault Rifle guy to a Pistol class guy. Something about having diamond camo for too long. Also, if anyone wants to play with me, my gamertag is phtechparker.


My M27 Class

Class SlotSelected in Slot

Primary Weapon


Primary Attachments

ACOG Sight, Quickdraw

Secondary Weapon


Secondary Attachments


Perk 1

Lightweight, Blind Eye

Perk 2

Cold Blooded

Perk 3

Dead Silence, Extreme Conditioning

Lethal/Tactical Grenades


Wildcard 1

Perk 1 Greed

Wildcard 2

Perk 3 Greed

Wildcard 3


M27 Gameplay and Breakdown




Realizing that everyone is probably getting board with reading about people loving the Assault Rifles and having a pretty big change of heart, I have officially found my new weapon of choice, If you haven't played around with the Pistol classes, I highly suggest that you do. The Five-Seven, surprisingly, is now my favorite weapon to use in Call of Duty: Black Ops II hardcore play. Not only is it a quick draw, but you can reach out to far distances with it fairly effectively. Now, I'm not claiming that every round I send from the opposite side of the map is going to hit your enemy, but it is a fairly accurate mid-long range weapon. Get rid of your Primary Class, you won't need it anymore, Put this weapon as your secondary and put whatever attachment you want on it. I prefer extra rounds, so I use extended clip. I also attach C-4 and an EMP grenade, which help out all around for killing enemies or disabling killstreaks. The perks that you add should come down to personal preference. I like to have scavenger and marathon in my loadout. If you have a hard time getting killstreaks, slap on hardline and go at it. Another thing I like to do with this weapon is kill an enemy and use his weapon against him and his team. Nothing pisses you off more than if someone kills you with your own weapon right? Anyway, that's my update. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks,



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Is their a storm PSR (special)

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