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World's Most Decadent and Delicious Desserts ~ Yummy Pictures ~

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Everyone loves a good dessert after a satisfying meal. Nothing beats the delicate taste of a well made snack that is heavenly in flavor. That's why we always have more room for dessert even after a big meal. This hub talks about some of the best desserts that you can find around the world. So next time when you are in the mood for some sweets, don't forget to give these desserts a try if you haven't already done so.

Cream Puff

I love the delicate flavors of cream puffs. The ones from Papa Beard are the best. The shell is very crispy and the cream inside is very smooth. It comes in many different flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Other flavors (green tea, coffee, earl gray tea and others) listed on their website but are not available at any Papa Beard Southern California store that I went to. I think these flavors are probably available in Japan. They also sprinkle powder sugar on top for added sweetness.



This is probably my favorite snack out of all snacks. The flavors are just simply so amazing; this dessert tastes like heaven. If you haven't had tiramisu, you are definitely missing out on this fine Italian dessert. There are several modified versions, but the traditional one is the best out of all in my opinion. This dessert is made by dipping ladyfingers or Italian biscuits in strong coffee (espresso) and layered with a mixture of egg yolk / mascarpone cheese. Coco powder is sprinkled on top to balance the sweetness of the cake.


Gelato - Italian Ice Cream

Gelato is ice cream on steroids. The flavors of gelato is so much more delicate and intense than regular ice cream. Traditional ice cream has lots of air to double the quantity, gelato do not have air as filler. Anyway, you have to give this amazing Italian dessert a try. You will never want to eat regular ice cream again. Just look at the pictures of the gelato stores, you will drool immediately.



Cheesecake (frozen chocolate cheesecakes are my favorite) – Oddly, I love frozen chocolate cheesecakes but not room temperatures ones. It feels like I am eating ice cream cake but the flavors are different just by a little bit. It is absolutely pleasurable to eat very good chocolate cheesecake on any day!!


Black Forest Cake

Even the name implies that this dessert is truly divine. I love the rich taste of smooth black forest cake. This is a German cake that is not very sweet. The flavors are just gorgeous and every bit melts in your mouth.


Ice Cream Cake

This is almost self explanatory. Ice cream with the cake is a perfect combination, best of both worlds. I love it when the icing of the cake is made of very light cream instead of that ultra sweet artificial icing that they put on most cakes. This dessert is a must in the summer time. So next time, when there is a summer birthday, why not suggest the ice cream cake for the celebration?


Creme Brulee

This is another Italian dessert that is just simply gorgeous. Oh my god, how many Italian desserts are on this list? With the brunt sugar on top and the cool cream underneath. It is simply a small gorgeous little dessert to enjoy by yourself or with you loved ones.

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This dessert sounds foreign because it is actually from Central Europe. There are several variations of the recipe in Europe, but the basics are the same, puff pastry base and custard cream. Some recipes also have whipped cream on top. These ingredients spell incredibly delicious dessert.



These famous French desserts are pleasing to the eye but also big in taste. With a variety of different flavors, you will find the one that makes you drool. Just walking pass a French macaron bakery will make you drool. The classic French dessert is made from sweet meringue based confection of eggs, sugar, and almond powder.


Castella Cake

This cake was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese. The Japanese dessert chefs refined it and made it even more perfect. This sponge cake is made from sugar, flour, eggs, and starch syrup. The texture is really incredible, tastes similar to a refined pound cake. When you go to Japan, make sure to try the matcha flavored castella cake. With the subtle flavor of green tea, the matcha flavored castella cake has more depth to its flavor.



This traditional middle eastern dessert is extremely delicious. Made with layers of flaky filo layered with chopped nuts, the Baklava is held together with honey or syrup. You can customize the dessert with different types of nuts. The most common one is made with chopped walnuts. You can even add several different types of nuts to make this dessert your own recipe!



I have to finish this hub with the classic American brownie. When made right, this dessert is a super rich, chocolate goodness. Even though it doesn't look as fancy as some of the foreign desserts on this list, its taste can speak for itself.



Noreen on May 02, 2013:

Where Re the recipes?? Maybe I over looked ghem

abby on March 20, 2012:

i like this cake

ewelz51 from Somewhere in the South... on July 31, 2011:

Gorgeous photos! My favorite dessert is a chocolate chip cannoli, but you don't have a photo of one, next time!

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