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World's Most Decadent and Delicious Desserts ~ Yummy Pictures ~

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Desserts are very special and people look forward to them after a good meal. Nothing beats the delicate taste of a well made snack that is heavenly in flavor. That is the reason why people always have more stomach space for desserts! This hub talks about some of the best desserts that you can find around the world. So next time when you are in the mood for some sweets, don't forget to give these desserts a try if you haven't already done so.

Cream Puff

The cream puff is a simple dessert that tastes amazing. Some pastry chefs make them small and bite size. Others make them bigger and filled with soft decadent cream. Even though cream puff desserts are available at the snack section in the supermarket, the best cream puff is made fresh at a pastry shop. The freshly baked pastry shells are filled with cream right after the customer orders them. The result is a very light crispy shell filled with either whipped cream or custard. The taste is lightly sweet and extremely satisfying. You will always want to eat them after a good meal. Best of all, some pastry shops have different flavors of whipped cream or custard. Rather than the traditional dairy cream, flavored whipped cream such as matcha, strawberry and chocolate are available upon request.



The tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert that is world famous. Traditionally made from eggs, mascarpone cheese, espresso spiked with flavored alcohol, ladyfinger cookies and cocoa powder, this dessert is in a league of its own. Nothing is quite like it in the dessert world. Do you know the alleged origin of the tiramisu? It was supposedly created as a stamina booster at a brothel in Italy. Unlike most desserts listed here, the tiramisu is a cold dessert that does not involve baking. Recently, other versions of the tiramisu has been created. In Japan, matcha is used instead of espresso to get it a different taste profile. Nevertheless, this classic Italian dessert is really worth a try. It's unlike any other dessert but extremely delicious and decadent.


Gelato - Italian Ice Cream

Gelato is ice cream on steroids. The flavors of gelato is so much more delicate and intense than regular ice cream. Traditional ice cream has lots of air to double the quantity, gelato is a lot denser. The gelato is another Italian dessert that made this list. At a traditional Italian ice cream shop, you have a wide variety of different flavors to pick from. If you love fruits, go for fruit flavored gelato such as peach, apricot or blueberry ice cream that you typically won't see in the United States. If you love nuts, gelato is also available in a variety of nut flavors such as hazelnut, walnut or almond. Do you know that hazelnut flavored gelato is a favorite in Europe?



Many assume that the cheesecake is an all American dessert born in the state of New York. However, this is not true. The earliest cheesecake was actually made by the Greeks! This makes it one of the most ancient desserts on the planet. Filled with a lot of cheese as the middle layer, this dessert is very rich in taste, high in calories and fat. Maybe it's okay as an occasional treat after a family holiday dinner! Most people enjoy the cheesecake at room temperature. But, you can always put it in the freezer and enjoy it as a frozen dessert. This dessert has a completely different texture when served at room temperature vs. frozen.


Black Forest Cake

The black forest cake is a German dessert that utilizes chocolate to enhance the taste of the cake. If you don't love very sweet desserts, the black forest cake is a good choice for you. However, it is important to know that this cake is traditionally made with a slight amount of alcohol. The cherries on the top of the cake is both for decorative purposes and complement the taste of the cake.


Ice Cream Cake

This is almost self explanatory. Ice cream layered between cake is the best of both worlds. You can enjoy ice cream together with cake in one dessert. Best of all, many ice cream shops offer to make custom ice cream cakes based on the customer's selection. Sometimes, you can even pick more than one flavor of ice cream to layer between the cake. Are you looking for the perfect birthday cake for a summer baby? Go for an ice cream cake to help cool everyone down in the blazing heat.


Creme Brulee

The creme brulee is another Italian dessert that made this list! There are simply so many delicious Italian desserts. The simple yet elegant little snack is the perfect addition to a meal. With hot burnt crunchy sugar on top and cold cream at the bottom, it is a contrast of taste for any dessert lover. Best of all, this little dessert is often available in smaller portions than most desserts on this list. You should go for the creme brulee if you are trying to go for a slightly "healthier" dessert.

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This dessert sounds foreign because it is actually from Central Europe. There are several variations of the recipe in Europe, but the basics are all the same, puff pastry base and custard cream. Some recipes also have whipped cream on top. This dessert is similar to the cream puff. However, it always utilize custard instead of whipped cream as the filling. Also, the custard filling is bigger in the cremeschnitte rather cream puffs.



These famous French desserts are pleasing to the eyes but also big in taste. With a variety of different flavors, you will find the ones that you love. By simply walking pass a French macaron bakery will make you want to pick up a dozen of these small cookies. The classic French dessert is made from sweet meringue based confection of eggs, sugar and almond powder.


Castella Cake

This cake was introduced to Japan by the Portuguese. The Japanese dessert chefs refined it and made it even more perfect. This sponge cake is made from sugar, flour, eggs and starch syrup. The texture is really incredible, it tastes similar to a pound cake. When you go to Japan, make sure to try the matcha flavored castella cake. With the subtle flavor of green tea, the matcha flavored castella cake has even more depth to its taste profile.



This traditional Middle Eastern dessert is flaky, nutty, sweet and delicious. Made with layers of flaky phyllo pastry and variety of chopped nuts, the Baklava is held together with honey or syrup. You can customize the dessert with different types of nuts. The most common one is made with chopped walnuts between the phyllo pastry and topped with chopped pistachio. If the traditional Baklava is too sweet for you, decrease the amount of honey or sugar will make it more delicious.



The brownie is a classic American dessert. This simple little snack packs a punch in the taste department. Mostly flavored with rich chocolate, this dessert is best for a person that loves rich taste of cocoa. A well made brownie is moist, lightly sweet and packed with chocolate flavor. It is the best ending dessert for an all American brunch.



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