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Yummy Mango pudding ready in just 15 minutes

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This wonderful and silky mango of mango is bursting with the taste of sweet mango. The simplicity of this dessert makes it great for the company. Cold mango is a delicious recipe made in summer season or mango season. It is usually prepared with mango pulp and cream or condensed milk which provides a creamy and rich texture. It is very easy to make dessert and is prepared in mint. This delicious dessert is ready in just 10 to 15 minutes



  • Take 1 liter of milk and sugar in a pan and cook it. Now add two tablespoons of cornflour in cold milk and mix well.
  • Stir the mixture with a spatula until it thickens
  • Make strawberry jelly in a separate pan.
  • When everything is ready, take a serving dish and place it in some custard dish.
  • Add a layer of sponge cake pieces and pour hot milk and lemon juice over them to keep them wet.
  • Put the mango pieces in the dish.
  • Now add jelly cubes, custard, milk, mango juice, and a layer of jelly.
  • Garnish with cream, mango and jelly. And serve. Enjoy mango pudding


zainab on June 26, 2021:

So delish wow

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noor on June 26, 2021:

Looks soon yummy

Nick Bishop on June 26, 2021:

Looks delish.

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