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One of the Most Popular Snack and Dessert Tofu Brains --Douhua

Douhua (Chinese: 豆花; pinyin: dòuhuā) is the short form of doufuhua (Chinese: 豆腐花; pinyin: dòufuhuā). It is a Chinese snack made with very so


What is tofu brains?

Douhua (Chinese: 豆花; pinyin: dòuhuā) is the short form of doufuhua (Chinese: 豆腐花; pinyin: dòufuhuā). It is a Chinese snack made with very soft tofu. It is also referred to as tofu pudding, soybean pudding, or tofu brains.

It is a famous traditional snack. Highly nutritious foods made from soy protein are mostly sold in the morning. They are often mixed with tofu flowers and bean curd. According to the different tastes of different regions, the north prefers salty food, while the south prefers sweetness. Some regions such as Sichuan prefer sourness and spicy taste.


The most important feature of Douhua is the tenderness and softness of tofu, so it is called the tofu brain, so you must master the skill of marinating. It requires a low heat to boil the syrup without overflowing the pot (you can add a special defoamer for soy products to eliminate bubbles, and cooking oil is also ok), so that the tofu is not sticky, bitter, and not astringent. That's it. To cook the marinade, you need to use fresh lamb slices and a good-mouth grinding soup. The heat must be mastered, and the stew technique cannot be used to boil the marinade to keep the marinade fresh.

Due to the ingredients, the original taste of tofu is tasteless.

Tofu brains are mostly sold in the morning, while old tofu is sold in the afternoon. Soy sauce and other vegetarian dishes are used for tofu brains. Popular in most parts of China. The flavors vary greatly from place to place, and tofu brain is a high-nutrient food made from soybean protein. Mainly divided into two ways to eat sweet and salty. Generally speaking, sweets are mainly distributed in southern China (the Jiangnan is salty), Hong Kong and Taiwan, and salty foods are in northern China. To make bean curd, the soybeans must be soaked for about 4 to 8 hours depending on the variety or personal preference. After the soybeans are full of water, they are beaten, filtered, boiled, and then cooled to 90°C. The last step is called "Chong tofu brains", which means that you need to pour in the coagulant soy milk and then let it stand for 5 to 15 minutes to complete. The delicacy of bean curd comes from the temperature control of the fusion of soy milk and coagulant, as well as the speed and skill of "Chong tofu brains".

Flavor type


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Salted tofu brains is generally added with seasoning suitable for salty taste, which varies slightly from place to place. In the north, there are meat, celery, mustard, day lily, fungus, and shiitake mushrooms; in coastal areas, there are kelp shreds, seaweed, and shrimp skins; there are also sesame sauce, chili oil, coriander, soy sauce, and vinegar; there are also leeks, Garlic, chopped green onion, etc., the taste varies from place to place mainly depends on the seasoning. Among them, there is also a kind of spicy soup in Henan, which is called "tofu brains and spicy soup", which is rich in local characteristics, and Sichuan's spicy tofu is spicy and fragrant, and it has a unique flavor.



Sweet ones are usually added with syrup or granulated sugar or brown sugar. In summer, tofu flowers are usually cooled and eaten with hot sugar water in winter. Some people will add ginger juice in the sugar water or add mung beans, red beans, and eat with various favorite fruits. A more innovative way of eating is to add the chocolate syrup made of "chocolate tofu brains", and Hong Kong also has the "sesame bean tofu brains" with black sesame paste. Some people call it "Tai Chi bean tofu brains" according to its appearance.



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