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vegetables diet


Vegetables diet

Rainbow of vegetables for all your protein needs.

Lets share you about vegetables

We know about vitamins, phyto nutrients, in them but we worry about lack of proteins in them don't asparagus, broccoli, spinach, avocado,even the delectable potato are good examples of proteins in vegetables.

Lemon: Make a Lemonade dilute juice of half cup of lemon juice with 2 glass of water use this as post shampoo rinse lets sit 2 minute and wash out this cleanse the scalp and vitamin C nourishes your hair follicles and fights dandruff saves money too.

Moringa: Moringa also named as Drumstick which actually is a miracle tree.

It has antifungal anti viral anti depressant and anti inflamatory the seed pods of moringa are vegetables that are eaten and the leaves are also nutrient rich and can be eaten and the leaves are also nutrient rich and can be eaten when dried and powdered the nutrient density of the leaves is sky rocket for instance they probably have more iron than spinach more calcium than milk and more beta carotene than carrot use them in salads smoothies or even added favourite recepie.

Carrot and Broccoli and Cabbage: They also have phytochemical 53C that helps regenerates bubble surface age reduced inflammation and recent study proved prostrate cancer.

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Potato: Medium size potato is 153 calories put that in perspective its 1/16th of daily calorie intake it has minerals to bone health it has potassium reduces blood pressure naturally its fiber rich and good source of vitamin Vit B6.

Try and resist snacks every morning chop carrots cucumbers salads and tomatoes are red green peppers if you like add some salt pepper splits of lime juice and sprinkle favorite herbs on it now that makes fun snack that you can chump on it any time during day.

Spinach: is a good source of iron ad a comic character Popeye was created to raise awareness among kids thats its good source of iron. Normally leafy vegetables are good for Eyes and also good diet to include in meal every day.

Tomato: It contains Lycopene and beta carotene and has lots of vitamin A, tomato smoothie can also be taken. Avoid seeds when cooking tomatoes as it leads to kidney problems from studies.

Ladies Finger or Okra: It has Vitamin A, Calcium, Vitamin D and good for growing kids as it increases memory power.

The trend today which is commonly seen is of smoothie which has detoxification properties and weight loss program.

Green Peppers bell peppers Red peppers and cucumbers carrots have the laxative properties which is very good for person with constipation and has enormous vitamins minerals.

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