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Uses of Guava Tree

Hearty Cindy is a registered nurse from the Philippines who learned to love writing while working online part time.

Guava Fruit

Guava Tree has Many Uses.

There are many uses of the guava tropical fruit tree. This tree mostly thrives in Asian countries where the season is either rainy or sunny especially in the Philippines.

Guava is a common fruit that thrives here, some are grown big to almost the size of a man's head ans some are just small.

There are many ways to enjoy guava and there are also a lot of things you could do with the fruit and the tree itself. It is fun to know that a simple tree could have many uses.

Guava Fruit-Year Round Fruit

Uses of a Guava Tree

All-Year Round Tropical Fruit Tree

The guava tree is the most common tropical fruit tree in any tropical areas. It is most especially common in the Asian countries. It commonly thrives in tropical areas because guava fruit tree survive best in these weather conditions.

Here in the Philippines, because of the weather, we have a variety of guavas from small guavas with red seeds to big ones with white seeds. This fruit tree is abundant here and grows on almost every backyard.

In our place, we also have this tree right in our own backyard.

The Guava tree is a very sturdy tree that only dances with the strong rain or winds. It does not grow very tall.

I love eating guavas. When I was still younger, I used to climb this tree and eat the fruit fresh from the tree. It is the freshest way to gobble it up. I love the feeling that I'm right up there in the tree and I'm eating my own guava. I love to eat the tiny guavas where the seeds are pink, although there are big guavas that have pink seeds also. It is a very healthy fruit.

There are a lot of ways to do with guava fruit tree right from the tree itself up to the branches, the leaves and the fruit.

Guava Fruit

The guava fruit tree is a year-round tree because it grows the whole year through. With only rainy and sunny season in the Philippines, guavas can grow and flourish here.

You can actually eat the guava fruit right from the tree itself. I love to eat it paired with salt. That's our favorite way to eat it with my siblings. For the big types of guavas, you have to cut it with the knife in order to have slices of guavas that easy to munch on.

You can also make jam and jellies out from the guava fruit. The very ripe guava is a good source for the guava jam. Just cook the mashed ripe guava in equal amounts with sugar, stir while cooking, wait until thick and then serve hot or place it in a jar.

Guava Fruit Jam

Learn the Basics of Making Guava Jam and Jellies

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Guava Leaf

Guava Leaves

The guava leaf has a distinct smell to it. You will actually know that it is guava leaf because you can smell the fruit right from the guava leaf. The guava leaf is a good way to wash wounds because it has a cleansing property against germs.

How to do this? The leaves are pounded till the juice comes out from it. It is then placed on the wound after it has been washed with water.

For washing, boil guava leaves with an ample amount of water. When the water has turned green in color, leave it to cool down. This boiled water with guava leaves is good for washing the wound areas.

In the olden times, this wash is used to bathe people who have just been after a fever. I don't have explanation for this but I just believe the old folks especially my great grandmother. Before we go take a bath, she boils the guava leaves and mixes this with the water that we are to take a bath with. Sounds not cool, but I guess they work.

The guava leaf in the present times has now been made into soaps. This antibacterial action of the guava makes it a good soap for germ protection. The soap is now more accessible tool to use guava leaf.

Some Sweet pictures of Guava Fruit - Nature Loves Guava, See these animals in Action as they show their love for Guava.


Guava Fruit Gathering! - How to harvest Guava out from the Tree.

Guava Tree

The guava fruit tree is a very strong tree that does not easily break out. The guava tree has proven to be a very powerful tree for many years now.

This tree provides a good source for shade especially under the heat of the sun. It can cool down an area because it can spread out and cast a shadow that will provide a cooling shade.

Another thing you could do with the guava tree is make a brush for the teeth out form its branch. Yes, it is possible and it really works. I remember when I was younger, my mother would cut out a small branch out from the tree, pound the tip of it and use it to brush our teeth (not everyday use though, only once in a while) because it actually helps whiten the teeth. I believe it works because my teeth, my sibling's teeth and my mother's teeth actually look much whiter after we do that brushing with the guava branch.

What do you know about Guava? - Leave me some Comments and Suggestions here

Moral Man on November 19, 2019:

Guava is one of the best fruits as far as taste and health benefits are concerned. All parts of the tree have many uses. Its now being sold more frequently in cold weather supermarkets. Its a personification of the tropics, and would be an ideal subject in a Henri Rousseau painting.

Im also interested in the similar Strawberry Guava, also known as Cattley Guava, a more cold tolerant fruit tree thats sub-tropical. Strawberry Guava hasnt yet been sold in markets here where I live in New York. Im looking for either the fresh fruit, or dried fruit, jams, jellies, paste, canned fruit, fruit roll ups, and frozen fruit.

Anushree on August 29, 2018:

Thank you so much. Me and my sister Tanushree will use it now and everyday even in our school.

ForestBear LM on February 03, 2014:

I love guava, thank you for an interesting lens.

Hearty Cindy Penaranda (author) from Ormoc City on March 21, 2013:

@Wedding Mom: U are very welcome!

Wedding Mom on March 19, 2013:

Very informative lens. Thank you for sharing this.

May Matthew on January 25, 2013:

Oh, I forgot to mention that I really like the fragrance of guava and its leaves.

May Matthew on January 25, 2013:

I had one when I was small. I miss it a lot, and the fruit loving insects too! Thank you for sharing!

kcsantos on January 19, 2013:

I don't really like its taste, but I still choose to eat it because of its health benefits

BlogsWriter on December 31, 2012:

Guava is one of my favourite fruits.

Hearty Cindy Penaranda (author) from Ormoc City on October 30, 2012:

@takkhisa: yes. thanks for dropping by.

Hearty Cindy Penaranda (author) from Ormoc City on October 30, 2012:

@sherioz: Truly, my mother taught me that when we were still kids.

Takkhis on October 30, 2012:

Well, Guava is a healthy fruit and most of all we have trees of it and i do like to have it.

sherioz on September 08, 2012:

I like the idea of using the branch to whiten teeth.

Aster56 on August 30, 2012:

I love the guava jams my mom made.

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