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Use and Benefits of Milk and Dairy Products in Cooking

Skim milk

Skim milk

Milk and dairy products have a big role in cooking because milk products are added in various recipes and cooking preparations such as sauces, creams, ice cream, fruit creams, etc. Also, if you want to prepare a royal cheesecake recipe in American style or you are want to cook delicious butter chicken recipe in North Indian style, you need milk, cream, cheese, etc. The milk and dairy products are among the main sources of calcium and are rich in protein. Calcium obtained from milk and its products helps in prevention of osteoporosis at old age. Benefits of milk include strong teeth and bones. Milk foods build and repair muscles and tissues and are essential for the growth of children. Milk is one of the most important food for the body due to the amount of nutrients it has. It is the primary source of calcium and contains high quality protein and fat that is very important for children under two years for its fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E. Milk helps to improve the nutritional value of food. The recommended daily consumption of milk is 4 cups of milk or yogurt. It is also important to consider one slice of cheese substituting 1 cup of milk.

Skimmed Milk

In children over 3 years who are overweight or have a family history of obesity, it is advisable to prefer skim milk (liquid or powder), diet yogurt, and string cheese in order to reduce consumption of saturated fats, which increase the risk of heart disease and maximize the benefits of milk delivery.

Milk and dairy products

Milk and dairy products

Cultured milk

The cultured milk is derived from milk and is enriched with bioactive elements that protect the body from infection. The high quality of these products is that inside them they contain live microorganisms which operate by improving nutritional and microbial balance of human’s digestive system.

Cultured milk

Cultured milk


Yogurt is milk fermented by specific microorganisms that are introduced into the milk after pasteurization. Nutritionally, it is a food with the characteristics of milk and it also improves digestion and restores intestinal flora of people who have taken antibiotics or who have digestive problems. During the fermentation process, the lactose in milk is converted into lactic acid, making it suitable for people with lactose intolerance, so yogurt is best for people who have lactose intolerance. Also, yogurt is a very important cooking ingredient.

Yogurt with cherry

Yogurt with cherry

Culinary Use of Milk and Dairy Products

Milk in addition to being consumed normally is the basis for sweet and savory sauces, puddings, cream soups, ice cream, milk cream recipes, desserts, cereals, and marinated fish or meat. Afghani chicken marinated with intense aromas if also a great example for use of dairy products in cooking. Yogurt is also used for the preparation of sauces, desserts, avocado salad dressings, but it you need to keep in mind that it is always better to consume low-fat dairy products to prevent excessive fat intake in the diet.

So the next time when you will be going to cook a recipe requiring dairy products, always buy low fat high protein forms of dairy products.

All time favorite Indian butter chicken recipe with cream topping in between.

All time favorite Indian butter chicken recipe with cream topping in between.


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Rajinder Soni (author) from New Delhi, India on June 03, 2010:

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