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Unique Cupcake Bouquets

Jean—a creative self-taught cook with a passion for helping people develop their cooking skills—has worked as a cooking instructor.

Make a Flat Cupcake Bouquet?

Flat cupcake bouquets are usually arranged on a cake board or other suitable flat surface. They can look like an actual bouquet or they can look like another shape, like a baby carriage or a wedding dress. The shaped bouquets are often called pull-apart cakes and are great for themed parties, depending on the number of people you are serving. Some flat bouquets use anywhere from 25 to over 50 cupcakes to get the shape right.

If you are serving a small number of people or you are giving it as a gift you would be better to make a small flat or upright flower cupcake bouquet where only a small number of cupcakes is required.

A Unique Flat Cupcake Bouquet

Flamingo Cupcake Bouquet

Flamingo Cupcake Bouquet

Make an Upright Cupcake Bouquet?

Upright cupcake bouquets traditionally look like a floral bouquet with frosting shaped like flowers on the top of each cupcake. The cupcakes are assembled on short skewers or toothpicks and placed in an arrangement in the top of a container.

Steps in Getting a Picture on to a Cupcake Bouquet

  1. Find a picture, logo or whatever you want to use and get it resized to the size you want with a photocopy enlargement or draw a grid on your picture, a bigger one on a piece of paper, and redraw it by hand.
  2. Place your drawing on a rigid flat surface with no sides. Lay a piece of wax paper or parchment paper over the drawing large enough to cover it. Set the drawing aside while you make the frosting for your entire cupcake bouquet.
  3. Move whatever frosting you need into bowls to tint it the colors you want.
  4. Using an outline color, in a piping bag, pipe the outline of your design onto the wax paper, using the picture underneath as a guide. Fill in the spaces inside the outline with the appropriate color, using a piping bag or the back of a spoon. Use a toothpick to push frosting into small spaces.
  5. Do not make the icing very thin as you are going to freeze your frosting image and place it on your bouquet when it is frozen. If it is too thin, it could break.
  6. When your image is complete, place the cookie sheet or whatever you are using to support the drawing with everything on it in the freezer.
  7. Freeze until firm. Meanwhile arrange your cupcakes into your design pattern and frost the surface like a cake. Smooth the top and place the frozen frosting image on the top where you want it. Let thaw and serve.

Cinderella Cupcake Bouquet

Cinderella themed cupcake bouquet

Cinderella themed cupcake bouquet


Fabulous and Unique Cupcake Bouquets

Instead of giving someone a bouquet of flowers give them a bouquet of cupcakes. Even guys like to receive these. They are fairly easy to make and they look stunning. They are very impressive. Bakeries charge a fortune to make these for you and you can make them at home for less than half the price that bakeries charge. The most expensive part of the bouquet is the vase or container you use to sit your bouquet in. The rest as they say is a piece of cake.

You don't even need to know how to make any of it from scratch. You can make cupcakes from a mix or buy them from a bakery. You can even use ready-made icing out of a a can. And, if you don't want to go to the expense of buying an icing bag and some tips you can use a plastic bag and cut a small hole in one corner. Squeeze the icing onto the cupcake in a pattern and the beginnings of a bouquet is born. Join me and have some fun!

The Cupcake Bouquet Gift


Tips for Making An Upright Cupcake Bouquet

It is a really good idea to assemble all of your bouquet components together so you have everything you need.

Make sure you buy or have on hand all the components of your bouquet together before you make your cupcakes. You want them to be as fresh as can be when you present them to the lucky guy or gal.

You can either ice your cupcakes before or after you assemble your bouquet. It depends on what you find is easier. Most people like the idea of decorating the cupcakes before they assemble the bouquet so they can turn the cupcakes when decorating them.

Cold cupcakes mount on the sticks better and are less likely to slip if they are very cold, so refrigerate them for an hour or two. The very bottom row of cupcakes benefit from two picks or sticks to make sure they don't fall off.


What You'll Need To Make A Fabulous Cupcake Bouquet with a Round Vase

For using a round vase or flower pot, you will need:

  • A round flower pot or vase about 4 inches or more across
  • two bags of rocks or other weighted maerial
  • a package of 8 -12 ounce styrofoam bowls or a round styrofoam ball
  • green plastic or tissue paper
  • short wooden hors d'oeuvre skewers or heavy toothpicks
  • a bow for your vase
  • 30 to 32 mini iced cupcakes
  • wide clear packing tape
  • box for transporting cupcake bouquet

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Directions at a Glance

  • Gather all your materials together
  • Make your cupcakes, ice them and refrigerate them for a few hours.
  • Cut your transport box to fix the vase about halfway up the vase so it won't shift. Set it aside.
  • Set a small bag of rocks in the bottom of the vase for stability.
  • Put the other bag of rocks in one of the styrofoam bowls.
  • Place the other 7 bowls upside down on top of it, so the bag of rocks is inside the enclosed space. Use the clear packing tape to tape all of the bowls together with the rocks inside.
  • Cover the bowls with green

    plastic or tissue. Sit the bowls inside your vase with the 7 bowls on top.

    Start at the very bottom of the bowls where all the rims come together and start mounting each cupcake with two toothpicks. Work your way around each successive row until you have used all the cupcakes that will fit. You should be able to get 30 to 32 mini-cupcakes into the bouquet depending on how tightly you pack them.

    Fill the gaps with artificial silk greenery or tissue poufs.

    Now you have an exquisite Cupcake Bouquet

A Word About Icing Your Cupcakes

As you know there are several types and styles of icing. Depending on your skill level and the look you are looking for, here are some suggestions for icing your cupcakes:

  • Make or buy a buttercream type icing and spread it on the cupcakes with a knife.
  • Use an icing bag and an icing tip to decorate the tops of the cupcakes
  • Do not use a royal icing that will harden to decorate the tops of the cupcakes as the royal icing draws the moisture out of the cupcakes making them dry and stale very quickly.
  • Use fondant, modeling chocolate, gum paste, rolled buttercream or marshmallow fondant to decorate.
  • Use stencils or impression mats to decorate the fondant, modeling chocolate or marshmallow fondant.
  • Buy ready-made edible decorations or chocolates to sit on top of the icing.
  • Use themed cupcake wrappers on upright cupcake bouquets on longer sticks
  • Above all, use your imagination

Gathering Your Supplies Together


What You'll Need To Make A Fabulous Cupcake Bouquet with a Deep Wide Container

This construction is a little different than the round vase as all the cupcakes are sitting flat at slightly different heights and filled in with green tissue. Regular cupcakes are used in this bouquet.

You will need:

Plastic, metal or clay container of your choice. It doesn't have to be round.

Small 5 ounce plastic or paper cups

Small 2 1/2 ounce plastic or paper cups

2 pound bag of aquarium or pea gravel

foam board sheet slightly larger than the top of your container

piece of newspaper or scrap paper slightly larger than the top of your container

hot glue and extra glue sticks

green tissue paper

scissors, thin wooden dowels

cutter for dowels


small pointed paring knife

Make a paper template by turning your container upside down on the newspaper or scrap paper, then trace around the container. The idea is you are going to cut the foam board so that it fits snugly about an inch or two down from the top of your container. So depending on the slant of the sides of your container, you make need to trim a little bit inside your tracing lines when you cut it out. Don't cut your foam board until you are sure your template is the right size.

When you are ready, place about two or three inches of the pea gravel in the bottom of the container. This will prevent the container from tipping over, in addition to anchoring the cupcake dowels and preventing them from shifting around.

Cut the foam board and anchor it into the container with hot glue.

The dowels will act as flower stems and will pierce the foam board, rest on the bottom of the container. A 5 ounce cup is turned upside down in the middle and 2 1/2 ounce cups are placed around it. There will be a dowel pushed through each of the cups and the foamboard with about an inch of dowel sticking up above the cup. Punch the holes with a screwdriver or a sharp scissor point. Hot glue the cups to the foam board being careful not to melt the cups. Be sure to leave the middle dowel a little longer so it will be higher than the lower outer ring.

Place small rectangles of tissue paper twisted on the ends to form leaves and push them between each of the plastic cups to hide the cups and the foam board.

Use the end of a sharp knife to poke a small hole in the cupcake liner slightly off center and angle the outer ring of cupcakes, slightly facing outwards.

Poke a hole in the center cupcake in the center and sit it on the dowel.

Use more green tissue to push into spots that need a filler and to cover the plastic cups.

You now have a beautiful cupcake bouquet!


Here are different sizes of cupcake bouquets!

The cupcakes can fit quite tightly together so you don't need a lot of extra fillers, just gorgeous looking flowers.

How To Make Buttercream and A Few Basic Flowers

Now That You Are Inspired!

Decorating with icing is so much fun and it is so easy. Icing tips are easy to use and create a variety of effects. I love the metal tips with disposable icing bags or sometimes I use a scotch tape reinforced ziplock bag with the tip cut. It was only by playing with the icing that I got better at decorating.

I encourage you to practice with a few cupcakes here and there so you too can build your first cupcake bouquet. Come on and play...let's have some fun. Even guys can do it.


Yellow Roses

This bouquet is great for guys and gals alike. They are easy to make using a Wilton giant star tip and a disposable icing bag. Start at the middle with the icing tip nearest the cupcake. Begin squeezing the twisted icing bag as you turn the cupcake. Keep turning the cupcake and slowly squeezing the icing bag until you have reached the outside of the cupcake. Gently lift the bag off the cupcake. You now have a beautiful rose.

The following YouTube videos shows you how.

Basic Cake Decorating

I really like this video because she explains everything simply and clearly.


Sprinkled Cupcake Bouquet

This bouquet is so easy. You just spread the cupcakes with frosting and then dip the moist icing with sprinkles. Nice and easy


Roses and Butterflies

You can make any kind of flowers to sit the butterflies on. This particular bouquet is roses. The video below unses mum and zinnia-like flowers.

How To Make Flower Cupcakes With Butterflies

This is also a nice clear video that shows how to make the cupcake flowers and the butterflies that sit on top. Exquisite!


Bright Whimsical Flowers

The cupcake bouquet can be made by using a ziploc bag with the corner reinforced with scotch tape and a small hole cut in the corner. You don't need fancy icing equipment for these cherry cupcakes.


Easy Shamrocks Cupcake Bouquet

This is easy to do. You can ice the cupcakes with a knife or use the cut corner of a zuploc bag to do the decorations. Another easy technique


Make Simply Decorated Cupcakes

Nobody says your cupcakes need to be a masterpiece of decorative genius You can ice cupcakes very simply and decorate them with flowers cut from fruit roll ups or gumdrops. Cute! Then mount them as per the instructions above and you have a fabulous bouquet.


Here is another simple example

Swirl icing from a can with a knife and decorate with a purchased royal icing flower or other decoration. You can even put it in a ziplock bag with the end snipped off. Simple and easy.


Cupcakes in a flower box

This is a really pretty presentation and you don't have to fiddle with a vase or wooden skewers. Who wouldn't love to receive this! Yummy!


This Is A Great One To Give To The GUYS!

Here's a great birthday gift or "Hey, I'm thinkin' about you" gift. Chocolate and Vanilla...yum


Add Babys Breath To The Cupcake Bouquet As A Filler

Dainty flowers can add so much to your cupcake creation so no one will really notice how you have iced them. It can be so easy.


Lift Someone Out Of The Blues

A little practice and you could be decorating these roses with simple strokes with a #104 tip in concentric circles around each other. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it over and over again.


Paint Flower Pots To Put Your Bouquets In

It is so much fun to add your personal touch to a flower pot and you really don't need to be an artist to do it. You can use a sponge and various colors of paint or you can use a brush and make something abstract. It's fun to have the kids decorate the pots too. They have such great imagination.


Wooden skewers, tissue paper and a take-out box

You can make a very charming bouquet of cupcakes by putting a bag of rocks in the bottom to keep the balance. Put a piece of styrofoam in the top to stick the skewers in and stuff the box with a few sheets of colored tissue paper.

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