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Undead Fred Zombie Shaped Cookie Cutters


One of the greatest things about having kids is baking cookies...with the amazing aroma in the air, kids laughing, making a great kitchen mess, cute little cookies being decorated. Then it happens, they turn into teenagers that think decorating a boring snowflake cookie with their mom could possibly kill them. It's Ok, as a parent you have to roll with the punches & be creative. My boys love everything zombie so what better way to drag them away from their gaming systems & into the kitchen then these fabulous zombie cookie cutters!?

Your gingerbread houses will become a scene from the Walking dead with oozing green brains & blood spatter everywhere...but it's Ok they are having fun & still making cookies! You get 3 different zombie cookie cutters in the set, they are designed by Fred so you know they are extra cool. The kids will have a blast making twisted gross & oozing zombies...then eating their tasty yummy cookie flesh. You going to want several colors of icing & some of the smaller red & green gel tubes because these are going to be a bloody / brainy mess & you'll need lots of it!

These are great for any time of year but around Christmas they seem to make the boring cookie bake offs a little less dull. Get a contest for the most gruesome, the most scary or the most totally undead! The kids can turn those silly gingerbread houses into a hilarious slow motion cookie nightmare that will make you relatives think you've gone totally crazy....But you got to spend an entire day having fun with your kids, so the jokes on them!



Marie on December 09, 2013:

Love Zombie cookies - I made my own some years back using foot shaped cutters and gory green and red fondant icing. But now you get proper ones to use which makes the task even easier.

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