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Topsy Turvy Cake Pans


Make a fabulous Wonky Topsy Turvy cake!

Whether you have a bake shop or are a home baker trying their best to create birthday masterpieces, Topsy Turvy cake pan (also known as Wonky Tins or Mad Hatter Pans) is something you need to have in your bake ware collection as it will really make a difference! Cakes made with this mold are made to impress and anyone who will see a cake made with these will be wowed.

I am always wowed when I see a wonky desert and this is the design I would love to have on my wedding. I love the odd look to them and they are bound to make heads turn (or tilt).

You can get this cake pan in two different shapes (round or square) and in 3, 4 or 5 tiered version.

Round Topsy Turvy Cake Pans (Wonky Tins)

Round shapes are more classical (and common). Your cake will have a soft touch to it making it look even tastier!

I prefer round shapes, they have a more smooth (logically) look to them.

3 Tier Round Topsy Turvy Cake Pan

Perfect for smaller parties and birthday parties.

Buy 4 Tier Round Wonky Topsy Turvy Cake Pan

Buy 5 Tier Round Topsy Turvy Cake Pan

If you are going for a wedding cake this one is the one to go with. With it's 5 tiers it will feed the masses as well as impress each and everyone in the room.

Mixed Topsy Turvy Cake Pan Set / Round and Square

If you like mix and match this set is perfect for you as it has two round and one square pan. If you need a 3 tier one I would personally go with this one as I think it makes the cake look the most whimsical.

Square Topsy Turvy Cake Pan Sets - 3 tier, 4 tier and 5 tier wonky madness

Sharp lines can look fabulous! If you have a taste for abstract art you can truly create masterpieces with these. Let your imagination loose when you will be decorating these extraordinary square tiered cakes.

Ideas for decorations made with Topsy Turvy (and other) pans - Get inspired

If you just want something wonky but are not sure on the theme yet be sure to check this video out as it features quite a few great ideas.


How to make Topsy Turvy cake - The hard way

How to make one without the pans

It takes some practice to make the perfect topsy turvy cake without the pans so I suggest you do a rehearsal before the actual event.

1. Bake them! As many as you need!Each tier needs it's own round cake pan (diameter). You will be needing two or 3 cakes for a single tier.2. Assemble the tiersPut the biscuits with the same diameter together and stack them one onto another - this way you'll get layers. Be sure to add some butter cream filling in between the layers to make them hold and taste better naturally.3a. Start sculpting - you now have 2 or 3 assembled cakes (tiers), cut off the tops at an slight angle - getting wonky!3b. Treat yourself with leftover cut-off's 4. Frost the tiersCover them with butter-cream or jam5. Something to keep the cake standingYou will need to cut a shallow hole in the cakes (don't cut the hole in the one that will go on the top). Start with the bottom one, the hole needs to be large enough to put the next tier one in it - the easiest way to go about this is to use the cake pan as a stencil.6. Cover them with fondant7. Stack the tiers one onto anotherAll done! Put them into a cold room (I doubt you have a fridge large enough to put it there) where it will wait for the party.Photo Credit murnahan via Flickr CC



Michelllle on September 08, 2013:

How much fun! Cool ideas for cakes. Didn't know about this kind of pan.

Two Crafty Paws (author) on July 19, 2012:

@KitchenSapience: Thanks =) Combination of sharp and curvy is the winner though ;)

KitchenSapience on July 19, 2012:

I agree; sharp lines are really fabulous! Nice lens.

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