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Quick and Easy Eating Healthy Cake-Almost Homemade

Cynthia Haltom, Ph.D. is an accomplished educator and author of over 100 books. Many of her books are about cooking.

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Cooking with Healthy Eating Bisquick Mix

Quick and Easy Healthy Eating Cake-Almost Homemade. If you are trying to cook heart-smart, it's not always easy to prioritize healthy eating, especially for dessert. Most of us "Baby Boomers" are used to having desserts filled with calories, high in fat, and honestly not "Healthy." I will give you some of my tips and a quick and easy recipe that uses items you probably have in your cupboard already. After my husband's heart attack in 2003, I knew we needed to change from our "yuppy" eating habits to more healthy and heart-smart ones. I purchased a lot of cookbooks and soon discovered it wasn't going to be easy. We were living a fast-paced lifestyle, and cooking usually meant eating out or ordering in. I love to cook, but owning my own business (a private school), I had little time for cooking, let alone eating.

I worked hard at learning to make foods that were "Heart Smart" and easy to prepare. Here are some of the things I discovered:

1. SUGAR is considered a poison to the heart in innovative cooking. Sugar is stored as fat in the body and adds a pound to your body every time you indulge.

2. You need to be aware of FAT in your diet. Many restaurants, prepackaged foods, desserts, and prepared food are high in fat. The best substitute is Olive Oil, a mono-saturated fat that increases "good" cholesterol in your body. Another good choice is canola oil; make sure it is not hydrogenated. Hydrogenated oil, although they have no cholesterol as long as they stay in the bottle, can make cholesterol once you ingest them.

3. Be careful with sugar substitutes; many have been known to cause cancer and other human diseases. Instead, choose a natural substitute such as agave syrup or other "natural" sugar replacements.

4. Healthy eating and cooking take planning. It is easy to choose one day per week to do all your cooking for the week. Freeze or refrigerate and reheat throughout the week. This is a healthy way to ensure you eat smart and not be tempted to eat out or use prepared foods.

I have found that Bisquick makes a heart-smart mix. This allows me to prepare many desserts we enjoy without feeling cheated. I make shortcakes served with fruits, cookies created with natural sugar substitutes, and our favorite cake. The recipe I have for you is a chocolate cake, it's easy to make, and I will give you tips for making other flavors. But, most people like chocolate and feel they must eliminate it to be heart smart. So, I will teach you how to make a healthy and tasty cake.


Chocolate cake the Heart Smart Way!

2 cups heart smart Bisquick

2/3 cup water

One egg or equivalent or egg beaters

Two tablespoon sugar or the equivalent natural sugar substitute

Two tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder ( substitute for one banana, chopped peeled apple & cinnamon, or the flavoring of your choice.

Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Stir in until moist hand mixer until smooth. Place into a cake pan coated with olive oil. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until the cake pulls away from the pan.

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Serve with non-fat topping, sprinkle with confectioners sugar lightly, or no sugar added fruit spread or jam.

Heart Smart Cooking


Olive Oil

Olive Oil did you know you can substitute shortening in a pie crust with Olive Oil. This can make a fruit pie free of cholesterol while helping your body produce good cholesterol. Imagine that you use a little natural sweetener, and you have pie without the guilt.

Use olive Oil for ALL your cooking and baking need.

Heart Healthy Whipped Topping

1/3 cup ice water (Place water in a glass with ice. Drain 1/3 cup, no ice, into measuring cup)

1/2 cup nonfat dry mix powder

Two tablespoons of lemon juice (fresh or bottled)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract.

1/2 cup sugar (equivalent natural sugar substitute)

Place a metal mixing bowl and mixer beater in the freezer until they are thoroughly chilled

Mix water, nonfat milk powder, and lemon juice in a mixing bowl until the mixture form stiff peaks ( mix stands up when pulled up with a spoon). This usually takes about 5 minutes

Fold in sweetener by hand with 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract.

Refrigerate for at least 1 hour, and serve over fruit. Cake or shortcakes.

Heart-Smart Recipes

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