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Pac Man Baking


Pac Man Treats

If you were young during the 80s then you would probably have played Pac Man at least a couple of times. Pac Man, like the Rubiks Cube, has become a pop icon of the 80s decade. If you're planning an 80s get together you can incorporate Pac Man in the form of cookies or a cake.

Pac Man baking is the trendy way to celebrate 40th birthdays or just for an 80s movie night and I'm going to show you a few different ways in which you can do it.

Pac Man Birthday Cake photo is brought to you by The Pug Father on Flickr

Pac Man Cakes

First up is the Pac Man cake, there are a number of ways to do this from the really easy to the more artistic flair required versions.

I'm going to take you through all of the types I've seen or heard of, but if you can think of another way to create a Pac Man cake please drop me a line (and a photo would be great) in the guestbook.

If you want to make your cake yourself and not buy one then check out these great links (or just use your favorite cake recipe)

  • Bake Super Cupcakes
    Cupcakes are the best because they let you have that moment of cake, but on a personal level. You never feel like you ate too much with a cupcake, but a slice of cake can sometimes be overwhelming or too heavy.
  • Sponge Cake Recipe
    Basic sponge cake is one of my favorite types of cakes. I don't have a huge sweet tooth and plain sponge cake recipes are perfect for me. They are sweet without being too sweet.

Pac Man Cake 1 & 2

The easiest version of the Pac Man cake is to make or purchase a round sponge and cut a slice out of it. How easy was that? You now have the shape of the Pac Man.

Now to the icing.....this is a little more tricky :)

For plain icing you need -

2 cups icing sugar

2 tbsp water (approx)

1/2 tsp butter, softened

1/4 tsp vanilla essence

yellow food coloring

  • Sift the icing sugar into a bowl.
  • Add butter.
  • Add sufficient water to mix to a spreadable consistency - now with this step you will need to make sure that the icing is quite thick or it will be hard to spread onto the cut part of the cake.
  • Flavor with vanilla essence and add food coloring until the color is right.

If you want to make a really smooth finish to your Pac Man you could use fondant icing (more on fondant icing here).

Another easy peasy way to make a Pac Man cake with a round sponge is by coloring in a triangle black instead of cutting a slice out of it. This is easily done by making a small amount of icing in a different color and icing accordingly.

If you use this second option then you can add black icing for his eye, but if using the first option then a large chocolate button works really well for the eye.

Pac Man Brownie Cake

Another option for the Pac Man cake is by using one of these fabulous brownie tins.....personally I would use a brownie recipe as well (but then I am a chocoholic!), but you could bake a sponge in it if you preferred.

Once you've baked your brownie, ice it as normal and then - this is where you need your artistic abilities - you need to add your pac man angle.

The easiest way would be buy using some fondant icing and cutting out circles, a Pac man and some ghosts, how I hear you ask - jump to getting the shape right.

Once you've cut out everything you can use a paint brush to color your Pac Man, dots and ghost. Next step is just to lay them on to your cake - perfect!

If you've very artistic you could always draw them on free hand using icing pens, but I've never been able to do anything like that!

Pac Man Brownie Cake

Pac Man Brownie Cake

I don't have a picture of my own to show you, but this is similar to what I mean (thank you hawtymcbloggy). I would just (personally) substitute the candles for yellow dots and maybe use a darker icing for more of a contrast.

Pac Man Cake 4

The next way to make a Pac Man cake is to take a slab cake and recreate the screen - rather like the brownie one above. Make the type of cake you want (sponges are always popular) and then decorate it - sound simple? Take a look at this example.....

Pac Man sheet cake

Pac Man sheet cake

This photo is brought to you by Fidgit.

Again after icing the cake I would use fondant to cut out all of the shapes you wanted, however if you're really good with a piping bag.....

Taking this step up another tier is this lovely Pacman Groom's cake by the Domestic Scientist (unfortunately her site is now down and I no longer have an active link for her).

Pac Man Groom's Cake

Pac Man Groom's Cake

Pac Man Groom's Cake

Pac Man Cupcakes

Another way to make a Pac Man cake is to make cupcakes! Yes cupcakes are hot, hot, hot right now even my dd requested cupcakes for her birthday instead of a big birthday cake so you know they must be trendy :D

You can join the cupcakes together to give the illusion of a bigger cake or you could combine cupcakes with the Pacman cake one or two for a bit of fun.

Pac Man cupcakes

Pac Man cupcakes

These lovely cupcakes from Hello Naomi show what a great idea they can be, you can see more pictures of these on flickr.

If you don't think you're up to the challenge of making your own cupcakes you can even order them now at Hello Naomi. This is the very same Naomi that created the cupcakes above.

Personally I find cupcakes don't seem as big a challenge as decorating a whole, big cake. Bake a few extras and if you make a mistake you haven't ruined a whole cake - that's my philosopy anyway (and ignore the rumors that I make mistakes on purpose in order to eat extra, they are unfounded!!).


If you're snuggling up to watch a couple of John Hughes movies or Red Dawn, A Nightmare on Elm Street etc then offering a plate of Pac Man cookies will make you a great host. Let's face it if you're watching A Nightmare on Elm Street you're going to want lots of coffee so cookies are important!

You need to make your favorite cookie dough and buy a heart shape cookie cutter and a tulip cookie cutter.

Pac Man Cookies

Pac Man Cookies

Pac Man Cookies

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Getting the Pac Man Shape Right

So you've got your cookie dough, but what about getting the shape right. Well there's a few different ways of doing this you could make your own cookie cutters:-

How to Make Your Own Pacman Cookie Cutters

Or you could just take heart shaped and tulip cutters –

How to make Pacman Cookies

Of course if you haven't got any heart shaped cookies you could just....

Another way to make Pacman Cookies

Pac Man Toppers

You can make toppers using polymer clay (non-edible, but they can be kept as a keepsake. I believe the bride and groom toppers on the above Groom's cake were made with polymer clay.) or fondant icing. You can even buy these toppers if you don't feel like you could make them yourself.

  • Fondant Cake Decorating
    Fondant is referred to by many as "Baker's Play-Doh" because of it's clay-like consistency and molding capabilities. It is a creamy confection that can be used as a filling or a covering for cakes, cookies, candies, and other sweets.
  • Cake Decorating
    This Youtube video shows you how to decorate your cake using fondant icing.
  • Polymer Clay Cake Toppers
    Why use polymer clay as a cake topper? This way you create a momento of the special cake which is a great idea.
  • Pac Man Wedding Cake Toppers
    This pacman couple topper is hand made using polymer clay and can be brought on Etsy if you don't feel like you can make your own.

Pac Man Baking Up For Auction

Sometimes you can find Pac Man baking supplies on ebay, let's see if there's any today.....

Pac Man Shopping List

There would be nothing worse than baking the cake getting the icing ready and realizing - oh no, where's the yellow food coloring ?!@@##@@@!!!!

The answer is quite simple - check the required ingredients beforehand and make a shopping list. You can keep the shopping list on the fridge until you're ready to pop do you keep it up on the fridge? Check out these Pac Man magnets!

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Will you be indulging in Pac Man or his one of his nemesis' Blinky, Inky, Pinky or Clyde? Maybe you've already made some Pac Man edibles, if so please share the experience here.

The Pac Man Guestbook

C A Chancellor from US/TN on January 07, 2013:

Fun! Pac Man was one of my favorite games.

wecomparebooks on July 10, 2012:

great lens! definitely some ideas I want to try

ImmatureEntrepr on December 09, 2011:

Really enjoyed your lens! I've had more than 1 Pac-Man birthday cake over the years. :) Squid Angel blessed.

WindyWintersHubs from Vancouver Island, BC on July 17, 2011:

Congrats on your Purple Star! I loved the Pac Man and especially playing the video game!

squid-janices7 on June 13, 2011:

As a kid that grew up in the 80's - I was all about Pac Man so I love this lens. The Pac Man groom's cake is fabulous!

hayleylou lm on January 12, 2011:

These are great cakes. I used to love Pac Man as a child, so much so that I have just purchased the game for my IPhone.

WriterBuzz on October 09, 2010:

This is a great lens. Thanks for making it. Very informative. I gave you a thumbs up

cause I like your lens.

VarietyWriter2 on September 10, 2010:

P.S Congrats on your purple star!

VarietyWriter2 on September 10, 2010:

What a great idea!...and looks so easy to make/decorate.

mockingbird999 on August 27, 2010:

I like the sugar cookies. They're just adorable.

anonymous on August 25, 2010:

lol im 15 and since i was 4 ive had an addiction to pacman.. this was really good

Lou165 (author) from Australia on July 23, 2010:

@indigoj: I decline to answer on grounds that it may incriminate me :)

Indigo Janson from UK on July 23, 2010:

These cakes are so much fun! Can't beat a great Pac Man design. Though every cake looks rather like Pac Man after a couple of big slices. Of course, your design really looks the part with the eye and yellow colour, and it sounds very tasty too. Speaking of which, what happened to the big slice you cut from YOUR Pac Man cake? ;)

Thanks for visiting my 10 Freshest Lenses, good to meet you. :)

eclecticeducati1 on March 30, 2010:

Being a child of the 80's I love this lens!!! :) Thanks for sharing these creations. Blessed by an Angel and lensrolled to my I Love the 80's lens.

Brookelorren LM on December 16, 2009:

This is a great idea.

Moe Wood from Eastern Ontario on December 10, 2009:

OMGosh what great fun. I have a sore thumb just thinking about it. LOL very cute.

Linda Hoxie from Idaho on December 02, 2009:

I love these! You don't know how many times I played this game, boy have you brought back memories for me, lol. These cakes and cookies are awesome. My favorites are the ones that look like the whole screen. How creative. Congratulation on being nominated in the 2009 Giant Squid Awards in your category, Anyone can vote for their favorites at Vote Now for the 2009 Giant Squid Awards . Linda

Linda Jo Martin from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on November 29, 2009:

Some people are soooooo talented! Great lens! Congratulations on your Giant Squid Awards nomination!!

kimmanleyort on November 29, 2009:

Great example of what Squidoo is all about. You have a great collection of everything pac man. Congratulations on your nomination.

Starly LM on November 29, 2009:

Woohoo, congratulations on the Giant Squid Awards nomination!!

Laniann on November 29, 2009:

I haven't made a Pac Man cake, but this would be a great idea to use for baking with your kids.

Congratulations on being nominated for the 2009 Giant Squid Awards.

Jennifer Sullivan from Chicago, IL on November 28, 2009:

I love this!

LoKackl on November 28, 2009:

Your pac man baking ideas, recipes and photos are very enticing! great!

clouda9 lm on November 28, 2009:

This would be so much fun to do - guests sure would be smilin'! Congrats on your 2009 Giant Squid Awards nomination.

Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on November 27, 2009:

Wow, what fun looking Pac Man cakes and cookies. Congrats on your purple star and your nomination for the 2009 Giant Squid Award

anonymous on November 27, 2009:

Had to come back and revisit this lens to congratulate you on being nominated for the 2009 Giant Squid Award.

Tonie Cook from USA on November 27, 2009:

This is simply adorable! I loved the Pac Man game in the 80s, and this Pac Man Baker's Page is great.

Bambi Watson on November 27, 2009:

Cute lens!

Deb Kingsbury from Flagstaff, Arizona on November 27, 2009:

Pac Man was the last video game I ever played ... which tells you how long it's been since I played one. Very cute cakes and cookies here. Good idea!

spunkyduckling on November 27, 2009:

Oh yeah the cookies are the best! They are so tweet! I never thought that pac man was heartshaped and tulip shaped? I always thought they were just funny shapes. I've learned something new. Yay!!! Such cool ideas - the pac man toppers and the pot holders. Thanks for sharing yo! And for reminding me about the good ole' pac man days. Gonna have to try those cookies...

Patricia on November 02, 2009:

I love the pac man cookies and cakes. I used to love to play pacman. Another 80s memory for me. In fact one year I got a small pac man game for Christmas. You could play one player or two. Fun!

WindyWintersHubs from Vancouver Island, BC on October 05, 2009:

Really Cool Lens! I loved and still love playing Pac Man. Congratulations on your Purple Star! :)

enslavedbyfaeries on October 02, 2009:

Oh, how totally cool! Congratulations on the Purple Star!!

momto4 lm on September 09, 2009:

I'll have to try out some of your recipes. My kids would loved them! I remember playing a lot of pac man when I was younger. Great lens!

bdkz on September 07, 2009:

These are so cute!

luvmyludwig lm on September 06, 2009:

This is great, my dad was a pacman nut.

lakern26 lm on September 05, 2009:

I absolutely loved this lens! What fun! I never knew this stuff even existed. Great pics, too - very cool! Excellent lens!

anonymous on September 03, 2009:

Now this was a fun lens! Liked Pac Girl better than Pac Man though.

anonymous on September 03, 2009:

I had no idea there was such a thing as pac man baking! I love it! Those cupcakes look so cute and fun to make!

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