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How To Make The Best Slow One Pot Meal Including doughboys

Complete And Easy Satisfying Meal !

How to make an easy one pot meal filled with healthy and satisfying ingredients , I will show you how ,step by step .

I will show you how to complete this easy meal and include replacement ingredients as well. This meal is suitable for everyone. I hope you enjoy making this complete meal as much as I did.

Complete Meal

How To Make An Easy Complete Meal

How To Make An Easy Complete Meal


(Commonly known as a ‘Boil Up’ in New Zealand)


· Meat-Pork , Mutton , Lamb , Corned Beef

· Potatoes and or Kumara ( Sweet Potato )

· Puha ,Watercress and or Cabbage

· Pumpkin

· Doughboys



Choosing the cut of meat will be according to your own preference and budget.

For this particular boil up I used Pork Bones as they were on special but I have used a variety of meats, sometimes it just depends on what you feel like eating or what’s in the freezer. I will list a few cuts and while you may know it as ‘something different’ in your country basically it will be still be beef, pork or lamb.

Wash Vegetables under gentle running water.

For the purpose of this article I will concentrate on the preparation of Watercress ,the same process can be applied to Puha ( a weed to some people ,but full of nutrients and laden with iron )

Wash Watercress ( as described in vegetable process above ) , usually I have been fortunate in collecting it myself from beside the river or a generous friend has shared their bounty but even if you get it

The Important thing to mention here is that solid cuts of meats or meat that usually needs longer cooking to tenderise will take time , the best shortcut here would be to cook the meat the night before ,slowly simmering for a couple of hours is not hard to do while watching TV or some other leisure.

After washing refresh water and as the watercress soaks sprinkle some salt over to kill any minute bugs which may cling to the odd

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Now gently squeeze and bruise the watercress ,breaking the firmer storks as you do so. This action just helps the finished product be not so chewy or stringy on eating. Should only take a few minutes or so ,it also gives you an an opportunity to pick out the odd blade of grass or dead leaf etc.

The washed watercress is now ready to place into a large pot ( I use a stock pot ). If the meat is not already in this pot add it now . If the meat was in the pot already theres probably already hot water etc but just add a little more.

You will see by the photos that it looks like Ive overdone it on the water cress but Ive included a 2nd picture showing how the water and boiling will quite quickly reduce the size.

At that point just reduce the heat a little ,so that it’s still boiling, but not as rapidly.

Cabbage ,wash ,cut in half , slice out( v-shape splice) the hard core part on an angle ,then quarter and put that into the pot with meat already cooking.

POTATO ,KUMARA ( Sweet Potato)

All the goodness is under the Skin...

All the goodness is under the Skin...

After cooking greens have reduced ,place lid on and continue to

Now prepare (my favourite) doughboys, these are similar to dumplings but not so soft and don’t have butter or any fat in them (although you can add some of the stock from the meat) if desired when mixing up the doughboys.

Traditionally these tasty morsels ( after 2 hrs of being in the boil up they absorb other food flavours) never had baking powder added to the mix ,but I have noticed over the years some cooks will add a tsp or so to puff them up a bit ( your choice ). I do both .

This meal years ago was often cooked outside and away from the modern kitchen of today so that is why things like baking powder would not have been used.

Making doughboys is not difficult and it certainly becomes easy and natural with each attempt.

So long as they have plenty of cooking time, they should taste just fine, they are just one of things that you will look back on and think what was I so worried about.

How To Make The Best Slow One Pot Meal

Tantalizing Taters....

Wash and peel ,place into a second pot , you could add these quite easily to the main pot but it’s a little easier to serve from a second pot since the volume is usually quite large all round.

Now once the vegetables have cooked ( 20-30min) everything is ready to eat ,but the beauty of this One pot mean is that it can be left to simmer or easily be re-heated later .

Next days re-heat is even more delicious.

Freezing portions is especially great too ,and makes all that effort worthwhile and nutritious.

Bursting with Protein

Full of Nutrition

Full of Nutrition


Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on January 18, 2012:

Aww.. thank-you I am honoured, ka kite

alisonJ W on January 17, 2012:

I just added you to my Kia kaha Kia toa kia tau te rangi-maria kia koe!.

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on May 22, 2011:

Hey thanks-Kia ora!!

MatNz on May 22, 2011:

chur chur doughboyz wer tastey az shot 4 da recipe,,, ;)

MatNz on May 22, 2011:

chur chur doughboyz wer tastey az shot 4 da recipe,,, ;)

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on August 13, 2009:

yes I love all the bad foods but when I was your age I could eat anything but was much more active running around all day with 5 sons and no computer either (so less sitting ) lol..I still would prefer to be outside more. You sound like you have a healthy lifestyle and that's so much better in the long run. We don't eat out either ,though might soon cuz our first anniversary is coming up..(latest hub),

paying off a car (used) so we don't have to pay interest, we will walk rather than put a thousand $ in someone else's pocket..enjoy yer visits dennisematt ty.

dennisematt on August 13, 2009:

I rarely eat doughboys. They are a special treat, we get them at the county fair. I mean, I could make them, but that would be disASSterous. :) I keep my figure by the simple fact that my life requires a lot of physical activity. Stacking wood all summer, mowing the lawn, raking leaves and grass, shoveling all winter, up and down stairs several times a day to clean and do laundry...that stuff. And, I cant afford to eat out, or even buy premade stuff. I make nearly everything we eat, its healthier that way, even if I do occasionally get tired of it. and I don't think I could live without my crockpot. Poor Eagle Kiwi. :(

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on August 05, 2009:

lol , Spinach takes lot less time time to cook ,so Im guessin just throw it in like half n hour before you wanna eat ,Im what you call an 'experimental cook'. Oh I love anything deep-fried so Im gonna love yours even more ,lol.

But that aint fair ,how come you keep your figure so gorgeous too. Corned beef was and still is a fav with the meal in the hub. I sold my crock pot before I relocated ,boy I miss it more than the microwave!

dennisematt on August 05, 2009:

Yummy!! Does the thing about breaking up the watercress work for spinach too? My Grandfather was Irish, and so I have inherited a great ;love of taters, and boiled dinners. I usally use cornedbeef. super cheap here. And, I use my crockpot. No need to cook the day before, just make sure I stuff it all in there first thing in the am, and go about my day. I have never heard of those kind of doughboys before. Where i am from, doughboys are deep freid balls of yeast dough. I cant wait to try making yours!

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on July 30, 2009:

Hi Frogyfish,thankyou for your comments and Im glad you enjoyed reading. It is a satisfying and hearty meal ,nobody ever complained,lol.

frogyfish from Central United States of America on July 30, 2009:

This looks and sounds really good, though I would have to sub some. Love the potatoes, both kinds though. It just looks really delicious. Thank you for sharing!

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on June 05, 2009:

You cant beat a tasty stew and so much better for you than packaged junk ( just my opinion) thankyou for commenting.

GiftedGrandma from USA on June 05, 2009:

Sounds sooo good! Our best meals are the stews I make and cook most of the day in the slow cooker...saves us money and several meals :O)

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on June 03, 2009:

tdarby good for you , its soooo good , worth the effort and each time it gets easier, sing out if ya need any help

tdarby on June 03, 2009:

that looks really good. I am going to try it. Thanks.

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on June 03, 2009:

lol think its staple for anyone who likes flavour ,satisfying kai ,and volume hehe ( nothing like he next day huh?) eww @ peanuts ...haha....reminds me of my mums ( where I get my ivory genes from) attempts at cultural culnerary fare hahaha..n'eer mind peanuts are good for you,just so long as they aint movin lol.

Rob Welsh from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time. on June 03, 2009:

Cool this is the staple diet of Bumble Town (How do I set a link to you?) And yours is so different bcz you get rid of the bugs. I ALWAYS thought they were peanuts... Nice One Mate!

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on April 30, 2009:

thanks for reading,anytime

Lgali on April 30, 2009:

Thnaks for sharing yummy recipes

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on April 29, 2009:

Thankyou so much for your kind comments and you have encouraged me so much!

I would throw a boil-up together for you and your family anyday!

TheLesleyShow from US on April 29, 2009:

I am so hungry now. I need to stop looking at food hubs, my butt gets bigger everytime. You've really put together some great content. Easily rated it a thumbs. Good luck!

Eaglekiwi (author) from New Zealand on March 08, 2009:

thankyou ,glad you enjoyed it

Lgali on March 02, 2009:

nice recipe

Jesus_saves_us_7 from Seeking Salvation on February 05, 2009:

good hub, looks good, we are going to have to try this one out. :)

Gardener Harold from Southern Ontario Canada on November 17, 2008:

Just had a look at boil up hub. Sure sounds good to me. We have watercress growing wild in the creek nearby. Will give it a try.

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