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The Ultimate Non-Dairy Fruit Smoothies (METHOD)


How to Make the Best Dairy-Free Fruit Smoothies!

Honestly, the best kinds of smoothies are the non-dairy ones. There are plenty of reasons why non-dairy is the way to go. Eliminating milk, ice cream and yogurt cuts a lot of calories from your smoothie, so it can actually be healthy, rather than a calorie bomb in disguise. Having large servings of fruit will give you all the nutrients from fruit you need in an easy and enjoyable way! Natural fruit smoothies give you more energy and are fulfilling, so smoothies are a great way to start your day. And the fruits' natural flavor will dominate the taste, which is a fruit smoothie's true form! Whether it's a hot summer day, you are in the mood for a great healthy beverage, or you are just out of milk or ice cream, having a dairy-free fruit smoothie will taste amazing, and make you very refreshed after drinking it. Like all smoothies, they are fairly cheap and easy to make, so get blending!

Top Reasons to Make Fruit Smoothies?

Make some great fruit smoothies today! (and let me try to help)

Make some great fruit smoothies today! (and let me try to help)

Before you start, You need a Blender! - A good one.

Obviously we need a blender to make smoothies. We need a blender that can tear up and blend food of all textures quickly. There will be many varieties of fruits your blender will blend! And then we need a blender that can quickly and effectively crush ice. That's the hardest part since ice is so hard! So a quality blender is needed. I'm sure you have a blender already, but maybe it is time for an upgrade! Hey, it'll blend your smoothie faster!

Craving fruit smoothies, eh?

Craving fruit smoothies, eh?

Let's Start Making That Perfect Smoothie!

Pick the fruits and ingredients you want.

There are obviously hundreds, well thousands of fruit combinations you can come up with for a great smoothie. The ones you pick are completely up to you, based on what you're craving! Here's a list of common fruits that are great for smoothies! These should always be found at your local grocery store.





-Berries(all kinds are good!)


-Coconut(milk, cream)




















*Please give me suggestions for more common fruits I can add on the list, or if there's any I am missing, so I can update the list! (In the comments section below)*

Notice how with some fruits, I mention juice to the side? Well with those, I don't really use the actual fruit in my smoothies, but I use the fruit juice. I'm sure the fruit won't be bad in a smoothie, but it is just my preference. But anyway, just pick and match fruits here to make a very good smoothie! Remember these are just common fruits, but if you can get a hold of exotic fruits, even better! There are many wonderful exotic fruits that go very well with smoothies.

Complete list of fruits (exotic too!) If you can get your hands on any of these different fruits, even cooler!

List of the healthiest fruits For the health freaks ;) All fruits are quite healthy, but these are extra great!



Basic Smoothie Recipe Instructions - My Way

And Tips!

You can obviously pick any fruit and ingredients you want when making your smoothie. But for me, I take a few things into consideration when I'm picking my fruits. First, I always remember its completely dairy-free. NO milk, ice cream, yogurt, NOTHING DAIRY! Second, I must not add any additional sweeteners; It should be sweet enough with the fruit ingredients I put in only. And with all that being said.. Third, pick certain ingredients to satisfy my "Smoothie Checklist Recipe".

Here's the basic recipe(for a serving or two):

1. handful of ice

2. liquid

3. certain fruits

That list made it seem as if I am no help. But let me explain in depth, each of the 3 aspects of my recipe.

1: ICE - I like a cold smoothie. So about a handful of ice is enough. If you are using all fresh fruit, then pretty much all of your "source of cold" comes from the ice. If you are using frozen fruit, think of it as extra ice. So add a little bit less of ice, to prevent an instant brain freeze. Just balance out the cold stuff so you know how much ice to add, to satisfy the coldness you want.

2: LIQUID - You NEED liquid in your smoothie. Or it will be way too thick, well it will be undrinkable. You can choose water or fruit juices. Water will make it more liquid, and your smoothie will turn out quite "thin", depending on the fruit you use. But for the most part smoothies with water are thin. You can also use any kind of fruit juice. The fruit juice adds the flavor and well, the liquid to your smoothie. It's a big factor in your smoothie, it affects the taste and thickness of it, so pour appropriate amounts. Remember, balance.

Liquids you can use are apple juice, orange juice, lemonade, fruit punch, coconut milk and cream, iced and green tea.. well any fruit juice you want goes great. I love using coconut milk and cream, it's a great addition to my tropical smoothies for taste and thickness.

3: CERTAIN FRUITS - Certain fruits? What are you talking about? Alright. I pick my fruits following something I like to call "ROLE OF THE FRUIT". Usually I pick three roles based on the requirements of my smoothie.

Here are the three roles:




Thickness - Dairy products are usually the source of thickness and creaminess in smoothies. But this is a non-dairy one, so I have to choose natural thickeners, as I like to say. The 5 thickeners I choose from are Bananas, Mangoes, Coconut Milk, Cream of Coconut, and orange juice(with pulp). They all taste great and thickens the smoothie pretty well!

Sweetness - I use natural ingredients that are already sweet enough so that I don't have to add any additional sweeteners. So I pick very sweet fruits like Pineapple, certain sweet berries, mango, and fruit concentrate. They also have frozen sweetened fruits too, but I tend to not use those. Some of the fruit I use for thickness are also very sweet. Double Whammy!

Juiciness - I choose fruits that are very juicy to add the the refreshment. All melons are great choices. I use cantaloupe and watermelon quite often. Just pick a juicy fruit you like, it will go fine.

*Please suggest any other fruits that can fit any of these roles well, in the comment section below. thank you!*

So with the actually smoothie making directions: There's not much to it, it's just putting it all in the blender. But I do things organized, to make the blending smooth, not too rough.

1. I gather all my ingredients together, prepare them appropriately(cut, peel, slice, etc).

2. I put in all the fruits and my main liquid in the blender, and start blending. Don't add the ice and additional water yet.

3. I start my blending power at low, progressing to higher power, up to blend or tear.

4. After the fruit and liquid is blended completely, I add in the ice, and then blend. Progress the power all the way to Ice crush, blend it for the amount of time you want, depending on how big you want your ice pieces(if you want any at all). Obviously the longer you blend, the smaller the pieces get, and eventually it will just "disappear". I wait for that point. Just preference.

5. While blending, I adjust any thickness levels with water. I slowly pour water if I want it to be thinner, until I reach my desired thickness.

6. When the smoothie is pretty much done blending, I put the power lower and lower until I turn it off. And pour my servings!

And voila, you got yourself a perfect smoothie.

So my in-depth Smoothie Checklist Recipe helps me balance out all my ingredients to create that perfect refreshing smoothie, with no faults or mistakes. You can choose whatever ingredients you want though, that is the great thing about smoothies: There are infinite combinations!

In a nutshell

In a nutshell


For those who are lost.

If my unorganized thoughts lost you somewhere, I'm sorry. I will try to put it in a nutshell.

Here is an obvious basic smoothie recipe:

1. Ice

2. Liquid

3. Fruits

When going through that basic list, think about balance. It is all about balance.

Balance of:





There's a variety of ingredients you put in to your smoothie, just make sure they all balance out those four aspects and satisfy your expectations for your perfect smoothie. Remember, NO DAIRY!


1. Gather and prepare ingredients and blender

2. Blend fruit and main liquid only, first

3. Add Ice and blend to "Ice Crush"

4. Add small amounts of any water needed to reach desired thickness/thinness.

5. Pour and DONE!

There. My method, in a nutshell. Happy blending!

Want Great Specific Smoothie Recipes? - Get a Smoothie Recipe book!

If you want a list of great tasting and refreshing smoothie recipes, buy a smoothie recipe book from amazon! They offer great lists at low prices. The smoothies are really good, so get your smoothie on!

How to make a great Berry Smoothie - on video!

They use yogurt, but oh well, it doesn't take away the great refreshment of a fruit smoothie!

My Favorite Creation - Amazing Tropical Fruit Smoothie! (Recipe)

A great mix of fruits for the ultimate refreshment!

I don't know what to call it. I was in the mood for a non-dairy smoothie, and I just gathered a bunch of random fruit and ingredients and put it in a blender.. It turned out to be the best non-dairy smoothie I ever made! Its the perfect amount of thickness and sweetness and its nice and cold, I fell in love that day.

BEFORE I BEGIN, you might have already figured it out, but I am not the pre-set portion kind of guy. I just measure with my eyes and try to balance the stuff out to my liking. So I can't help with exact portions of ingredients. Well anyway here it is:


Orange Juice(main liquid)

Cream of Coconut(a good amount for decent thickness)

a bit of Banana(not too thick now!)

Cantaloupe(a lot)

Pineapple(canned, very sweet)

Mixed berries(frozen)

Water(a bit, to adjust thickness or thinness)

Yes I know. A weird mix. But very good! It was spontaneous, but who ever said mixing a lot of fruit isn't good?

Try it, tweak how you want (if you want), and tell me how it was!

Other Amazing Smoothie Recipes - Dairy-free, of course.

Smoothie Love - Love thy smoothie!

You know you want some!

You know you want some!

Drink your Smoothies in Style, or On-the-Go! - With fancy or "mobile" cups and glasses!

When drinking in your cruddy old cup just doesn't do it..

Useful and convenient for smoothies and any other drinks you'll have!

More Smoothie Stuff on eBay! - Buy if you're a true Smoothie Fan

Buy more smoothie recipes and things if you just can't get enough Smoothies!

Did you like this lens? did it help you out? have any suggestions for ingredients or methods? have a favorite smoothie? did you like mine? Please, leave a comment, any expressed thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you for viewing this lens, now like it and give me feedback! thank you.. Happy blending!

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Emerald on May 26, 2015:

I love to use frozen fruit the most. I'm trying to find the perfect balance between ice and water/juice. Juice makes it a little too sweet.

anonymous on July 06, 2013:

for that non dairy chocolate covered berry, add the SUPER HEALTHY Shakeology www. shakeology. com/coachwinslow. Pricey, but if you want ALL NATURAL, No Artificial, No Stimulants, this is what I drink daily, and very glad I found it

keegan7265 on December 19, 2012:

Currently using in my 'Losing Unwanted Weight' lense here: http://www.squidoo.com/losing-unwanted-weight

Reply back if you want me to take it off.

anonymous on October 05, 2012:

Can u use frozen spinach in place of fresh ???

anonymous on October 04, 2012:

Can tinned fruit in juice NOT SYRUP be used in dairy free smoothies?

Kristen from Wisconsin on June 24, 2012:

Great ideas! I can't wait to try!

Kathleen Hiler on June 19, 2012:

Definitely enjoyed and was inspired by this lens !

DiscoverWithAndy on April 24, 2012:

Cream of coconut and coconut milk are my go-to non-dairy thickeners. Plus, they're just CRAZY healthy for you. I also like to use raw nuts to thicken them as well. One of my favorites for this is cherry-almond. Of course I still use coconut milk and ice/water, but the almonds add a lot of creaminess on their own.

jimmyworldstar on December 17, 2011:

I love strawberry-banana smoothies or mango smoothies. It's easy to have a whole bunch of fruits in your system without eating them one by one. I normally have it for breakfast and before a workout to get the energy I need for the day. I like to use a little juice of each for a liquid instead of water as a base.

BlueStarling on November 02, 2011:

Love smoothies! I often use vanilla soy or almond milk as a base for thicker smoothies, but also love the juice and ice blends.

poutine on July 15, 2011:

I have never heard of a smoothie before without milk or ice cream.

Sounds good.

Linda Hoxie from Idaho on July 10, 2011:

This lens makes me want to go make one now, great info!

LisaDH on July 10, 2011:

I love smoothies, so I liked getting some tips on making no-dairy versions, but what I enjoyed most about this lens was the section on the blender "to-go" cups because I had NO idea such things existed. I know what's going on my wish list for Christmas... :-)