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The Best Nespresso Reusable Capsules - Ne-cap, CoffeeDuck and My Kap


Nespresso Reusable Capsules a Great Alternative

What are the best Nespresso reusable capsules on the market? Do the reusable pods offer the same great taste and crema as the original capsules? How much we can save by using the refillable coffee capsules? These are great questions for a Nespresso machine owner.

If you need a few reasons to start using the refillables, here there are some, (although chances are you already have your reasons). You will save a lot with refillable, coffee in bulk is way less expensive than pods. You can use the gourmet coffee that nobody knows about besides you and a few other initiates. This seems like the most important reason. If you want to be eco-friendly the reusable pods are the way to go. Did you run out of capsules? No worries, you still have the reusable and those great gourmet beans, your guests will never know you forgot to buy capsules, unless you tell them.

My Kap Refillable Capsule for Nespresso

This capsule will fit all standard Nespresso machines, according to the manufacturer.

It holds less coffee grinds than the original pods, so you will get a slightly longer espresso shot, instead of the regular one.

The coffee grind should be somewhere between Turkish and espresso, finer than for an espresso machine. Test with your coffee what works best for you. Resist the temptation to tamp the coffee too hard.

Photo Credit: Andreas Lindmark

Photo Credit: Andreas Lindmark

Reusable Capsules

Nespresso coffee machines are the best capsule-based coffee machines, to deliver the best espresso, or cafe Americano. Any espresso lover who owns one of these machines, loves the convenience of preparing a shot within seconds, by only touching a button.

Part of that great consistent success, shot after shot, is the capsule. Nespresso has done a great job with both the machines and the capsules. I am emphasizing this, because in order to get the same great looking and tasting espresso, with a great aroma and a thick crema layer, you need to replicate the original capsules. That means you need to use the right coffee grind size, the right roast, and the right amount of ground coffee in the reusable capsule. If any of these parameters are off, your espresso will be a miss.

That being said, you need to understand that using any of the three major reusable capsules on the market is going to be slightly more difficult than using the originals. You have to consider the additional work:

  • To grind the coffee using a good grinder
  • To fill the pod, (dosed to perfection)
  • To clean the pod, and this could be a bit messy, if you are like me

Add to the above the initial work of finding the right grind size for your coffee type, and finding the amount of coffee needed in a pod.

On the positive note, when you use your own pods, not only you will save a lot of money, but you will be able to use your choice of coffee, you are not stuck with the limited coffee capsule market.

On the other hand, if you are using refillable or fillable you lose the warranty. I took my risk and used them anyway, but if you are less technical, it is probably not advisable to do it. One thing that can happen, is when you put too much coffee, or tamp the coffee to firm, you can break the pump. The pump is calibrated for the espresso capsules, and not for other capsules.

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Capsul'in - Empty Coffee Pods

These capsules will definitely save you money with your espresso Coffee Machine.

This is actually a great alternative to the method of reusing the original capsules. These are not refillable, but rather single use capsules, but because of the low price per capsule, they are the best.

Why Capsul'in

  • Allows You to use Your Own Coffee
  • Comes with: empty pod/capsule and auto-adhesive aluminum lid
  • Quick and easy to use 10/15 seconds, (once you figured out the routine)
  • 100% compatibility with all Nespresso machines
  • Capsul'in is compatible with all machines from Krups, Magimix, Miele, De Longhi and Siemens including the last Pixie machine.
  • Made of recycled materials, Capsul'in is the perfect alternative for those who are looking for a more Eco- friendly capsule.
  • Manufactured in France, Capsul'in meets EU quality and safety requirements.

Why an empty capsule?

You can benefit from a lot of choices of espresso beans and save a lot on the price of your capsules. Compared to reusables, they fit better into the machine, and they are more convenient, no cleaning needed. They also fit a little more coffee, which is essential for a good espresso.

CoffeeDuck Refillable Coffee Capsules For Nespresso - For Machines Manufactured after October 2010

This reusable capsule is meant for the machines manufactured after October 2010, and according to people, works on the Nespresso U as well.

It works fine after you find the perfect combination of grind size, amount of grinds, and coffee tamping.

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How to Refill the Reusable Pods?

Resist the temptation to tamp too firm, as with all other reusable capsules for Nespresso. If you shove in too much coffee, your coffee machine won't be able to push the steam through, and you risk breaking it.

In order to get your nice foam, the grind should be a little finer than your average espresso grind size, adjust through trial, because this depends on your grinding machine. It should be between fine espresso grind and Turkish. Because your grind is very fine, the grinds need a very light tap/tamping inside the refillable.

CoffeeDuck Refillable Capsules

CoffeeDuck Refillable Capsules

CoffeeDuck Refillable Capsules

Coffeeduck Refillable Capsules - For Machines Before Mid 2010

Check your Nespresso machine and see if you have an older model. If, indeed you have one of the models before October 2010, this coffeeduck is for you. When ordering the capsules, you need to ask for the BROWN capsules for the old models. Old models have the interior cylinder smooth, whereas the new ones have ridges on the cylinder.

This is also a great capsule, but you need to follow the same procedures as with any other reusable pod. Adjust the coffee grind, the amount of grinds, and the amount of tamping.

Nespresso Essenza

Nespresso Essenza

Nespresso Refillable Capsules Review

The Original Capsules are the Best

You probably already know this, but I am going to mention it anyway. The original capsules are the best, period. No mess, no missed shots, consistency, and convenience. Isn't this the very reason we got our fully automatic espresso machine? And to be honest, we save a lot of money anyway, remember when we had to buy a double espresso from the coffee shop everyday? Oh... there are two espresso lovers in the house... See what I mean?

OK, here are the downsides of using the reusable pods. Nailing the perfect shot as if it was from an original capsule requires a lot of testing and frustration at the beginning. Whenever you change the coffee beans, you need to re-calibrate the operations for the new coffee type. Even with perfect measurements, there is still some margin for error.

In spite of all these problems, there are still a lot of Nespresso owners, including me, that use the refillable capsules. I mostly use them for the option to brew more exotic coffee beans. Oh, I don't use refillable actually, I use the empty capsules from Capsul'in.

Nespresso Capsules Reuse

Some people have successfully reused the original nespresso capsules by removing the cap and sealing it with an aluminum foil.

The video below shows you how to do it if you are up for such an adventure. However, in my humble opinion, this kind of defeats the purpose of a capsule coffee machine; the work involved is more than preparing an espresso using a regular manual espresso machine.

I followed the instructions just for fun, and I am sure some of my readers will do it too. If you dose it well, and use the right grind size, your espresso can be even better than the original capsules.

Storing Capsules Solutions

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cfin from The World we live in on September 15, 2014:

Good to know. I was looking at a nespresso as Kuerig are blood sucking vermin and I was wondering if the $99 one fits a normal sized cup or just an espresso cup?

joanzueway on January 16, 2014:

Thank you for this wonderful lens

Shelly Sellers from Midwest U.S.A. on January 13, 2014:

I don't have an Nespresso maker, but I have the reusable basket type filters for my maker and it saves a lot of money!

Elsie Hagley from New Zealand on January 09, 2014:

Great information for all the coffee lovers. I don't drink it very often, prefer tea. Thanks for sharing.

Paula Hite from Virginia on November 20, 2013:

WOW!! This is wonderful!! We love our Nespresso and this just makes it that much better!! Great share! Thanks...

DebW07 on September 30, 2013:

We have a Keurig coffee maker, pretty similar to the Nespresso. Great info.

Birthday Wishes from Here on September 03, 2013:

Very good topic and beautiful lens!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!

BlowDryBar on August 10, 2013:

Yum! My favorite is having freshly ground Uzuri African Blend from Peet's Coffee. Makes a great coffee AND espresso.

mariacarbonara on July 01, 2013:

I love the fact that these let you use your own favorite coffees in these machines.

Malu Couttolenc on February 20, 2013:

My sister has one of these and it works great. I would like to have one :) Geat review about the Nespresso reusable capsules :)

WorldsBestDad on February 02, 2013:

Kind of funny watching these guys cutting the aluminum foil and re-applying over their capsules when the refills really don't cost that much. What are they saving, a few cents per cup? lol.

Bartukas on December 19, 2012:

Thank you great coffee lens

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