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My Homemade Fondant Cakes

Kylyssa is an artist who works in a wide variety of media that has included fondant since 2008. She enjoys creating and sharing sweet tips.

Fondant decorated tiger cake

Fondant decorated tiger cake

Take a Tour of Some of the Cakes I Make for My Family and Friends

Fondant is a colorful, pliable type of frosting that behaves more like modeling clay than icing. It can be molded, sculpted, or cut into shapes to provide interesting and detailed decoration for cakes.

I've been making cakes using it for decoration since March of 2008. Before then, I wasn't much of a fan but I've since used it quite a bit and even make my own out of marshmallows and powdered sugar; I've become a bit of a fondant evangelist.

I'd like to share my enthusiasm about this interesting rolled icing and I'd like to show off my cakes - the triumphs, the disasters, and the ones that fall somewhere in between. Really, this page is about yummy fondant and the fun a regular person with no special training or cake decorating experience can have with it.

I hope you'll give it a chance, whether you decide to eat it instead of pushing it off your slice of cake next time or whether you dive right in and use some on a cake yourself.

Image Credit: All photos by Kylyssa Shay

A Pizza Cake for the Pizza Kid - Complete with Fondant Pepperoni, Black Olives, and Cheese

Realistic pizza cake in box

Realistic pizza cake in box

I made this birthday pizza cake at my nephew's request. It turned out to be quite the endeavor but it was extremely fun to make. I used mostly colored fondant to make the toppings but some grated white chocolate melted with a hair dryer made very realistic looking cheese.

We bought an empty pizza box from a local pizza shop to add to the illusion that it was really a pizza. It added a lot to the presentation and it made the pizza cake very easy to transport.

For the party, I used a steel pizza cutter to cut the cake which was chocolate with dark chocolate ganache frosting under the marshmallow fondant.

Learn how to make this realistic-looking pizza cake.

Top View of the Pizza Cake Without Box

Top View of the Pizza Cake Without Box

Top View of the Pizza Cake Without Box

Popcorn and a Movie - With Hand-Sculpted Fondant Popcorn

Cake decorated to look like popcorn bucket for a friend's birthday

Cake decorated to look like popcorn bucket for a friend's birthday

My roommate is a real movie buff so I made her a cake to look like a bowl of popcorn with a movie reel and clapboard on it. The cake inside was dark chocolate with chocolate frosting. I first covered the top with smashed mini-marshmallows with a dab of yellow food coloring pinched into them before I laid down the layer of hand-sculpted popcorn. My sweetie had a hard time staying away from the popcorn but I managed to keep enough of them safe to do the job. They were quite labor intensive.

Mystic Tiger Cake

Mystic Tiger Cake

Mystic Tiger in the Grass - Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright... with 64 Candles!

Well, we didn't really put that many candles into it but I made this cake for my partner's father who turned 64 in March of 2008. His favorite animal is the tiger so I made this one for him with a tiger face made with fondant. I cut the individual shapes out of rolled out colored marshmallow fondant with an X-acto knife and "glued" them to the cake and each other with a spritz of water.

I used an awful lot of food coloring on the grass which made it taste funny so I added peppermint oil to it. It was actually quite yummy.

Since I'd made a bit of a mess with the frosting on the platter and couldn't manage to get it sufficiently dabbed up, I used some chocolate marshmallows cut in half to circle the cake and hide the frosting smears.

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This one was marbled white and chocolate with chocolate frosting under the decorations.

Plate of Bacon Cake

Bacon Fondant Cake photo by Kylyssa Shay

Bacon Fondant Cake photo by Kylyssa Shay

I made this one for my roommate's boyfriend's 25th birthday. The fondant was chocolate flavored and the cake under it was dark chocolate with semi-sweet ganache.

If you'd like to make some realistic-looking fondant or gumpaste bacon of your own, you can follow the linked instructions with photos in this tutorial.

A dark chocolate cake covered in chocolate-flavored fondant bacon

A dark chocolate cake covered in chocolate-flavored fondant bacon

Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty fondant cake and photo by Kylyssa Shay

Hello Kitty fondant cake and photo by Kylyssa Shay

I made this Hello Kitty cake for my niece. It was dark chocolate with dark chocolate frosting under the decoration which was made entirely of marshmallow fondant heavily flavored with vanilla except for the black parts which were flavored with semi-sweet dark cocoa. It was extremely easy to make because all of the shapes are two dimensional.

Insane Clown Posse - The Riddle Box - ICP


I made this cake for my partner's sister. She is an ICP fan and even has the Riddle Box tattooed on her body. So this was the natural choice to make for her birthday.

The cake inside was chocolate and the frosting underneath was also chocolate frosting with a bit of sour cream incorporated into it to offset the sweetness of the icing.

I had made little Hatchet Men to go on the sides of the cake but the finished cake was shorter than I had anticipated so the Hatchet Men ended up being too tall to fit. That's OK, though, because my partner and my roommate enjoyed eating them.

Where You Can Find My Favorite Fondant Recipe

You can find my favorite recipe and instructions on how to make it at How To Make Fondant For Cake Art along with tips on how to roll it out, prevent it from sticking, and how to rescue it when it does stick. It also has instructions for coloring and flavoring it to your personal tastes, both visual and gustatory.

Beatles Abbey Road Fondant Cake I made for my partner's 40th birthday.

Beatles Abbey Road Fondant Cake I made for my partner's 40th birthday.

Beatles Abbey Road

Fondant Beatles, oh my!

I made this cake for my partner's 40th birthday party. He is a serious Beatles fan. Inside it was butterscotch with caramel frosting. The Beatles were cut from chocolate fudge rolled fondant. As you can probably see, heat and humidity did weird things to it but the decorations were still recognizable and, if anything, the softer texture made it tastier.

The Beatles were really tasty. They had a lot of Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder in them and it melded nicely with the butterscotch and caramel underneath.

Ghostbusters fondant birthday cake

Ghostbusters fondant birthday cake

Ghostbusters Cake

I made this Ghostbusters treat for my roommate. She is a serious fan. The inside was dark chocolate with chocolate ganache frosting. Unfortunately, I didn't get any really good pictures of it but you can get the general idea from this one. The ganache turned out particularly silky and delicious on this one.

Sandcastle Beach Cake with Fondant Crab, Hermit Crab, and Assorted Seashells

Sandcastle beach cake with hermit crabs, starfish, and seashells

Sandcastle beach cake with hermit crabs, starfish, and seashells

I made this cake decorated with a crab, hermit crab, seashells and starfish for my roommate and sister-by-choice. The cake under the crushed vanilla wafer sand was dark chocolate and strawberry with strawberry cream cheese frosting. I put close to two pounds of strawberries into it and on top of it. The sandcastle part was dark chocolate and the beach underneath was strawberry.

A Close-up on the Crab

Cute gum paste crab

Cute gum paste crab

Steampunk Fondant Cake

Steampunk Fondant Cake

Sort of Steampunk

With gears, knobs, wires, and scarabs

I made this cake for my partner's cousins' reunion party. I meant to create something a bit more cohesive but I was both unwell and running out of time so I made a few compromises. It was a hit anyway and spread my fondant evangelism to one of my partner's cousins who now has a small business selling decorated cupcakes!

Jungle Cake

Jungle Cake

Jungle Cake

With flowers, vines, snake, and frog

I made this kind of weird jungle design for my partner's father. Inside there was marble cake and chocolate buttercream frosting. The tiny tree frog was a big hit. My partner wanted to eat the frog but his niece gave him the sad eyes treatment.

My First Fondant Cake - A Beach Cake

My first fondant cake

My first fondant cake

This was my very first attempt at making a cake with fondant. It was a little rough but I had no experience working with the stuff. I think the concept was good but the execution failed somewhat.

The starfish were made of bright blue icing and I used food coloring to paint some color onto the light blue and white marbled fondant on the cake. I made the sand dollars, snails, and clams from sugar cookie dough. I didn't allow for the expansion of the cookies with baking so they all turned out a bit puffy looking. The "sand" which was raw sugar worked brilliantly and I've used it again for the same purpose.

The cake inside was dark chocolate with dark chocolate frosting.

You wouldn't believe the mess that blue dye made of my hands. My cuticles were stained for almost a week.

A Cute Skull Cake - Skull Girls Wearing Cute Hoodies

Cake decorated with cute skulls

Cake decorated with cute skulls

I made the skull cutie cake pictured above for my partner's sort of kid's sort of birthday.

The cake was dark chocolate with semi-sweet ganache covered with dark fudge fondant. I made the decorations from white, hot pink, and lime green icing.

Instructions for making a cake like this one, including templates for the skull, bow, and hoodie girl cut outs.

Top View of the Skull Cuties

Top View of the Skull Cuties

Top View of the Skull Cuties

Cake for Our Lost Series Finale Party - Decorated with a Fondant Hand, the Fateful Numbers, and the Dharma Initiative Symbol

Lost Series Finale fondant decorated cake

Lost Series Finale fondant decorated cake

For those of you who are Lost fans, you'll recognize Charlie's hand as well as this fateful set of numbers. All of the decorations are edible rolled or modeled icing. It also had a four-toed broken statue foot made which was added after this photo. I'm still trying to find a good photo that includes the foot statue.

Inside, it was marbled yellow cake with dark chocolate cake covered with a crumb coat of chocolate cream cheese frosting and a layer of graham cracker crumbs and raw sugar.

Black and white striped lighthouse on a cake

Black and white striped lighthouse on a cake

The Lighthouse with Seagulls and Sand Dunes

I made this one for my partner's mom. I wasn't sure what design to put on her cake until I remembered that she has a number of lighthouse themed items in her home. So I chose a lighthouse theme for her birthday.

Due to humidity, the cake picked up a bit of a glisten and the clouds and whitecaps I had painted on the sky and water ended up looking less distinct. While the moisture detracted a bit from the cake's appearance, the fondant blended with the cream cheese frosting underneath and softened quite a bit and making it a better texture to eat.

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Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders rendered in sugar

Oakland Raiders rendered in sugar

My sister-in-law likes the Oakland Raiders so I made an Oakland Raiders birthday cake for her this year. It had a lot of vanilla in it, and it was probably one of the tastiest I've ever made.

The cake itself was frosted with a combination of vanilla pudding and whipping cream. I made the decoration as a sort of badge made of fondant that could be set on top of the cake at the last minute.

My Little Pony fondant cake

My Little Pony fondant cake

My Little Pony

A sweet two-dimensional cartoon character

I made this cake for my partner's sister, mom, and niece. His sister and niece are big My Little Pony fans. This was probably the easiest cake to make because My Little Pony cartoons are completely two-dimensional. I just rolled out flat fondant and used an Exacto knife to cut out shapes.

The cake inside was marble cake with light chocolate frosting.

Sandy Beach Cake - Fondant Adironrack and Jello Seas

Cake decorated with tiny sugar Adirondack chair and palm "bush"

Cake decorated with tiny sugar Adirondack chair and palm "bush"

This beach design was the second beach birthday cake I made for my friend and roommate.

She loves the warm weather and sandy beaches, but unfortunately, we live in Michigan where it's cold and snowy for her birthday. So I made her a little stretch of sugar beach with tropical turquoise Jello water and a sweet little Adirondack chair to lounge on.

I had made a palm tree of Rice Krispies with rolled icing top and bark but I slipped on the mixer cord and fell on it. So instead there was a palm bush made of the salvaged palm fronds. It made me pretty sad after over an hour spent making the palm tree but my friend liked the cake anyway.

A Harry Potter Cake - A Golden Snitch!

Harry Potter themed party cake

Harry Potter themed party cake

I made this one for one of my partner's sort of kids for a Harry Potter themed party. The image on top was the Harry Potter logo and golden snitch made with yellow-gold gumpaste brushed with gold luster dust. I surrounded the outer edge with overlapping circles in Gryffindor colors.

The inside was dark chocolate with semi-sweet ganache frosting covered in chocolate rolled fondant which tastes a lot like fudge.

Horde Clan Banner W.O.W. themed cake

Horde Clan Banner W.O.W. themed cake

World of Warcraft Horde Clan Banner

I made this World of Warcraft Horde Clan banner for my nephew for his birthday in 2011. It was marbled chocolate and intense vanilla inside with cocoa frosting and cherry flavored icing. The cherry flavoring made it taste kind of like a black forest torte made with maraschino cherries.

But Wait, Doesn't That Stuff Taste Yucky?

All men are created equal - but the same is not true of fondants. Most hand made rolled icing is of a neutral but sweet flavor if not down right delicious.

Commercially made fondants often taste like preservatives or have an odd metallic taste. That issue is completely solved by making it in your own kitchen, which many professional bakers are doing now, too. Whether it's marshmallow type or a more traditional sugar and syrup version, the flavors are fresher and don't carry the flavor of plastic packaging, emulsifiers, or preservatives.

If you get too carried away with the food coloring, it will start to taste like food dye but that can be countered by rolling it very thin and slathering the cake with a lovely dark chocolate ganache, pureed raspberries (or other fruit) and sugar, preserves, cream cheese frosting, or tasty buttercream frosting before applying the it. You need some kind of adhesive to hold it on anyway.

You can also make flavored fondant by adding flavoring oils to it as you make it. I sometimes like to use almond, lemon, or mint flavoring in mine.

Funky music themed fondant cake

Funky music themed fondant cake

Psychedelic Music Symbols

I made this caramel-flavored creation for my partner who is an avid audiophile and musician. The guitar pick shaped symbol with the religious icons inside it is a creation of his. He made the design at a conference a few years ago. I put it on the cake along with gumpaste 45 spindles, guitar picks, musical notes, and guitars. I guess I just added the metallic gears because they looked cool on the black/silver marble backing.

The inside was butterscotch flavored with caramel frosting.

Zebra-striped unicorn cake with hearts

Zebra-striped unicorn cake with hearts

Unicorn with Hearts, Stars, and Flowers

I made this cake with unicorn, stars, hearts, and flowers for my niece. Underneath it was marbled yellow and German chocolate with semi-sweet chocolate butter cream frosting with a touch of sour cream in it for a lighter texture and a slightly less-sweet finish.

A lumpy beer can cake surrounded by peanuts

A lumpy beer can cake surrounded by peanuts

Yes, It's Supposed to Be a Beer Can

This one only looks like I was drunk when I made it

OK, so this has got to be my worst one so far. It's not a shape I would choose to make on my own but it was a special request. I could probably make a decent beer can shape in the future because I learned what not to do with this one.

I tried to make a half-cylinder baking pan out of aluminum foil but the batter just bulged out of the foil as it cooked. So I had to carve the result into a rough half-cylinder with a knife, coat it with buttercream frosting and hope for the best.

The finished product was still lumpy, as you can see. So I just sighed and did my best with it.

Painting calligraphy with frosting isn't as easy as I'd thought. I spent a long time at it and the results were pretty poor so I probably won't try it again without stencils.

However, I discovered gold luster dust, an edible gold colored dust which can be mixed with alcohol and painted onto just about anything edible to create a metallic sheen.

The inside was double vanilla butter cake with vanilla bean frosting, so at least it was delicious even if it wasn't terribly attractive.

Another Sandy Beach Cake - Fondant Snails, Sea Stars, and Seashells

Sugar sandy beach with sweet starfish

Sugar sandy beach with sweet starfish

I made this sweet treat for a summer party. It was raw sugar was vanilla bean with intense vanilla bean frosting underneath. I used two tablespoons of double-strength vanilla extract and two scraped vanilla beans in the frosting alone. I also poured vanilla extract over it and allowed almost all of the alcohol to evaporate before applying the frosting and sugar to it. The evaporation went pretty quickly because it was still hot from the oven. Boy, did that make my apartment smell good!

Here are the instructions for making a sandy beach cake with fondant starfish and seashells.

Trendy Mommy baby shower cake

Trendy Mommy baby shower cake

Trendy Mommy Baby Shower

I made this one for a friend's baby shower. It was designed to co-ordinate with her Trendy Mommy invitations, napkins, plates and cups. I put a little spin on the placement of the little flowers to avoid having it look too stiff.

I've determined (from making this one) that I'll only use fudge fondant on small cakes because it is not very flexible and it tends to tear if you so much as look at it funny. Rolling out and applying a section of it this big was a major headache. I must have rolled it out and messed it up at least eight times. It required a lot of intense concentration and very careful manipulation to get it into place all in one unbroken piece. I sent my roommate away during that part because he tends to get close and curious when I'm doing something touchy and difficult.

The inside was marbled white and dark chocolate cake. I'd never baked such a big cake before and I was afraid it would overcook on the edges but it turned out perfectly baked.

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Jennifer P Tanabe from Red Hook, NY on September 04, 2010:

These fondant cakes are amazing! I guess I have to reconsider fondant as an edible decoration.

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eclecticeducati1 on October 19, 2009:

I LOVE your cakes!!!! They are wonderful. Great lens!

Grace_Riedinger on October 10, 2009:

Hi yaI am extremely impressed with your cakes. I had never heard of fondant, but these cakes are incredible. I also read some of your story about being homeless and I am very impressed with your survival skills.Please keep up the great work and even though you may not believe it and I do not want to sound pushy Jesus really does love you so much that He did die for you. I am almost financially broke myself but I am sending you a very small amount of money to your paypal account. I wish it could be more.Please look for it under the email address of painterofglory, which is an old email addy of mine.Please take care of yourself and know that you do have a Wisconsin friend.

anonymous on October 02, 2009:

You are very talanted! I love your lens.

justholidays on October 01, 2009:

I don't like fondant but the reason why I wouldn't eat that kind of cake is that they're so beautiful! If I would have the chance to make (or get - that's a better choice) one, I would keep it as long as possible and take a lot of pictures, just to make sure to never forget having such a wonderful decoration item in my home! I was really amazed by all those cakes but the one that really puzzled me is the PIZZA! You did a wonderful job on it and if I hadn't read your explanation, I would have think it was a real pizza!You're an artist, Kylyssa!Congrats and 5 stars - just because I can't give more!Dom.

hayleylou lm on October 01, 2009:

wow, these look amazing, a fav so I can back to this lens when it gets closer to my boys birthday, 5 stars

Deb Kingsbury from Flagstaff, Arizona on October 01, 2009:

I've been here before, but I wanted to stop by and see your updates. Love the new photos! These are so cool.

xiaohuaz lm on October 01, 2009:

Nice lens. If my husband sees this he'll expect me to make a beer cake for his next birthday.

dogtrainer50 on October 01, 2009:

These cakes look awesome

anonymous on September 30, 2009:

Fantastic lens! ... Looks delicious too ^_^5*

amy1980 on September 30, 2009:

Wow! I really like the My Little Pony cake. But they are all pretty impressive!

Bellezza-Decor from Canada on September 11, 2009:

Your fondant cakes are so fun and unusual - 5* and lensrolled into Delicious Lemon Cakes Recipes!

norma-holt on July 30, 2009:

My word you are talented. Is there no end to your skills. 5 stars and favorite it

RTAnderson on July 08, 2009:

Besides being fun to look at these cakes are also verrry yummy! Mmm.

Stuwaha on July 01, 2009:

What a fun lens! that pizza cake is astounding, so creative!

anonymous on June 30, 2009:

Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!Have I mentioned Oh Wow!????Not only do you bake what must be deeeeeeelicious cakes, you take fantabulous photos!I like the seashell cake the best.Can I come live with you?

Deb Kingsbury from Flagstaff, Arizona on June 30, 2009:

What a great lens. Really fun to look at. And that pizza cake sure looks like the real thing! Great job, as always.

Jeanette from Australia on June 30, 2009:

Very creative. I like your tiger cake the best. I don't think I could bring myself to eat that pizza cake. It would be an assault to the senses!

anonymous on June 29, 2009:

Your cakes are fantastic and amusing. I still like the skull best.

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