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Most Loved Dishes of Pakistan

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Most Loved Dishes of Pakistan

I write this article for food tourists especially who want to visit Pakistan, they must try these dishes and if they don’t there is no way their visit is complete.

Pakistan has a huge diversification of dishes. Not only local “desi” dishes but also one can found different variations of fast and cuisines from around the world. Here I’ll discuss “desi” dishes people are mad for. These dishes are spicy “ masaly dar” and mouth-watering. If you have no tolerance for spices then my fellow these are not for you.

If you are Pakistani or you ever had visit Pakistan, you will definitely agree with me.


The list of loved dishes and it is not started with Biryani then it will be not fair with Biryani.

Biryani is a dish make with boiled rice layered with meat (chicken or lamb) curry in addition with all spices which make it flavorsome and delicious.

Its origin is among the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent. Historically Biryani was originated from Persia and was brought to sub-continent by Mughals. Biryani is derived from Persian word Birian which means “fried before cooking”. So we can say that Biryani is a Persian dish.

Some of regional flavors of Biryani in Pakistan includes Sindhi biryani, Bohri biryani, Hyderabadi biryani and many more. It is the dish you can find in every restaurant and every food street or corner of Pakistan. In every party and wedding dinner this is must dish of menu.



Paaye in English trotters or hoofs of cow, buffalo, or lamb. It is a stew dish with all delicious spices. Broth or stew is cooked for hours on mild heat to extract all the flavors from bones.Yes its bit oily and heavy on stomach but believe me it worth it. It is a traditional Pakistani dish which is served as many festive occasions and served to guests at special occasions.

Paaye originated by the amalgamation of South and Central Asian cuisine. The dish was adapted by local cuisines of Lahore in Pakistan. Now it is famous in all over Pakistan especially it is eaten as breakfast with "roghni naan" type of pita bread.



Nihaari considered as shahi dish in Pakistan. Like other famous dishes its origin is also from the Indian sub-continent. Obviously now it is more derived as per region. Nihaari comes from word “nihaar” meaning “morning”. So as its name suggests, it is served in breakfast mainly.

In Pakistan Nihari is mostly favorite of Karachi people. It is made of shank of beef or goat with bones. Its main ingredient is bone marrow. Meat is cooked on slow flame to extract bone marrow from bones obviously with lots of spices but main spice is fennel seeds. Its stew is thick and it is enjoyed with white naan.



Daleem is also shahi and one of most complicated dish.The origin of Daleem lies in the popular Arabian dish known as Harees. The Harees was cooked as the Arab empire was extended to different parts of the world. Harees was introduced in the Indian subcontinent by the Arab soldiers of the Hyderabad Nizam's army to the city. Then it was derived and take form of new dish Daleem. Meaning of Daleem is “mixture of lentils”.

Daleem consists of all type of lentils, wheat, barely, rice and pounded meat i.e beef, mutton or chicken. All ingredients cooked in a big pot for hours to make it like a one smooth and silky mixture. Mostly people enjoy it with only spoon others can have it with simple naan. It is served in every restaurant and food streets in Pakistan.


Shahi Qorma

As the name suggests it is a royal dish because of its origin by Mughals. It was first created in Mughal era who loved to eat such delicate, complicated but rich in ingredients dishes.

Qorma is an intricate and delicate dish which includes barista(fried onions) as main ingredient. Other ingredients include obviously meat( lamb, beef or chicken) dry nuts, yogurt, herbs and aromatic spices.

Qorma is served in almost every restaurant. No event or gathering is complete without serving Qorma as main dish. Qorma is mainly loved by people of punjab.


Hopefully this article is helpful to all people who want to visit Pakistan as foodies and do try these yummiest dishes you will not regret. All dishes I mentioned are top of the list but obviously many more to tell and discuss and will be discussed in coming articles.Some people like some may be not but food is something you can not force on someone, its only enjoyed and loved if someone want to.

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