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Modeling Chocolate Cake Decorating

Jean—a creative self-taught cook with a passion for helping people develop their cooking skills—has worked as a cooking instructor.


Chocolate Play Doh You Can Eat!

Modeling chocolate is my latest passion. It is so insanely easy to make and not as difficult to work with as I thought it would be. As a result, I'm really happy with this new "play doh". You make it with white, milk or dark chocolate and corn syrup. Once you make it and knead it, you can roll it out and make ribbons with it, cut it with cookie cutters, roll it into ropes and braids or any shape you want. You can make figurines or flowers with it, you can even cover an entire cake with it.

So let's play with chocolate and see what you can make with it.


The Basic Recipe

Modeling chocolate is so easy to make. It is basically two ingredients, chocolate and corn syrup. You will need:

10 ounces of chocolate (milk, white or dark) broken into pieces

1/3 cups light corn syrup

optional powdered or gel food coloring to color white chocolate

In a double boiler over medium hot water, melt the chocolate in a medium size bowl. When chocolate is almost melted, remove from heat and stir until smooth. Be sure not to allow any of the steam to condense into the bowl or the chocolate will seize up and become rock hard.

When the chocolate is fully melted and the mixture is smooth, add the corn syrup and mix until the chocolate forms a thick ball. You may need to adjust the amount of corn syrup depending on the type and brand of chocolate you use.

Pour the mixture onto a plastic wrap lined cookie sheet. so that it is about 1/2 inch thick. Let the mixture ripen and stiffen for about 2 hours. You can also refrigerate it if you want to play sooner.

After the modeling chocolate has rested for a few hours, break it into portions small enough that you can knead and easily handle. Knead the chocolate with your hands until it is soft and can be easily shaped. The warmth of your hands will make it easier to work with.

Store the kneaded modeling chocolate in an airtight container in the fridge until you are ready to use it. Below you will see some decorating ideas using modeling chocolate.

How To Make Modeling Chocolate

Things That Will Make You Look Like A Modeling Chocolate Pro

A lot of people don't feel that they have the talent or the imagination to make great looking things out of modeling chocolate. There are all kinds of moulds and gadgets that will make you look like a pro with very little angst. One of the easiest ways to decorate a cake or cupcake is to roll the modeling chocolate with a textured rolling pin, lay it over the cake and trim the edges.

Great Substitutes for Modeling Chocolate

There are some awesome substitutes for modeling chocolate that you can use to mold figures, flowers, designs and whatever wild and imaginative things our mind can conceive. They include:

  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Starburst Candies
  • Salt Water Taffy
  • Caramels

If you can think of any more, let me know and I will add them to the list!

Use the warmth of your hands to soften them, then cut and mold them. When they revert back to room temperature, they stiffen again and will hold their shape. Voila!

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Coloring White Modeling Chocolate

To color the white modeling chocolate, use food color gels that are found in most baking supply stores. You may want to put on a pair of rubber or plastic food handler gloves to keep the color off your hands.

Candy melts come in various colors but may not be the best option if you can't find them in the color you want. Coloring gels allow you to make any shade of color or even allows you to blend colors especially for flowers and roses.


First make a simple sugar cookie cut into circles. Bake them and let them cool. Frost them if you wish with a butter cream or royal icing. Let the frosting set if you are using.

Color 3 lots of modeling chocolate white, yellow and orange.

Roll out the modeling chocolate so that it is quite thin. Using flower cookie cutters cut out two sizes of flowers. Mix and match the larger and smaller flowers by sticking them to the cookies with a bit of water diluted corn syrup. Make a little round ball of modeling chocolate to stick in the middle. Voila! A simple modeling chocolate decoration.

Modeling Chocolate is Candy Clay!

When else can you play with your food, have fun then get to eat it too!'s very relaxing and it will put a smile on your face!


A Simple Cake Decorated With Modeling Chocolate

This cake is iced with a butter cream frosting. Notice how smooth it looks in the picture. The first thing to do is to place strips of waxed paper under the bottom layers on your cake plate or board. Take a couple of cups of butter cream and thin it slightly with water. Mix it well. With a offset spatula, cover the entire bottom layers with a thin layer of butter cream frosting. This is to set the crumb so that you don't get crumbs in the upper layer of butter cream. See the video below for the proper technique. Put the cake in the fridge for about 20 minutes to set up the first coat of frosting. Do the same thing with the top layers.

Then put a second layer of frosting on the bottom layers of the cake and smooth it out by using the method in the smoothing video below. Do the same thing with the top layers. Carefully place the top layers on the center of the bottom layers. Remove the wax paper strips from under the bottom layers.

While the final layers of butter cream are setting up, color and roll out the modeling chocolate thinly according to the directions above. Use a circle cutter to cut out as many circles as you need out of each color. Use some of the leftovers to make the beads that go around the top, middle and the base of the cake.

Just so you get the positioning right, lay the bottom layer of circles on the counter top, spacing them as evenly as possible around the cake. Then position the bottom layer of circles on the cake with a little diluted corn syrup. Now place each subsequent layer of circles on the cake in the succeeding rows. Repeat with the top layer. Finish the cake by putting the colored beads around the top, middle and base of the cake. You now have a professional looking decorated cake.

How To Seal In The Crumbs On A Cake - It's Called Crumb Coating a Cake


Fun Flip Flops With Modeling Chocolate



Pink Stars With Modeling Chocolate


Using Silicon Flower Molds To Use With Modeling Chocolate - Use these decorations on the top of iced cakes, cupcakes, cookies, squares and brownies!

You can color the white modeling chocolate to suit your theme or you can use diluted gel coloring and paint accent colors on your flowers. You can even edible glitter them while they are still soft. Play and use your imagination. If the flower doesn't turn out the way you want it, mash is up and try again. It's simple.

Making Butterflies With Modeling Chocolate

The Trick with making butterflies is to make an aluminum foil M shape to sit the butterflies in to set, so they don't lie flat but rather have their wings set at an angle when you set them on the cupcake or wherever you're going to put them.

You can leave them all one color or you can paint them with diluted food coloring or edible markers. I love making these. They look so professional and give the cake an exquisite finish.

Making Amazing Borders With Modeling Chocolate - It's Easy Peasy!

I've gone absolutely crazy over modeling chocolate accessories! I can't help myself. It is such a fun activity. If I could I would do it every day! You'll see, if you try it, you'll be addicted to it to. LOL

Making Stunning Roses With Molds and Modeling Chocolate

I have struggled to make awesome looking roses for years. It was almost like they looked like they were made by a two year old or sometimes they looked like a wilted dead thing that had been run over by a truck. No more. My roses made with impression molds look like they have been made by a professional with years of experience. Now its your turn.


Simple and Easy Decorating

The blue ropes on the cake are blue modeling chocolate.


Baby Theme Molding Chocolate

These cute cookies are made with a cookie impression mat that the molding chocolate is pressed into then adhered to the cookie with a drop of diluted corn syrup.


Exquisite Hand Built Chocolate Rose

The tips of the petals are brushed with luster dust to give it a luxurious look.


Fire Truck Made From Modeling Chocolate

Build the firetruck on a piece of parchment paper, then put another piece of parchment paper over it and gently roll it flat so that it stays together when you go to transfer it onto the cake.


Very Swish Looking Top Hat

Molding Chocolate is so versatile and it tastes much better than fondant.

The ribbon is made using a cookie impression mat like the one below.

Giving Your Modeling Chocolate A Pretty Texture

Cookie impression mats give your flat surfaces a texture taking your masterpieces to a whole new level.

Rubber Rolling Pin Rings Help You Keep Your Modeling Chocolate An Even Depth

You put them on the ends of your rolling pin so that what you are rolling stays at an even depth. It cannot go any thinner. They are great for rolling out cookies, modeling chocolate, fondant, even pie crust.

Rubber Rolling Pin Rings


Gorgeous White Flowers

This modeling chocolate has white color added to it to make it whiter. The white chocolate isn't really white. Then the modeling chocolate is pressed into silicone molds and the leaves are pressed into an impression mat. Stunning.

Books To Imspire Your Modeling Chocolate Creations

Idea books spawn more ideas and it is so much fun to see how the professionals finish cakes. But with a few aids like moulds, impression mats and textured rolling pins, you'll be decorating like a pro right out of the gate.


Simple Yet Elegant Valentine Cookies Decorated With Modeling Chocolate

These cookies look difficult to make but they are so easy. Use your favorite sugar cookie or shortbread recipe, then cut out and bake the hearts.

When they are cool, roll out the colored white modeling chocolate and cut it into hearts with the same cookie cutter you used to make the cookies.

Lay the modeling chocolate on top of each cookie using a little dilute icing to help them stick. Using the back of a dull knife, lightly score the modeling chocolate then decorate the cookies as desired.

They look great and they have much more flavor than fondant coverings.

When was the last time you played with your food?

WriterJanis2 on August 06, 2012:

I would love to play with my food this way!

Lee Hansen from Vermont on April 28, 2011:

I love this idea - fondant isn't that appealing to me but chocolate anything is right up my alley. Lensrolling this to Sweet Bouquets - Candy Crafts.

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