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How to Make Mango Jam at Home

Living on a farm in Brazil, I've gained local in-depth knowledge of food, plants, and traditions, which I share through my articles.

Too Many Mangoes? Make Mango Jam.

Here on our farm in Brazil we have mango trees and for four months each year we have a continuous supply of mangoes.

I am always looking for inspiration as to how to use more. We drink mango juice every day, have mango crumble, and now I am making jam. We also give mangoes to all our visitors who aren't lucky enough to have the trees in their gardens.

In our house we love toast in the morning. I have always wanted to make jam but when I lived in England and America it was always easier to go to the store and buy it. Here, in rural Brazil, jam or jelly is available, but to me it is lacking in flavor and not the thick rich consistency I love. I had two options, give up eating it or make it myself. Obviously I chose the latter. I had no jam making experience but this is so easy.

I don't use pectin in this recipe so the thickening process is done by continued cooking with sugar until the desired consistency is reached.

Cutting a Mango

Mango Cheeks

Mango Cheeks

Removing the Skin of a Mango

Removing the Skin of a Mango

Mango Slicer

Although I use a knife, as photographed above, many people use a mango slicer. This is a handy kitchen tool which will easily remove the stone and leave you with two 'cheeks' which can be easily used in this or other recipes.

The mangoes here on our farm are not always a uniform size like those you would see in the supermarkets where you live so this is why I have shown you how to cut it using a knife as well. The choice is yours.



1 large ripe mango

1/4 cup sugar

Juice of 1/2 a lemon or lime

Lime or Lemon Juice


Why Add Lemon or Lime?

This adds just a bit of a zing. You could also try adding a bit of ginger or cinnamon.

Instructions for Making Mango Jam

After removing the skin, cut the mango into cubes and place in a saucepan. Add the sugar and lemon or lime juice, mix these together. Cook over low until the mango is cooked and the mixture is thickened. Any lumps can be broken up with the back of a wooden spoon or by using a potato masher. Once you have made it the first time, you will know if you prefer more or less sugar or sweetener. Artificial sweeteners can be used but check the labeling, some are best not heated.

See the pictures below.

Making mango jam

Making mango jam

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At the start you will have a wet lumpy mixture. Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong.

Keep cooking, stirring, and reducing over a low heat until it looks like the image below.

Congratulations, you have made jam.

Homemade mango jam

Homemade mango jam

The Canning Jar

While you are making your jam, prepare your jar. To sterilize I first wash it and then place the jar and lid in a pan of boiling water. I leave this for 10 minutes slowing simmering away.

When the jam is done I remove the jar with tongs from the boiling water. Whilst the jam and jar are hot, I carefully spoon the jam into the jar and put the lid on. I then place the jar with the lid on in a bowl of cool tap water.

Often I change the water a few times to cool the jam as quickly as possible. I then put the jam in the refrigerator. This will make enough for toast for a hungry family but if you are wanting to make loads, pectin will be necessary and proper canning jars.

Jam as Gifts

Giving Jam as Gifts

Giving Jam as Gifts

Mango Jam Labels

Personalized Mango Jam Label

Personalized Mango Jam Label

Giving the Gift of Jam

If you are planning to give home made jam as a present, consider the decoration for the top of the jar.

Either with fabric such as gingham cut with zig zag scissors or perhaps a simple cross stitch.

These make personal gifts and work well placed in a basket with other home made goodies.

Don't forget the label, these can be customized with your own name

More Mango Recipes

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Do you Prefer Smooth Mango Jam?

Mangoes are very fibrous and this recipe will result in jam with a few lumps of mango.

If you prefer smooth mango jam, click here. This will take you to a page about making mango juice. Follow the procedure to get the mango puree and then continue cooking as above.

Whether you opt for smooth mango jam or one with pieces of mango, you'll be enjoying a wonderfully different jam. Experiment by adding spices, or other fruits. Jam making is easier than you think.

Favorite flavor of jam

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Mary Wickison (author) from USA on February 11, 2012:


Thanks for stopping by. Well, mango season has started here in Brazil so watch this space for more mango recipes. The Brazilians know a thing or two about great tasting recipes using local fruit. I will be passing these on.

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