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What is a Jaffle & How Do I Make The Best Jaffles?

What is a Jaffle? How do I make these awesome savoury treats?

What is a Jaffle? How do I make these awesome savoury treats?

What Is a Jaffle?

I had someone comment on another article I'd written, asking "What exactly is a jaffle?"

Since I grew up with jaffles, and they are one of my favourite quick and easy foods, I just had to answer that question as thoroughly as I could.

A jaffle is a toasted sandwich traditionally made in a jaffle iron - a type of closed metal skillet. A fresh sandwich is enclosed in the jaffle iron and then the jaffle iron is placed either on top of a stove or in a campfire. The resulting sandwich is sealed around the edges and the sandwich ingredients are deliciously cooked and melted.

If you want to learn more about jaffles and how to make them, read on.

What are Good Ingredients To Put in a Jaffle?

Almost anything that you'd put in a normal sandwich is great in a jaffle. However here are some of my favourites:

►Tinned or leftover pasta or spaghetti.

►Tomato and cheese.

►Tofu and tomato.

►Apple and cinnamon.

You may have noticed above that not all ingredients are savoury. Since the sandwich is sealed by the end of the cooking process, the resulting jaffle is similar to a pie – and everyone likes a sweet pie!

A freshly made jaffle.

A freshly made jaffle.

What's Another Name for a Jaffle?

Jaffle is traditionally an Australian term. In other countries similar items are known as toasted sandwiches, toasties, hot sandwiches, and panini.

What is a Jaffle Iron?

A jaffle iron is a metal skillet with wooden handles. It is opened by pulling the handles apart, revealing the space where you can insert a sandwich. The handles are then pulled back together, closing the jaffle maker. There's usually a metal hook to hold the sandwich and seal the jaffle maker tightly. Excess crust and bread are cut away once the jaffle maker is sealed.

Jaffle makers are available in both square and round versions.

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These days you can also find electronic jaffle makers.


Razia ghazi on August 18, 2015:

Thanks for the lovely tips for making sandwiches

rebecca on April 01, 2014:

Edgell peas are good.

W1totalk on July 04, 2013:

I need to find a jaffle. Cool Article.

MountnDew on October 01, 2010:

Wow Wrylit I just love the word Jaffle. I think I'll start calling my friends that all the time and they will look at me weird,lol.

I can picture a Jaffle made with leftover roast with carrots,taters and onions. Oh goodness my mouth is watering now!

If you were camping and using the Jaffle iron it would make a formidable protection weapon as well leading us to our commercial catch phrase "You better not touch my Jaffle"

Autoaficianado from California on July 26, 2010:

I didn't think anyone other than myself made these! Anyway, try making these with cheese and cut up sausage meat inside (you can use hot dog meat if you prefer). You'll definitely enjoy the taste and feeling of the gooey cheese in your mouth.

BobbiRant from New York on July 24, 2010:

I love these. Thanks for the tips on making delicious sandwiches this way.

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