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International Cuisines


Cuisine: A Short Definiton

Cuisine word source is in french language (cuisine = kitchen). The root of the word comes from Latin (coquere = to cook). Its means a characteristic style of cooking. The way food is cooked vary a lot from place to place and is influenced by many factors.

Cooked Food in Ancient Time

The only living being who prepares the food before eating it is human. Since ancient times, human, used to cook the food before consumption. Weather is about meat or vegetables, human cooked the food before eating it. It is well known that the first human beings on earth were hunting for meat. They were using fire to cook it, and using stone hand-made tools they were cutting it in smaller pieces because they realized that if they do so the cooking process is shorter and the taste is different. Since then, human developed the cooking process, inventing all kind of tools, mixing one type of food with another, using all kind of plants to season the food.

Cuisine Evolution

The development of cooking in each country was not the same. There are two major factors that affected the way each pupils developed their cuisine: the position of the country on Earth and religion. Of course there are many more factors that could affect a nation's style of cooking like the neighbours, wars, emigrants, superstitions and many, many, others.

Country's position on Earth - the soil type and climatic conditions vary from place to place on Earth. Each plant needs a specific soil to live. You can't grow a plant designed by nature to live in temperate climatic conditions, in a zone with tropical climate. For someone living in Africa, was very difficult to get some ingredients from Europe so they just improvised something else to eat, using the ingredients they had.

Religion - In some religions you are not allowed to eat or drink specific aliments. Muslims, for example, are not allowed to eat pork, while in Christians religion, there are some periods of the year such as the week before Easter when you are allowed to eat only vegetable food.

Nowdays tribes, still have primitive culinary habits.

Nowdays tribes, still have primitive culinary habits.

Human Adaption And Reaction On Food

Human body suffered a few transformations during history. Unlike other living bodies, who's digestive system is much stronger than ours, human's digestive system become more sensitive. We cannot eat unpasteurized food or some types of food just the way it is found in nature. Try eating some half-baked meat or stop washing fruits before you eat them and you'll get sick in no-time.

Along with washing, boiling, frying, baking process needed for cooking we kill any bacteria who might be on our food. So our body adapted, and become more weaker in fighting with different bacteria on unpasteurised food.

A living body has an important and vital quality (for animals specially). They can figure out if something is good or not for eating by smelling it. If something smells bad, they know that they should avoid eating it. Almost the same rule applies at humans. If you cook something and smells really good, usually the taste is okay to. Actually there is just smell and taste. No bad or good smell or taste. The difference between good and bad is made by each one's brain. What i consider being good and healthy and tasty for me, you may precept it like grows.

Food Art

Sculpture made of fruits

Sculpture made of fruits

High Class Cooking

Cooking has become an art along time. In the past, only the best chefs had the honour to cook for the king and the royal family. In our days being a chef is one of the most well paid jobs. Because the luxury hotels and restaurant pay large amounts of money to experimented chefs the competition between them appeared. They are doing the best they can, combining new sort of ingredients, new ideas and they develop new skills such as sculpture, color combining, painting etc. to show they're skills.

Every year around the world take place different culinary competitions. People, amateurs or professionists, are gathering to cook and to compete. They are doing from classical cooking to artistic cooking. It is very impressive to see for example a sculpture or a well known painting, made on food.

International Dishes

Sarmale is a traditional Romanian Food.

Sarmale is a traditional Romanian Food.

Shaorma. You can find it all over the world, but its origin is in muslim countries. It is usualy made of sheep.

Shaorma. You can find it all over the world, but its origin is in muslim countries. It is usualy made of sheep.

Chinese food.

Chinese food.

Taco, almost a symbol for mexican food.

Taco, almost a symbol for mexican food.

Pizza Quatro Stagioni. Most of pizza types have chese or mozarella, mushrooms and olives.

Pizza Quatro Stagioni. Most of pizza types have chese or mozarella, mushrooms and olives.

Cuisines All Over The World

As i was saying in an earlier article, each country has its own culinary habits tied to religion, clime, and many other factors. The difference appears in ingredients, taste, smell and even in the way the food is eaten.

Italians are well known for the multitude of pasta dishes they have and of course for the pizza they make. The most used pastas are Tortelinni, Spaghetti and Panna.

Chinese people are known not necessary for the rice, fish, vegetables, peanuts and other ingredients they use, but for the two sticks they use instead of classic tableware. Some are saying that you don't have to eat a lot of chinese food to be bellyful because the food is verry nutritious.

If you want to eat something spicy, then you have to try some food from Mexico. You probably heard of they're spicy food. As ingrdients they use: Chillies, Frijoles (bean i guess), Tortilla. And everyone knows the famous Taco. And after a good meal, you may wanna try drinking a shot of the well known tequila.

In the muslim countries, the pork is never used. So they are cooking they're meals using vegetabiles, beef, chicken and seasons. The food that made muslim's cuisine famous around the world is: Shaurma, Kebab and Ayram (a type of yogurt wich is best served cold).

Romanians food is verry rich in calories but it have great taste. Through other dishes, the representaties are: Mici (or Mititiei) and sarmale cu mamaliguta.

The list can continue with every country in the world, because each one has its own traditions, ingredients, cooking secrets.


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