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How to Make Slushies at Home With Home Margaritaville Blender

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I am a huge fan of friozen drinks, slurpees, slushies, slush puppies, daiquiris, margaritas they are all good. So anything that lets me make a slushie at home is a great gift in my books.

When we first saw the Margariatville blender in a store my fiancé laughed about it, but I took a good serious look and mentioned that it would be awesome, not so much for making margaritas, as neither of us are big drinkers (though we both like alcoholic beverages) but more for the slushie possibilities. Knowing my love of slushies she quickly changed her view of the machine and agreed it would be useful after all.

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The Magaritaville Slushie Maker - The Perfect Gift for A Frozen Drink Fan

Ok I know, technically the name is "Frozen Concoction Maker" but come on, what sort of name is that. To me this device is for making slushies at home, what other purpose would you really need this for other than to make slushies at home. Some would naturally be alcoholic, who wouldn't whip up a quick margarita or daiquiri while entertaining if they had one of these babies. To me the main draw though is the shaved ice drinks.

In a good frozen drink the difference between crushed ice and shaved ice means the difference between a lumpy or smooth frozen drink. I prefer shaved ice in mine, and this is one of the few frozen drink machines that shaves the ice instead of crushing it. With this baby you can make restaurant quality margaritas in your own home.

Cook Time

Prep Time:

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Total Time: 5 mins

Serves: 1


  • 12 oz of your favorite drink (such as Coke) in the blender
  • fill ice compartment 1/2 full


  1. Blend and enjoy. It really is that simple to make slushies at home.... who knew!

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