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How to Display Cupcakes: Cute Ways to Present and Serve your Cupcakes!


How to Make Cupcakes Look Even More Yummy!

Find out how to display cupcakes in the best possible way, with this complete guide to cupcake stands, tiers, holders and more, along with tons of imaginative ideas for presenting your little baked creations!

Picture this... You've just made the perfect batch of the cutest ever cupcakes. Perhaps they're for a birthday party, or you've made them as a gift for someone, or maybe you just fancied baking and making yourself a treat!

But now that they're all cooked and sitting there looking yummy, how to present them? Luckily, you can now support your cupcake fetish (shh, it's okay, your secret is safe with me!) with a plethora of beautiful cupcake display stands. Plus, being a baking fiend myself, I came up with a few other innovative ideas on how to display those gorgeous bakes...

Find the best stands available in both the US and UK! Read on to find out how to display cupcakes with creative flair.

Photo Credit: Image used under paid license from JupiterImages Corporation

Please note: This page is currently undergoing an update - so look out for more beautiful new cupcake stands and displays in the next few days!


1. Use a Cake Stand

The easiest method of presenting your beautiful cupcakes is to simply put them on a normal cake stand. This can look very effective, particularly if the stand itself is a striking design, and the cakes are highly decorated (plus, you can display your full-sized cakes on them, too!)

This country-style shabby chic cake stand is perfect for showing off spring cupcakes. This short pedestal style is just one of the many options of cake stand - there are domed stands, tall stands, short stands, round stands, square stands, simple stands and ornate stands. Go for something that will match your your personality and taste in décor, and of course your preferred style of cupcake!

Photo: I have this shabby chic stand which looks great with spring cupcakes!

4-in-1 Cake Dome - Footed Cake Plate, Chip & Dip, Punch Bowl, & 5 section Server

Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Masterpiece Footed Cake Plate with Dome Cover

Elegant Rosanna White Scalloped Pedestal Cake Stand; 9-inch diameter

Scrumptious cupcakes will look even more scrumptious upon the right stand. Whatever choice of display you choose, think about the type of cupcake you normally like to bake. If it tends to be mostly sumptuous chocolate ones, go for something ornate or in a simple complementary colour. For cute or flowery cupcakes, go for spring fresh colours and a vintage, shabby chic or country style design.

Rosanna Rococo Noir Black Large 12-Inch Cake Pedestal

Godinger Crystal Freedom 10-Inch Footed Cake Plate

Rosanna Petit Treat Cupcake Stand in Pink

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Kids cupcakes, meanwhile, will look great on something bright and cheery. If you bake all kinds of cupcakes, then you might want to go for something universal in white or a simple pattern, so that you can match all kinds of cupcakes to it.

Beautiful Cake Stands for your Cupcakes

Delightful English Cake Stands (from the UK):

Kitchen Craft Round Cake Stand with Glass Dome

Premier Housewares Cake Stand with Dome

Nigella Lawson Cake Stand in Cream

Kitchen Craft Union Flag Cake Stand w/ Glass Dome

Cute Cupcake Accents 7 x 12 x 12cm Cake Stand

Stunning Cake Stands from the US:


2. Use a Tiered Cake Stand

This is how I usually display my cupcakes at the moment. All it takes is a really pretty tiered stand and your creations will look even more amazing than they already do! There are all kinds of styles to choose from, so whether you like modern, shabby chic, vintage style, country cottage kitchen or psychedelic polka dots, the choice is wide and varied!

Up until now this has been my personal favourite method of displaying cupcakes, but since discovering cupcake stands (see next section) I have also put one of those on my wishlist!

Researching this subject has also opened my eyes to some amazing and beautiful ways to present those gorgeous little cakes, but there is just one problem... so many nice stands desired, but where to put them all?

Luckily, many of them collapse down or come apart very easily. The one in this photo, for example, is my lovely white tiered stand. It unscrews via the silver pole running down the middle and comes apart/goes together very quickly. The pretty edging to the tiers make it a very aesthetic stand to use, and they also make nice plates too (providing you cover up the central hole with some food!)

Photo Credit: Image copyright of the author

Kaisercraft Beyond The Page MDF Tiered Cupcake Stand

Three Tier Cupcake or Cake Stand with Scalloped Edges

Ashdene Annie Bone China 13-Inch Height 3 Tier Cake Stand

3 Tier Footed Glass Cake Plate Stand Server

Connoisseurs of cupcake making will see that there are lots of nice options here - from pretty dots to modern chic, or even going as far as a wedding cake tier. If you make a lot of these cakes for parties, birthdays, BBQs or even everyday family consumption, it is nice to have some different ways to present them to your hungry crowd!

Talking Tables Birdcage 3-Tier Patisserie Cake Stand

Remember, beautiful cupcakes deserve beautiful presentation! I like this style of stand very much, particularly in pretty vintage designs, because it reminds me of a proper English High Tea, or those gorgeous tea shops that serve cream teas, Earl Grey and dainty cucumber sandwiches!

Amazing Tiered Cake Stands for your Cupcakes

Beautiful English Tiered Cake Stands (from the UK):

Utterly Scrumptious Fun 3 Tier Cakestand

Maxwell Williams White Basics Heart 3 Tier Cake Stand

Vintage Cream Design 3 Tier Cake Stand

Premier Houseware 2-Tier Porcelain Cake Stand

5 Tier Acrylic Cake Stand by Classikool®

Striking Cake Stands (from the US):


3. Use a Cupcake Stand

Despite adoring the tiered cake stand (and I think I always will, mainly for the tea shop resemblance!), I also love this newer idea of a dedicated cupcake stand!

Cupcake Stands on

Cupcake Stands on

These gorgeous stands are a work of art in themselves, and with cupcakes on, are pure masterpieces! The stands have individual holders to take each cupcake, and come in a vast range of sizes, catering for anything from a few homemade cupcakes for tea, to a huge party.

Wilton Cupcakes and More Dessert Stand

Wilton 38 Count Cupcake Stand

Good Cook 4319 Collapsible Plastic Cupcake Stacker

Wilton 24-Count Mini Cupcakes N More Stand


Wilton 19 Count Standard Cupcake Dessert Stand

Personally, I prefer the wire stands as I think they look very chic, and make a wonderful centrepiece for a table. But the other designs are equally show-stopping, although of course, the display is only as good as your cupcakes!!

That said, I think these lovely stands would make a marvelous show of even the gloopiest cupcakes, don't you?

Wilton 18 Cup Cupcakes and More Dessert Stand

Wilton Cupcakes 'N More Dessert Stand




These stands are PERFECT for parties, and will certainly have your guests impressed with both your culinary skills AND your presentation skills!

4. Use a Flat Pack Tiered Cupcake Stand

Back to tiered cupcake stands again - this time the card, flat-packed variety. These are great if you want a selection of affordable stands, or you don't have much storage room, or you want a display to travel around with for food fairs and so on.

The stands are made of card or board and slot together quickly and easily. You can buy some very pretty gingham stands in pink and blue HERE.

White Cupcake Stand, 8.5" x 12.5" x 14.5"

Gold Cupcake Stand, 8.5" x 12.5" x 14.5"

Silver Cupcake Stand, 8.5" x 12.5" x 14.5"

5. Use a Themed Cupcake Stand

Perfect for Kids Parties!

For kids parties, birthdays, holidays and other celebrations, these themed cupcake stands are a brilliant idea! There is something for everyone here, from fairies to sport, Halloween to Christmas. There's even a stand for graduation cupcakes!