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Great Smoked Salmon Recipes

Giovanna's dad was a brilliant Italian chef. As a result, Giovanna has a great interest in cooking delicious and nutritious food.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon

Lunch with Style - Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs and More!

Below are some great smoked salmon recipes.

The first one is my favorite lunch: smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. It is such a special dish that it is known as the 'Bride's Breakfast', and it should be eaten by the bride before she sets off to the ceremony, washed down with a glass of champagne to calm her nerves!

I ate it for my wedding day breakfast and now I make it when we have a special day in my household.

The simplicity of this recipe really does make it a superb dish to prepare for a special lunch.

Below I show you how I make really delicious scrambled eggs. My father was a great chef and he taught me his way. I am the scrambled egg expert in my house. ( I make a great omelet too but that's for another day).

I shall add other recipes as I go along so do bookmark this page.

Scroll down to find them. I hope you enjoy this page and that you enjoy trying this very special lunch.

Please do leave a comment I would love to hear your views on this recipe.

Mmmmmmm Mouthwatering!

Smoked Slamon

Smoked Slamon

The Salmon

The smoked salmon is the most expensive part of this dish. If you are lucky enough to be able to buy it made from wild salmon then it's always worth the extra cost because of its extraordinarily wonderful flavor.

Smoked salmon has a rather strong tasting and salty taste, with a light smokey flavor. It is a delicacy.

In the UK it is traditionally eaten in finger sandwiches and served at tea time in places like the Ritz and Savoy hotels. So if you have never tried it, remember it comes very highly recommended.

However, I have found that my supermarket sells chopped scraps of smoked salmon for cooking, which are just as tasty as the fillet at a fraction of the cost. I use these to make salmon and scrambled eggs sandwiches, and this way we can eat our fill without breaking the bank!

Smoked salmon is typically a fillet of fish that has been cured with in a smokehouse. It should be thinly sliced, but you can buy thicker cuts too, which are called Lox. This is the delicious salmon you find served in cream cheese bagels.

The Jewish community that brought smoked salmon to London early in the 19th century, and the east end of London still has some smokehouses and leading chefs buy their smoked salmon from there because of it's high quality.

The fish itself comes from Scotland or Alaska.

Scotland is famous for producing the greatest salmon in the world.

Preservative Free Delicious Smoked Salmon - Fascinating

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Always Wash Your Eggs - and wash your hands after handling them

Eggs in a basket

Eggs in a basket

How I Scramble my Eggs

A Recipe for 4 people

Scrambled eggs should be light, airy, creamy, and delicious.The texture of the scrambled eggs must be just right. They must not be rubbery, dry or too runny. So timing is essential.

They must be served immediately - you cannot re heat them or leave them to simmer.

ALWAYS wash your eggs before breaking them and then wash your hands after handling them. I make a point of washing my eggs when I get home from the store before I put them in my fridge.

Make sure your eggs aren't too cold. Warm them a little in warm water if they're straight out of the fridge, because that will speed up the cooking process.

Instructions : 8 medium/large eggs

  • Break the eggs into a bowl and add a small pinch of salt for each person. You must put salt into the cooking process or the eggs will not taste right.
  • Lightly beat the eggs, not too much, just enough to combine the yolks and whites a bit, the scrambles eggs should have white and yellow bits in them when cooked.
  • Melt 1 tbsp of butter into a medium sized saucepan. Add half a cup of milk ( or if you are feeling really cheeky then add double cream!) and heat through.
  • When the butter has melted pour in the eggs mixture. You can use a nonstick frying pan but I prefer a saucepan!
  • It is very important that you turn down the heat. Although it doesn't take long you need to be patient because the eggs will burn if the heat is too high.
  • Use a spoon to loosen the egg as it starts to harden and stick to the sides and bottom of the saucepan. The idea is to gently scrape the egg to stop it sticking to the pan, keep stirring and scooping the egg away from the sides and bottom of the pan.
  • Be gentle, do not mix the eggs as they harden just fold them. It will take about 10 minutes, so make sure your toast is ready, your tea is made, and all hungry hands are washed!
  • Serve them up as soon as the consistency starts to thicken but is still quite creamy, remember the eggs will continue to cook after you have taken the saucepan from the heat, so don't overcook them, they will be ruined if you do. They should be quite runny at this stage.

An example of a restaurant in London's East End who serve up this dish every day. - In the middle of the video you will see salmon being smoked, and then scramb


Preparing the Dish

There are several ways of serving this delicious dish.

You could put the eggs on buttered toast and lay the smoked salmon over the top.

Or you could put the eggs directly on your plate, sprinkle some chives on top and arrange the fish on the side.

You could make a sandwich with a closed top using something like a muffin.

Or you could make a wrap, using unleavened bread. It's really up to you how you serve it.

I usually put it on hot buttered toast made with brown bread and I arrange the salmon on the top, because I like it to pick up the heat of the eggs.I garnish it with a slice of lemon, which goes very well with both the egg and the fish.

There are many other garnishes you can use, like mayonnaise, dill, pickled gherkins, tartar sauce, that will enhance the dish beautifully, again that's entirely up to you.

I serve mine with a cup of tea. Heavenly! Or a sparkling glass of crisp dry Prosecco or white wine.

Smoke Your Own! - What a fabulous thing to do

Here's something I'd love to get into - smoking your own salmon sounds very romantic to me. I have been told that this is a fabulous smoker, so I have included it in this page. It is a very easy to use hot smoker. It's for lazy people who have better things to do! It is fueled with wood pellets which you will need to buy because it does not come with any.You can do other things with it too like BBQ. It is self-contained, clean-burning digital smoker, which is easy to use.

Kosher Salt is Best for Smoking Salmon

Use kosher salt - you can get this at the supermarket. Ordinary salt will make your salmon taste odd because it has iodine and other things in it.

Is smoked salmon good for you and what about eggs?

The question on whether smoked salmon is good for you or not seems to be based on how much you eat. It is preserved and has a lot of salt, so it should not be consumed as part of your everyday diet.

However, it has a lot of minerals and nutrients and is rich in omega-3, which is extremely good for your health. So, as with everything to do with food, variety is the spice of life.

As for eggs I have researched whether they are good for you or not, and I think the advice seems to be that if you are in a vulnerable group like an elderly person or a young child, then your eggs should be well cooked, to avoid salmonella poisoning.

When I was young the ads used to say "Go to work on an Egg", and you'd see a happy healthy family sitting round a table tucking into soft boiled eggs before they set off to work and school. Then things changed and eggs became contaminated with salmonella, so we were no longer allowed to eat them undercooked, so soft boiled eggs were out, along with homemade mayonnaise and chocolate mouse!

Then things changed again, and the egg got more bad press, it was thought that they gave you too much bad cholesterol which leads to heart disease. People therefore cut down on their consumption of eggs once again.

Most recently the view is that eggs are in fact very good for you and are a very economical way of ensuring that you stay healthy.

However a great deal of care should be taken when storing them and when handling them because they can contaminate other foods in the fridge and on work surfaces for instance. Below are articles about these topics that go into far more details and that are written by experts.

Salmon Recipe Books - Great Gift Idea!

There are three people in my family, which means 3 birthdays, a wedding anniversary, Christmas morning, Easter Sunday, the list does go on - so we actually eat this delightful lunch quite often during the year. But sometimes I make it just because we fancy it!

It really is one of the most delicious breakfasts or lunches around, and it is extremely good for you too. Oily fish is full of goodness and eggs are nutritious too.

My husband is Scottish, so he knows a lot about salmon, and he loves it smoked.

Here's a book that's full of delicious recipes for smoked salmon. If you're looking for a particular one however, just click on the image and you'll be taken straight to

© 2013 Giovanna

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Looks very delicious!

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When we visit a small town near us, we usually stop at a small cafe for a snack. My favourite dish there is Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, served with lightly cooked spinach - can't resist it!

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A wonderful memory, the plate of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs I had at a little tea shop near Highclere Castle. Smoked salmon is delicious indeed.

Giovanna (author) from UK on August 29, 2013:

@Old Navy Guy: Wow! That's amazing. I'd love to come over to taste it - London's a bit too far I'm afraid. enjoy your wonderful smoked salmon. Thanks for your visit and great comment.

Old Navy Guy on July 30, 2013:

I love smoked salmon. I only smoke fresh salmon that I have caught myself (Pacific Northwest) and I use Applewood chips for the smoke along with some butter, garlic, lemon and a nice salmon rub. Thanks for a fun read today and congratulations on winning the Purple Star Award.

Giovanna (author) from UK on April 11, 2013:

@LadyDuck: Oh yes that's so good for you! Try it with scrambled eggs - it really is yummy. Thanks for your visit and for leaving a comment.

LadyDuck on April 11, 2013:

I love smoked salmon and I serve it at least once per week, usually I prepare blinis or toasted bread to serve with the salmon.

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