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Fix Most Problems Without Service Bunn O Matic Coffee


Introduction to Bunn O Matic Repairs You Can Do Yourself

There is no better way to fix your Bunn O Matic coffee brewer than by calling a qualified technician. These technicians are specially trained to troubleshoot this type of equipment and can do the safest, cleanest and most efficient repair job.

That said, not every service call requires a trained repairman to come out and service your Bunn equipment. We use Bunn equipment professionally at our workplace and there are certain issues you can fix without any help at all.

This post will help you figure out the minor repairs that you can do on your own. As always, I highly suggest calling a service tech if there is something you are not sure about. I am not a qualified Bunn O Matic service person. I know some of these quick fixes just from being around them for years.

Type of Bunn Equipment We Are Talking About

This post might not work for all Bunn equipment. These trouble shooting measures will likely work for Bunn Units, with heated pots, that have water fed right from your plumbing. Some models this may work for are Bunn C, single CWF, CWT,CWFT,Single CW,CWF,CT and C and possibly others.

If You Don't Know How To Brew A Pot Of Coffee on Bunn System

Making up a new pot of coffee, especially on the direct water fed system (direct feed is where the water comes out from your pipes rather than you pouring into machine) may seem complicated at first but it is pretty easy to do. It really is just a matter of turning on the burner, putting an empty pot under the funnel and turning the water on.

I remember when I first learned to do this I was surprised at how noisy this was to make a pot but the noise only a few seconds and not much louder than the pot you use at home. It's just the water running over the hot heating element inside the machine ensuring you get a hot pot.

I wrote an article on making coffee on your Bunn and linked it below.

Making Coffee In Bunn Coffee Maker

The article linked below is an easy to follow step by step guide on making coffee in your Bunn o Matic. Please click the link below.

Great Coffee You Can Order From Home

More great Bunn tips below.... if you want to take a break for a moment and check out some great coffee that you can order without leaving your home please take a look at the images below. Not seeing a coffee want to try? Click on any product and you'll be taken to Amazon's secure site where more great coffees and coffee products are available.

Coffee is Flooding Over Bunn Pot Or Coffee too Weak

If you coffee is too weak, you might not be using the recommended amount of beans. I typically use 1.75 ounces for 10 cup pot but your system might require more or less depending on how big of a pot you are brewing. If you are using the right amount of beans, the pot might be receiving too much water.

If your coffee pot is filling up with too much coffee or even flooding over you really just need to adjust the water settings. If you are simply pouring water in the top of your Bunn machine, you only need to be careful how much you are using. If your water comes out automatically and is flooding over, it is possible for you to correct this by adjusting the timing on the machine.

I wrote an article on how to adjust the length of time that water pours out of your Bunn O Matic unit and linked it below

Adjusting Water Timer So Floods and Too Strong Coffee Will Not Happen

The article linked below will tell you how to make the right adjustments so just enough coffee comes out of your Bunn unit. Easy to follow step by step guide

Coffee Is Not Making Enough Cups in The Pitcher

If you have a 10 cup pot, just for example, and your coffee is only filling up to say 5 pots (again just an example) your brewer obviously is not making enough cups of coffee in the pitcher.

Just like what I described when the coffee spills over, the short fill up is because you need to adjust the timing off the water on the Bunn System. Click the link I gave you above (where you fix the flooding) to learn how to get more coffee to come out. I also linked again below.

Coffee Pot Not Filling All The Way... How to Fix

I wrote a step by step article on how to fix your coffee maker when the pot is not filling up all the way. Please click the link below to learn more.

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More Delicious Coffee Varieties

Fill up that Bunn coffee maker with some new coffees you might not have tasted before. Take a break from Bunn troubleshooting for a minute and check out some great coffee beans below. If you don't see a coffee that turns you on, click any products below and you'll see a much larger selection on Amazon.

Water Is Shooting Out Top Side of My Bunn System

If you have a 10 cup pot, just for example, and your coffee is only filling up to say 5 pots (again just an example) your brewer obviously is not making enough cups of coffee in the pitcher.

Just like what I described when the coffee spills over, the short fill up is because you need to adjust the timing off the water on the Bunn System. Click the link I gave you above (where you fix the flooding) to learn how to get more coffee to come out

Water Is Shooting Out Top Side of My Bunn System

OK, this one you really need to contact a Bunn Service technician. They can open the unit and fix it best for you. HOWEVER, if you really want to try this and understand that I might not know what I’m talking about (don’t blame me for the damage) I have fixed this issue before.

This won’t work for all units and for all water-shooting-out-top problems but this one worked for me.

Remove the very top off the Bunn unit.

Look for the tiny (I’d say ¼” or less wide) hose. This hose is where the water comes out.

If the hose is angled upward far enough, when the water comes out it will shoot across the top of the water in the tank and shoot out the side.

Gently, turn the hose downward being careful not to break it. Turn it downward so that the hose will release water completely below the pool of water instead of skimming the top.

Close the top and try again

If you aren’t sure what you are doing when you remove the top, I suggest calling a repairman.

If you don’t understand steps 3 and 4, think of it like using a hose in a swimming pool. If spray the hose on an angle at the top of the pool’s water line, some water will go into the pool and some will shoot off to the side (this is much like the problem you COULD be having). If you put the hose directly under the water and let water out, the water will keep filling the pool without spraying off the top and over the side. Try to get your Bunn hose positioned so that the water fills below the water line as it fills.

Coffee Poll

My Bunn O Matic Is Not Piped In So I Want to Add My Own Water – How?

If you are using a Bunn O Matic that is not plumbed in (ie water will automatically come out of equipment when you press the button but you don’t have it connected to piping), you can still make coffee. I wrote an article on using the feature that allows you to add your own water


No Coffee Is Coming Out of My Bunn Machine

If you have a direct water feed (water comes out automatically without you having to pour into the machine) the issue might simply be that you just installed the equipment and you need to give the reservoir time to fill up automatically with water from your plumbing. Make sure your valve is open and give it a minute to fill up then see what happens.

This problem I find happens more often when people are using a pour-over machine. If you pour a pot of water into the pour over screen at the top of the machine, you very well might not be getting coffee out when you go to make a pot. The way to troubleshoot this issue is an easy fix.

The way to fix the Bunn O Matic when no coffee is coming out is to click my link below and see if that fix works. If this is your problem, you won't need to call for repairs.

If these solutions don't work, you likely have a bigger problem or at least an easy fix I don't know about, so get professional help.

What Might Be Wrong if Coffee is Not Coming Out

If you'd like, please check out the article I have linked below. It will review the problem you are having and the easiest resolution to try so that your machine starts pumping out coffee again. If this doesn't work, you likely have a problem that I have no idea how to repair :-)

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Thanks for Taking a Peek At These Do It Yourself Solutions

Thanks for reading this article on fixing your Bunn coffee system. I hope it helped. It's a pain sending a unit away for repairs, waiting for a service person to visit your home or going out and buying a new Bunn system. I'm hoping that these do it yourself solution help you to fix your problem without the need for service.

As mentioned before, don't attempt anything too complicated without professional help. Taking apart your Bunn system could cause worse damage, get your burned, make a mess, cause an electric shock or any other array of issues if you are not properly trained. I'm not a Bunn technician, I'm just sharing a few fix-it tips you can do on your own.

Thanks again! Please read some of my other posts.

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