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10 Different Types of Mouth Watering Kebabs and Their Recipes

I am a foodie who loves to test out new cuisine whenever I can. My taste buds tend to lean more towards spicy, rich flavors.

What are Kebabs?

Kebab (also known as kebap, kabab, kebob, kabob, kibob, kebhav, kephav, qabab) is one of my favorite dishes. I generally prefer to have them with Arabic bread but at times I eat them with chappatis and rice too.

Kebab is a meat dish that originated in Persia and now is famous all over the world. There are many varieties of kebabs available. Kebab in Persian means ‘fried meat’.

This page is all about different variants of kebabs plus helpful videos and recipes on how you can make them at home. Enjoy!

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1. Shish Kebab

One of the most popular and delicious kebabs. These are grilled on skewers. Shish means ‘skewer’ in Turkish whereas 'kebab' means meat. Shish kebabs make a tasty side dish and it's no wonder that these are perhaps or arguably the most popular of all kebabs. Steamed vegetables and salads go well with these varieties and the uncooked skewered version can be stored for 2 days before cooking is required. You can get some cooking tips for sheesh kebabs at

How To Make Sheesh Kebab - Simple and Easy recipes

Homemade Shish Kebab Recipe

2. Doner Kebab

This means ‘rotating kebab’ and is named so because it’s made on a vertical rotating spit. Shawarmas are made using doner kebabs and are a popular type of fast food for elders and youngsters alike worldwide. The meat of choice for making doner kebabs is lamb.

Needless to say, doner kebabs are delicious since it is cooked slowly allowing time for the meat juice to spread its flavor. Some people like to drink 'Raki' - an alcoholic beverage - while having doner kebabs.

How To Make Doner Kebabs - Easy and Simple Recipes

Slicing a Doner Kebab

Slicing a Doner Kebab

How To Make Doner Kebab

3. Kathi Kebab

This version of a kebab is made using a tandoor and is perhaps the most popular Indian dish made using tandoor after the tandoori chicken. It originated as cuisine for people who were well off but then quickly became popular with everyone as a quick, easy and wholesome snack.

How to Make Kathi Kebabs - Simple and Easy Recipes

  • Indobase Recipe - You can try this kathi kebab recipe out with just a few basic ingredients.
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How To Make Kathi Kebab

4. Kakori Kebab

This kebab is named after a place in India - Kakori - located in Uttar Pradesh which is renowned for its wealth of experienced chefs. This kebab delight is made of minced meat and cooked using a skewer. It is part of the all famous Awadhi cuisine and is popularly eaten with roti or Indian bread.

How To Make Kakori Kebab Video

5. Chapli Kebab

This minced meat version is really popular in Pakistan. It is also called chappal kebab and is a patty that is usually made using beef.

How To Make Chapli/Chappal Kebabs - Simple and Easy Recipes

  • Scrambled Chefs Recipe - This recipe for Spicy Indian Chapli Kebabs has been given a high rating by readers/viewers.
  • GroupRecipes - Another really good recipe for Chappal Kebabs.

Pakistani Mutton Chappal/Chapli Kebab Recipe

6. Burrah/Barrah Kebab

The Burrah kebab is made of spices and beef. Particularly popular in the South of Asia, it is part of the Mughlai cuisine. Burrah kebabs include larger pieces of meat and people enjoy them as part of a big heavy meal. I'm a huge fan of Mughlai cuisine and even though I haven't tried this version yet, I can't just wait to!

How To Make Burrah/Barrah Kebabs - Simple and Easy Recipes

Mutton Burra Kebab Recipe

7. Kalmi Kebab

An Indian favorite where chicken drumsticks are cooked in a tandoor and the yogurt used for marinating is mixed with several spices to give it a unique flavor. Yogurt is used to give the chicken a tenderness and a distinguished flavor which is what sets this kebab apart from its counterparts.

No Oven, Easy To Make Kalmi Kebab Recipe

8. Galouti

Part of the Awadhi food tradition. This is a spicy delicious kebab which is popular in Lucknow, India. This is eaten along with coriander chutney -- a yummy combination which you've to try out!

How To Make Galouti Kebab - Simple and Easy Recipes

How To Make Galouti Kebab

9. Chelow Kebab

This is the national food of Iran which is basic yet delicious. Chelow kebabs are popularly served with buttered rice and tomatoes. The preferred drink is doogh - a yogurt drink - which is taken along with chelow kebabs.

How To Make Chelow Kebab - Simple and Easy Recipes

How to Make Chelo Kebabs

10. Testi Kebab

A tasty (pun intended) kebab which is served in a pot (testi means jug). Dough or foil is used to cover the pot and this is broken while eating.

How To Make Testi Kebabs - Simple and Easy Recipes

  • Testi Kebab Recipe - Learn how to make testi kebabs using this simple easy-to-follow recipe.

How To Make Turkish Testi Kebab

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