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Delicious Recipes by Delia Smith

Giovanna's dad was a brilliant Italian chef. As a result, Giovanna has a great interest in cooking delicious and nutritious food.


Delia Smith Recipes

I have been an avid fan of Delia Smith for years. Below is a link to a newer edition of a great cookbook my father, who was a professional chef, bought me years ago. He assured me that it would help me through many cooking ordeals. The book was called: Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course.

My dad told me it would help me around the kitchen and he was right! He often watched her BBC cookery course program and really liked the way she kept things uncomplicated with excellent results.

Delia Smith writes in the introduction of her earlier book that she aims to explain the basic skills of cookery, not to professionals, but to ordinary men and women in order to,

'stand them in good stead for a lifetime of family meals, entertaining and personal pleasure.'

That's exactly why I love this book. It is so user friendly.

Here's What my old Copy Looks Like - Well Used!

My old copy

My old copy

Delia Smith explains everything clearly and describes the sometime dire consequences of taking any sort of shortcut!

She tells us that 'cooking need not be difficult, and that in fact it can be a lot of fun,' and goes on to say, 'the more one cooks the more one learns.' That must be a metaphor for life!

Delia is a great teacher. It's just like having her standing next to you in your kitchen.

The last thing I made was her scrumptious apple crumble, which was absolutely exquisite and so simple to make from scratch! I have learned to make many dishes such as the perfect roast beef, jam, and even ice cream all from this one book.

It is very comprehensive. The book starts with advice of what equipment you’ll need for a well stocked kitchen, and then moves on to eggs, bread, pates, soups, meat, fish, offal, vegetables, and lots more it moves onto deserts, biscuits, pastry, cakes and even has a section about leftovers.

I am now using this newer edition and I am very happy to have it because you should see the state of my original! It is literally falling apart and suffering from overuse. I shall always keep it because it has great sentimental value, but I needed a new copy because I seem to have lost most of the section on Sauces - not sure how!

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Here's a flavor of what Delia is all about; hard at work teaching.

Who is Delia Smith?

For those of you who don’t know who Delia Smith is. She is an English cook and TV presenter and is the UK’s best-selling cookery author. She has received both an OBE and a CBE in recognition of her contribution television.

Delia Smith was born in England in 1941. At the age of 21 she began to work her way up to fame as she began cooking for a living. Her cooking career in the media took off when she got a job preparing food to be photographed in studios for magazines and adverts.

As a young girl Delia Smith had no idea that she would become a cook, let alone a famous one. She left school with no qualifications and tried various jobs such as hairdressing and shop work and, after being complimented for her cooking by a boyfriend, she got herself a job in a small restaurant in London. She started by doing the washing up, moved on to waiting tables, and then she began to cook. At the same time, she regularly visited the Reading Room at the British Museum and studied famous cookery books and recipes. She experimented with recipes and learned many tricks of the trade.

By the 1980s she was a famous celebrity appearing on the BBC where she had her own cookery course.

This cake was baked by Delia Smith!

This cake was baked by Delia Smith!

Here's a recipe you might like to try out: How to make French Onion Soup a delicious recipe!

Thanks very much indeed for your visit. Do you like Delia Smith's Cooking? Is she popular in the USA? Please leave a comment.

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Giovanna (author) from UK on June 04, 2014:

@Merrci: Hi Merry - did you watch the video - it is very British and so dated! Fascinating really, her food is so delicious. She's infamous in this neck of the woods. Thanks so much for your visit.

Merry Citarella from Oregon's Southern Coast on June 04, 2014:

Enjoyed your review! I haven't heard of her, but that doesn't mean much. She may be quite popular here too. The book sounds fantastic!

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