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Best Crispy Pork Belly Recipe

Crispy Pork Belly Recipe

Crispy Pork Belly Recipe

Crispy Pork Belly Recipe

Crispy Pork Belly Recipe

Ok so I am going to break this recipe down in two parts first I will explane the cooking of the pork belly, This can be done in advance even a few days before you need it,

Also if you cook a whole pork belly you can freeze it in portions to use at a later date,

The cooking of the belly pork

Here are the ingredients you will need.

1 belly of pork (not rolled)

2 apples (cooking or eating)

1 lge onion optional

300 ml cider optional

1 tbsp of table salt

Large deep tray that fits in your oven,

Grease proof paper, and foil

1, Its best if you can to ask your butcher to do this part, I hate doing it, but you need to cut the nipples off the belly pork (if they are still left on), I know, I don't like doing it either. Also you need to burn off any hairs from the skin, if there is any left on there. We use a blow torch in the restaurant kitchen, but it can easily be done with a match or lighter. I don't particularly like the smell of this either. These are not essential to cooking the dish, but it just helps to make the belly pork look better when cooked.

2, Cut the apples in to roughly 8 pieces, leaving the skin on and core-pips in, as these all add to the flavor. Do the same with the onion and leave the skin on if not too dirty. Put them all in the large tray and pour the cider in. You can throw in chopped carrots, celery ect too if you have them handy.

3, Now you need to score the skin of the pork belly. Use a sharp knife do a few scores in different directions. Next you need to rub salt into the skin where you have made the cuts, NOT on the meat side,

4, Next place the pork belly on top of the apple and onion base and pour some water in to the tray. You want a good pint or two in there, although you do not want to cover the belly pork, the liquid should come about halfway up the pork.

5, Now cover your pork with the grease proof paper first, to prevent the tin foil from sticking to the pork skin when cooking, and then cover the whole tray over with foil so that it is sealed.

6, Now we are ready to put it in the oven. You want a low oven of about 340/350 f" (180 c, gas 4). Be careful not to spill the liquid when putting the dish in the oven. Now leave it in for 4/5 hours. Check it every now and then to make sure that there is still liquid left in the bottom, if not then just top it up again.

7, Your pork will be tender when it is cooked. The best way to tell whether it's cooked is to try to pull a piece of with a fork. When it's ready you need to turn your oven up full, take the foil off and cook for about 15 mins more. The skin will start to crackle up. It might not need that long - DON'T BURN IT - however it might need a little longer, so you will have to keep an eye on it, AND MAKE SURE THERE IS STILL LIQUID IN TRAY.

8, Now take your belly pork out and drain the liquid off in to a pot. RESERVE THIS LIQUID STOCK AS YOU WILL BE USING IT FOR YOUR SAUCE. Leave the belly of pork to cool.

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Now Too Finish your Crispy Pork Belly

Bellow is the finale steps to finish off the best pork belly recipe.

A cooked Crispy pork belly

Crispy Pork Belly Recipe

Crispy Pork Belly Recipe


  • Mash potato (enough for your amount of guests)
  • A pinch of fresh or dried sage
  • Instant gravy granules or freash stock
  • 2 dessert spoons of apple sauce, Or 2 Fresh apples diced
  • 1 dessert spoons of white sugar
  • The reserved liquid/stock from cooking the belly pork

Crispy Pork Belly Recipe Rating

Now To Cook The Rest Of Your Crispy Pork Belly Dish

  1. You will need the stock that you put aside when you cooked the belly pork. It might have a lot of fat floating on the top, so skim some of it off. You don't want too much but leave a little for flavor. Now put the stock in a pan on a high heat and bring to the boil. If it looks like there is not enough add a bit more cider or some water.
  2. Add about 2 spoons of sugar and your sage. Boil for a minute or two and then add some gravy granules to thicken the liquid to a constancy similar to pouring cream. Turn the heat down and now your sauce is ready to serve.
  3. Cut your pork belly in to the portion size that you want to serve. I would say 2 inches by 6 inches, but depends on the thickness and the size of the portion may need making a little bigger or smaller. You also have to cut the skin/crackling off, leaving a very thin layer of fat on the skin side. Try to keep it in one piece, it will look better. Scrape the gooey fat off from underneath the crackling if you like your crackling crispy.
  4. Cut the belly pork portion in two using a diagonal cut. Now put the pieces of pork on a flat tray with the skin/crackling also on the tray to the side of the pork, and put it all into a hot oven for about 10/15 mins.
  5. Your mash potato needs to be piping hot when you serve your dish. Try adding 2/3 spoonfuls of apple sauce to the mash for something different. Try it to see if it tastes good but dont eat it all!
  6. Ok now we are ready to plate up your dish. Start by putting the mash on the plate just off to one side. Now get the belly pork out of oven and place one piece on the mash to give height and the other leaning up against it (see picture).
  7. Now pour your sauce over the top of the food and around the plate. You can then place a little bunch of rocket on top to make it look professional, and then add the lovely crispy crackling.
  8. Eat and enjoy. Watch your teeth on that cackling!

Cook Time

Prep timeCook timeReady inYields

3 hours

15 min

3 hours 15 min


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leah on March 22, 2014:

Great recipe thanks charlie

Brenda from Springfield, MO on June 22, 2013:

I grew up on pork belly, and this recipe looks really good. Thanks for sharing it.

Charlie Cheesman (author) from England on May 20, 2013:

Fulloflovesites thank you, i appreciate that thanks

FullOfLoveSites from United States on May 19, 2013:

This is really good. Thanks for your technique on how to really make a crackling, crispy flavorful pork belly. Up and useful. I'm following you as well for your other recipes. :)

Charlie Cheesman (author) from England on May 02, 2013:

Thank you Xmags. Yes it's got loads of flavour in pork belly. I also cook the pork belly and when I cut it up and there are some bits left over I deep fry the bits and we eat them as snacks., and there good.

Xeng from Philippines on May 02, 2013:

What an interesting way to cook pork belly! We also have lechon kawali (pan-roast pork belly) but it's cooked by simply deep frying with no other sauces. I bet your recipe will pack the belly with all the right flavors. Can't wait to try it out. Voted up and sharing. :)

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