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N.Srikanth is a Lecturer,Pastry & Bakery and Advance European Confectionery working at Culinary Academy Of india.

What is a Confectionery?-- Confectionery is one of the key sections in Pastry & Bakery kitchen or commonly known as Patisserie which is responsible to create different confections which are usually products created from sugar and similar ingredients. Cakes, gateaux, Pastries, Candies, Desserts and handmade or moulded Chocolates are some of the products that are manufactured by this section.

Noughatine show piece

Noughatine show piece

Who is a Confectionery Artist? -- The person / designation / chef who is responsible to produce such confectionery treats is generally termed as a Confectioner. European confectionery has seen a drastic growth all over the world in recent years and it soon turned into a huge industry. With the New generation of Chefs and lot of people investing into this sector the Confectionery products have taken a huge transformation. All confectionery treats involve lot of intricate work and only highly skilled personnel who possess artistic talent are suitable to produce such goodies and in this modern era such professional is designated as Confectionery Artist.

Duties & Responsibilities: A Confectionery Artist plays key role in modern Pastry kitchens and also comes with special & specific duties. Apart from the general duties he / She is responsible for

  • To prepare customized cakes according to the customer choice which are artistic and elegant.
  • To produce different chocolate and sugar confectioneries, petit fours with high quality finish.
  • To glaze or decorate mousse cakes or layered cakes with an innovative approach.
  • To create elaborate display or themed showpieces using confectionery mediums like Chocolate, Pastillage, Sugar and others that can be used to enhance the Pastry Buffet and for special events. To be a part in the production of other confectionery products.

Skills & Knowledge: Being or to become a Confectionery artist itself is a challenging affair as it demands high professional skills both practically and theoretically as it involves lot of creativity and a wide range of confectionery products to prepare.

  • The most important skill is to possess artistic talent and gastronomic flair. Should also have some basic Math & engineering skills. Thorough knowledge of working with high quality ingredients and effective usage of specialist tools and equipments.

Skill in appreciating the role of different ingredients used in making products and using them to high levels of creativity .

  • and not loosing their originality in terms of taste, flavor and textures. A profound knowledge on food hygiene, health and safety.
  • Familiarity with basic mixing methods & measuring the right quantities alongside variations in palates and preferences.
  • In depth experience of working with different confectionery mediums like Chocolate, Sugar, Marzipan, pastillage and other rolled icings. Steady Hands & attention to detail are also some of the key skills required.
  • Any completed product of a Confectionery artist should showcase their craftsmanship & creativity.


Challenges In India: In recent years there was a huge growth of pastry & confectionery products market in India. This also created demand for those professionals who are well versed with the skills required to produce the confectionery treats. The Confectionery business in India has established well and there is still a potential growth, but can’t be compared with the European & Western market. From the point of view of a Confectionery Artist in India there are enough challenges that we come across.

  • The Confectionery products are native to European & Western cuisines which makes it difficult as there are high chances of losing their originality when produced in India. High quality and innovative ingredients availability in India is still a challenge and we end up importing them at huge costs.
  • The weather conditions in India are not such favourable to create high quality confectionery treats which troubles the confectionery artist. Humid weather conditions and the general body temperature in Indians is comparatively little higher than Europeans are other aspects which can adversely effect the product quality.
    • Special tools make a huge difference in the appearance of a confectionery product which requires thorough knowledge of how to use them and tools come at high costs.
    • As the confectionery skills are not native to India it takes longer time for one to become highly skilled in this profession.

Meeting the Indian customer demand is quiet challenging as their palate differs from the western side of the world. There are huge quality variations of Confectionery products in Indian market which leads to

  • a mixed and sometimes a unhealthy review about a highly finished product also.
  • Its hard to find the right training facility in India which can develop the required skill of a confectionery artist into an individual and if found it incurs lot of money.
  • Other challenges include changing trends in a faster pace which makes it tough to get upgraded and equipped with the same.

The innovative products come into limelight at a slower pace as majority of Indians have different choices of their sweet palate and they have their own preferred options.

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marzipan arts

marzipan arts

Being a Pastry professional and working with different product categories of this section I feel that Confectionery is not just only about a sweet treat but its an artistic and creative approach of a highly skilled professional to innovate an edible form of art and the Confectionery artist is the curator of it.

Its quiet challenging to become such artist with so many hurdles, but gives a great satisfaction when that mission accomplishes.

chef srikanth

chef srikanth

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Shiladitya Dutta on July 21, 2020:


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