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Common Drink About Tea

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Common Drink Tea

Tea is a common stimulant drink. It is the dried and processed leaf of the tea plant.

China was the first country to grow tea. At present it is grown in china, Japan, India, Ceylon.

Tea requires warm climate and moist soil. Tea-seeds are first sown in a nursery. Seedlings are then transplanted in rows in a vast area called tea garden. The plants are not allowed to grow beyond four to five feet. Leaves are plucked regular intervals generally three or four times a year. The plucked leaves are taken to the factory where they go through several processes to make tea.

The preparation of tea as a drink is quite simple. Some tea leaves are put in a pot of boiled water. When the water becomes reddish, the leaves are separated from the liquor. The liquor is then poured into cups. Some milk and sugar are then added to make it tasty.

Tea is a hot drink. Taking tea is a moderate quantity removes fatigue and sleepiness. Excessive drinking of tea is harmful to health. We earn much money by exporting it foreign countries.

As it is our cash crop, we should take care of its production.


HUMAIRA (author) from Bangladesh on October 03, 2020:

tea really good

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