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Coffee Ice Cream: Some Like It Cold

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Coffee is not my cup of tea

Unless it's cold and in a solid state. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am talking about ice cream. There is such a thing as iced coffee but that is just not the same as ice cream.Then again not much out there is.

There's frozen yogurt. And I have looked around a bit but yet I have not found frozen yogurt in a coffee variety. If you happen to know someone then feel free to drop a hint. I would love to try it.

The weird part of this whole thing is at work I am the one that makes the coffee and cleans up after it. And no, I don't drink it. So where am I going with this you are wondering... Well I will not be giving you the cold shoulder. But I will be directing you into the freezer as I like my coffee in the form of ice cream.

I Scream...

You Scream...

We All Scream...

For Ice Cream!!!

Some like it hot some like it cold - Which are you

I know some folks out there like it both ways. So choose the one you like best and voice your opinion.

How do you like your coffee?

Ben & Jerry's

There are several kinds that they have or have had that are coffee based. All are worth eating or in my case some are now missed. Its nice to find something that you like. With this you can find several things you like. Like five different kinds of ice cream made by the same company.

To this I say look around. See what you can find. In my case I have found a couple of local Ben & Jerry's local ice cream shops. I realize its not eating a while pint but it's a great place to take the wife on a hot date. Then again just knowing what kind of ice cream is her favorite is a bonus. In the good news she knows my favorite kind of ice cream.

Several of these images I have created. For those I didn't this is the link to where they are from. It is also the Ben & Jerry's web site - Ben & Jerry's

My Favoarite kind of Coffee Ice Cream - Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Ben & Jerry's please bring it back

On Friday August 2, 2013 I was in the store when what did I see? My favorite ice cream was back!!! The song - Oh Happy Day was playing in my head!

And now to share the song that was running through my head

Added July 1, 2016

Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip

The wife had fond this brand and said that there was no flavor of coffee. This is as she brought three containers home. Well guess what I found? That's right a flavor of coffee. I will be picking one up shortly and finishing this review.

First upon opening it the chocolate chips are more like little flakes. Lots of them. The first spoon full I was afraid that these chips would overpower the coffee flavor. Boy was I wrong. The coffee flavor was right there. It was not over powered by the chocolate chips. To be honest the flavors were of equal value. In facts the chips gave the texture a little pleasant crunch. I wish I didn't have to say this but I will have to force myself to to eat the whole thing in one sitting. I have not had this happen since the B&J flavor at the top of my list. Congrats this one is number two on my list.

Surprised Me: This is Gluten Free & Vegetarian based along with several of their other products!

An easy way to pull up their web site.

Edy's Web Site

Edy's Web Site

Edy's Ice Cream

In this image you will see the 1/2 the fat. To be honest you do not loose anything in the taste. And to prove it I rationed my consumption over a few days. Sometimes eating after a meal other times just some when I got home. Other times first thing in the morning even before brushing my teeth. The flavor is still there and worth waiting for. Or not. Depending on how much you want at the time.

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To see their web site and where I got this image from please use this link to investigate further... Edy's

Added May 21, 2015


Edy's Grand Ice Cream, Latte Love Espresso Chip

Well once again I was looking at the ice cream that was on sale. And once again there was something that looked different and new to me. So I picked it up and read. coffee ice cream. Into the cart it went. I let it stay in the freezer for one whole day before opening it up and trying it.

What do you know this may be my number two choice. Why you ask? because with a slight variance in flavor it is close to my # 1 choice. And that is the Ben & Jerry's Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz. The chips have the same taste to me.

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream

Häagen-Dazs Coffee

Oh poor me I had to go and get another pint of ice cream to make sure that this reviews done correct. Yes it tastes like coffee. and yes it was worth me having to travel out of my nice worm house in the cold and cruel month of January. I am pretty sure those ice cream lovers out there might just agree with me on this one.

Once again I hit their web site to get this image. To check it out use this link. Once you are there select Taste and then Ice Cream. There will be a whole list of their flavors of ice cream in alphabetical order. Just click on the one you want to learn more about. Hint Hint go for the Coffee flavor. Gee did I say that... Häagen-Dazs

Added June 24, 2017


Häagen-Dazs Sweet Cream Coffee Caramel

The first taste I had included caramel. This overpowered any other taste. I was not able to taste the coffee part or the sweet cream. It seamed every spoonful that I had the coffee was always outdone by the caramel.

The title says sweet cream being the first flavor. They aren't kidding. This too out does the flavor of coffee.

So when did I get the coffee flavor? It turned out to be an after taste. While I was typing it suddenly was there. And I am sorry to say it was a rather watered down coffee flavor.

At this point I will not be purchasing this one again.

Added June 30, 2017


häagen-dazs trio crispy belgian chocolate Coffee & Vanilla Ice Cream

Or is it Coffee Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream. I should have been a bit suspicious looking at the labels that do not match. Is coffee first, second or third on the list? Well to remove the suspense the answer is third of the three. It sort of got my hopes up when I opened the container and actually smelled coffee. But that is where it ended. Like the prior Häagen-Dazs flavor the coffee was sadly missing from this product. The other two flavors stood out but they over powered the third. Even taking very small tastes the coffee did not come forth.
This is another container of ice cream that I will not be getting again.
In fact to make myself feel better I went back to the store. Picket up a pint of Talenti Coffee Chocolate Chip to make myself feel better. To add to the condolences the Talenti was also on sale.

Starbucks Ice Cream

Starbucks Ice Cream


First I know that there a lot of Starbucks out there. The scene from Shrek with them running across the street from one to another is proof of that. I have won gift card to Starbucks and just given them away because to me they were just a coffee shop. But no more will I give them away. For now I know that they have coffee ice cream. And with out this site I would not have known that.

In fact there are several varieties including some seasonal kinds that I may have to check out. Where are those gift cards when you need them?

But if you would like to see what I am talking about, then just use the link below to see their different varieties of their ice cream. This will also include their complete site. Be it known that this is where the image came from for this section. Just place you mouse cursor over Menu and then look for the option of Food. Ice Cream is in that list. Just point and click... Starbucks

Friendly's Coffee Ice Cream

Friendly's Coffee Ice Cream

Friendly's Coffee Ice Cream

How did I first find out that they made coffee ice cream you are wondering. Well it wasn't just because I walked in and saw it on the menu. OK so that is sort of how it happened. I had donated blood and there was an added bonus that month. For every pine you donated you got a free pint from Friendly's. Sort of a pint for a pint. Good news is the gentleman in line behind me did not eat ice cream so he passed his coupon on to me. I was so broken hated of that one. NOT. Any ways when I was going home I swung by the local Friendly's to pick up the ice cream. Much to my surprise and enjoyment they had coffee flavored ice cream. So as you may have guessed two pints came home with me that evening. That was the good news. The bad news is my son proceeded to pound down one pint on his own without telling dad. Yes he then replace that pint.

To see where this image came from and check out their web site please click on this link - .Friendly's


Turkey Hill All Natural Coffee Ice Cream

This is a new addition to the list. Somehow I had missed this one. But as a birthday gift my daughter had gotten me two containers of Ice cream and this was one. The other was a Black Raspberry. I have been taking my time and enjoying this one. Much like I do with most of my Ice cream.

To check out their web site and the image source please click on this link -Turkey Hill

Added June 24, 2018


Turkey Hill Dark Chocolate Caramel Espresso

First of all the product title is in reverse. When you look at the package it lists Espresso Ice Cream and then the two Dark Chocolate Caramel additions. The main reason I bring this up is when I was looking at the different options in the store freezer I almost did not see the word - "Espresso"! In fact it was the picture of the coffee cup that got my attention.

Second now that I have aired my grievance lets get to the good parts. And that is what comes in the package. Upon opening the package I was very happy to see that the title was reversed. The color was what I would expect coffee ice cream to look like. Not the dark brown of dark chocolate. This did not show until I had taken a few spoon fulls from the top. Even then they were swirls and intermittent chunks. A good mix to not over power the espresso flavoring.

Third the down sides. To be honest there was no initial smell of espresso / coffee like I have found with some others that I have tried. However it makes up with the flavor. The dark chocolate caramel truffles were a bit hard to bite into. But they are spread out and you can usually see them. I am not a fan of see salt. But Turkey Hill has created a nice blend so that the sea salt is not over powering.

Finally I just happened to have a dollar off coupon and this one was on sale. I paid less for this trial than just a pint of the others. Even the store brands.

Added October 11, 2014

Sam's Choice - Coffee & Donuts

I had spotted this earlier in the week but was being good. Then payday came and the wife needed something at the store. And it just happened to be in the next isle from the ice cream. Anyway I picked it up and brought it home. I was good and waited until the next day when I had time to write the review.

The first thing I wondered was why Coffee and Donuts? When I was soon to find out that there are chunks of donuts worked into the mix. There is also some kind of syrup for lack of a better word mixed in. The taste and the texture of the ice cream is pleasant. But the donuts just don't work for me. They are too solid more like the pastries have been sitting out for a few days. They are also (again my opinion) to big for the mix. The syrup was a surprise. On the first scoop out of the container there it was dripping from the spoon. It was a nice surprise to find. This added to the flavor and the texture of what I was eating. So there were two new things added into the mix. One worked for me and the other didn't. A final note on the syrup - it is good but sticky.

Added August 23, 2017

From your local Wal-Mart

From your local Wal-Mart

Great Value Coffee Ice Cream

Another surprise find. It has now taken me three times sitting down and typing a review. The main reason is that I tended to attach the ice cream late at night when I was tired. But I tended to get the same great impression each time.The smell is coffee! The taste is coffee. And unlike the previous Wal-Mart flavor it is strait coffee with nothing added. Unless your count the spoon. Comparing the two I would place this one on the top of the two. Another nice thing is that the taste stays with you. Not too long but long enough so that you don't have to keep shoveling it to keep the flavor before your next spoon full. Another nice thing is that this is a generic brand. It costs less but is worth a name brand price.

Added January 3, 2015

Perry's French Roast Coffee -

Yes a new review for a new year.

First things first. When eating ice cream its always fun to have something in the back ground. In this case a movie. God's not Dead.

Now about the ice cream. I have polished off a pint before but never anything bigger. This maybe the exception to that. After opening this I could smell the coffee. Skimming a little bit off the top it was a bit on the soft side. And the feeling on the tongue was soft and gone quickly. Good on the smell and taste, bad on the feel. But wait there's more. Not just in the 1.5 quart container but in my comments.

OK so we are now past the top of the ice cream. And the consistency has changed. it is now solid and harder to get the spoon through. This is good. In my opinion having to push the spoon through the ice cream is better. Its more solid and more worth having on your pallet. OK so I will not make it through all this in one sitting. Even though I would like to.The movie is keeping y attention away from the ice cream. Looks like I will be adding this move to my collection.

As a final note lets hear it for the store that had this on sale for a lesser price then the pints. If not I would not have even bothered to look. nor would I have found it. Thanks Wegman's.

Added May 16, 2016


Perry's Bittersweet Sinphony

Well Perry's was on sale again and I had a gift card. This time I decided to look at every kind they had, starting with the French Roast Coffee. And sitting next to my usual was something I had not seen before, or had not notice because of the name. This time I looked beyond the title. And there it was, the first word, coffee. Stop the presses and no need to look any further. Here is a new kind of coffee ice cream that I have not had before. So get ready world as I pop in a move and start eating and reviewing...

Coffee Ice Cream with Bittersweet Fudge Swirls and Fudge Chunks.

Lets work our way back wards, starting with the chunks. They didn't over do the chunks with this one. They will meld in your mouth if you just let them sit there and not chew on them. This is a nice touch. The swirls are bittersweet. It is a nice off set to the chunks and the ice cream. And now for the coffee ice cream. When I opened the container and sunk in the spoon the helping that came forth contained a little bit of ever thing. They blended together and the coffee flavor was almost not there. The next few were a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But again worked the same way. I was good and put the container back so I could try it again later after eating a few things. This helped as the taste of the coffee stood out a bit more and was now well complimented by the other flavors in the mix. It now has a greater change of having to do a road trip for a second container "Just" to make sure. ;-)

Added June 28, 2016

Perry's Toffee Coffee

Actually I did not know about this one until I was looking on their website for a picture for the previous review. So lets start this off with a bang. I opened it up and was immediately hit with the wonderful smell of the contents. A great encouragement to want to dig right in.From least to greatest. The fudge swirls are not the strong point of this one. They are there but don't tend to stand out. The cappuccino flavored ice cream is there but does not stand out when you first place it in your mouth. It tends to take a few moment to melt and them be there. The flavor that stands out is the toffee. Which makes sense as it gets top billing. A nice touch is that the toffee chunks are a good size. They don't over take you as you are chewing on them. There have been other ice cream's that I have had that have been less ice cream and more fillers. In the good news none of them have been coffee ice cream.

Serving size 8. For me it was 3 or maybe 3 1/2 depending on how you look at it.

Added June 10, 2017

Perry's Cold Brew Coffee & Cream

The temps are in the 80's and the youngest is up. Hard to review ice cream when he is up.

Finally he has bead for about a half an hour and the ice cream is now free from the freezer. I take off the lid and the protective seal. BAM the smell of coffee hits my nose and its about two feet away. This is a good start. Looking at the ice cream it is a light brow as compared to the picture on the container which is light brown and white. I scoop a bit of the top and the white cream color comes forth.

Now for the first taste. I should let you know that I have had cold brew from other non ice cream sources. This gave me something to look forward to and compare to at the same time. Congrats this has out done the other. That is in the taste as both were cold and that's how I like my coffee. The other I had to play around with the cream and sugar to figure out how I liked it. This was ready and waiting for me. Thanks for having it ready the first time. With the taste it was hard for me to put it back so I would have some available the next day. But when it comes to ice cream the serving size on the package in my case is only a suggestion and 10 out of 10 times ignored. You can confirm that one with the wife.

Like other's I have had from Perry's the texture is there. From the moment you taste it till its done melting in your mouth. Not much more on this point as unless it is bad it doesn't exactly stand out to me.

Finally I happened to find this new flavor due to a sign on the freezer door that the stop had placed. That image is being shared below.

Added July 24, 2021


Perry's Cookies & Coffee

There are very few coffee ice cream's that I have returned. Sorry to say this was one of them. Evey other Perry's I looked forward to. This one I opened up and it looked inviting just as I was expecting it to. The first spoon full came up with a little resistance. This was a good thing. The first taste was all cookie. As was the next one and the next one and the next one. To me there was no coffee flavor. Even though coffee has second billing it should still have equal billing not be totally overshadowed or even canceled out. I grabbed the receipt and went back to the store where I made my purchase and let them know why I was returning this "cookie" flavored ice cream. They did not argue and let me go back and grab the Perry's Bittersweet Sinphony as an equal exchange. This has additional flavors but they do not over power or totally cancel out the ice cream flavor. And to add a smile was offered a spoon.


God's Not Dead - Trailer

Added Saturday July 18, 2015


Wegmans Cappuccino Chip

Its interesting that I have been going to Wegmans for many years and looking at their ice cream. Yet have never spotted this one. I think the problem is I have only been looking for the word "Coffee" and nothing else. Then the other day the wife was talking about a cappuccino with a friend. A bell went off in my head. Sort of like a kick in the pants.

Once again I pop in the movie "God's Not Dead" and started this review.

The first scoop was cold and the taste of coffee was there. The chips were in there and tasty. The vanilla swirls seamed a bit more on the visual side. As the taste of vanilla is more off set by the coffee. And for me that is a plus. I did not know until the wife told me that cappuccino's have the white stuff swirled in. See what you find out when you don't drink the stuff.

This is also listed as a "Low Fat Ice Cream". In the good news you can't tell it in the flavor. It tastes just like your typical standard ice cream. And this is good. A definite selling point in my opinion. As a store brand not what I would expect as a good selling point. However it is lower in price then most others listed on this page even when they are on sale. And the taste was surprising and well worth it.

Added Thursday July 21, 2016


Wegmans French Roast & Irish Cream Premium Ice Cream

Surprise there are two in one. That's because one is bad and one is good. At east in my opinion. The one I like has gotten top billing on the images. I had talked to the folks at Wegman's about the new Coffee ice cream that was on the shelf. The gentleman said that he had tried the Irish Roast so I tried it myself. I took two small spoon fulls and put the lid back on. There was also an after taste that was not pleasant. I then took the ice cream back for a return. There were no issues. This was the first time I have ever returned any coffee ice cream.

I then went back and picked up the French Roast. Yes the one that got top billing. And this is why. Just opening the lid and removing the protective seal the strong smell of coffee was there. And the taste was worth the time it took to return the first one. Looking at the ice cream it looked smooth. However there were little flecks through out. I thought there was an issue until I read the short list of ingredients after I had finished the pint. The last one was Ground Espresso Beans. Nice touch. Maybe I should read the ingredients before opening the ice cream. Something I should have done with the first pint above. Finally there is a nice after taste. That's just taking one spoon full or several.

Added April 2, 2022


Wegman's Coffee Caramel Fudge

First this is Dairy Free - Plant-Based and Almond milk. So to be honest the first two I am OK with (formerly vegetarian). However I am not a big fan of Almond's in any format. The taste of coffee is there briefly but is then overpowered by other tastes that linger for to long. The texture of your standard ice cream is there which did surprise me. There are chunks of what seam to be chocolate that do add to the taste but at the same time take away from the coffee flavor.

As my son is moving away from Dairy I let him try this as he had gotten the French Vania recently. This too was made with the Almond Milk and he will bot be getting it again.

Sorry to say Wegman's but this one will also be returned.

Added September 5, 2016


Dannon Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt Cafe' Latte

The first time I found this one it was sold out. I seam to have a strange ability to find what I want and its sold out at the same time.

First this was not the texture I was expecting from frozen yogurt. I have had others and this is closer to ice cream then most. There is still a slight texture of yogurt. The coffee flavor is what I was expecting. The nice thing was that this taste stays on your pallet for a little while. Now to let it sit in the freezer and solidify and try again.

OK its later. After some time in the freezer it is good and solid. So as I have found many times its best to open the ice cream, try it and then put it on ice. Over all its pretty good.

Added May 9, 2021


Specially Selected coffee Super Premium Ice Cream

I bought this and was asked by the cashier to let her know what I thought as she was going to get some for a relative. Well here we go.

First thing first. When I opened the container there was no seal so the top of the ice cream looked a little freezer burned around the outside. That is the bad side the good side is this did not affect the taste on the inside. Also there was very little ice cream attached to the lid as I have seen on other containers without a seal.

The first taste was cold and coffee. Not over powering but also not too week to make me wonder why I bought it. As with most it started to melt as I was slowly trying it. Which is a good thing. When the ice cream is out over night and does not melt that is a bad thing. I have only seen that once but none on this page.

Looking back this is not Aldi's standard priced ice cream. It is a little more expensive. (But worth it!) I have seen very few that cost more on their shelves. Usually the seasonal varieties like their Pumpkin.

Again time passes before the second round. The flavor was the same as when I first tried it. It's good that the memory stayed with me more than a day.

The only down side with most of their nonstandard products is how long will they have them? Part of the reason when you find something you like to take note and keep your eyes out for returning products. I have had a couple of their products go and come back and yet others not return to stock. Either way this is one I will be happy to see return if it is one of their seasonal / trial products.

The News Boys - God's Not Dead - from the movie

Pint for a Pound

Pint for a Pound

Now just so you know I was not expecting the free ice cream that day. It was more about donating to help others. As you may or may not know that for every pint of blood you donate you can help three other people in the world.

On January 1, 2013 I walked into one of our local Red Cross donation centers. And for me doing the "Double Red donation is what I would rather do. It means that I will not be able to donate for a bit longer. But I know that when I am done with the donation I will not be dizzy and can then hop in the car and drive away. Of course I will be happy to have some juice and cookies before leaving just in case.

This year in January the Red Cross in our area has linked up with Duncan Donuts to provide the "Give a Pint Get a Pound". What this means is when you donate a pint of blood you get a pound of their coffee. I know that this lens is about coffee ice cream but giving blood is a little more important and it is still coffee related. Not to mention this can be in the next section. Keep reading and you will see what I am talking about.

Check out the Red Cross using this link - Red Cross

Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk

You can also make coffee ice cream

Here is a recipe that I have had since high school back in 1981. I ordered this little recipe booklet just for the coffee ice cream recap that was within.

Cook Time

Prep Time: about 15 minutes

Total Time: about 6 1/2 hours

Serves: Makes about 1 1/2 quarts


  • 1 (14 -ounce) can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (NOT evaporated milk)
  • 2 cups (1 pint) wipping cream
  • wipped
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 beaten egg yolks
  • 4 teaspoons vanilla extract


  1. Dissolve the instant coffee into the water.
  2. Add in the Eagle Brand, egg yolks and vanilla extract in a large bowl.
  3. Fold in whipped cream.
  4. Pour into an aluminum foil-lined 9x15 inch loaf pan and cover.
  5. Freeze 6 hours or until firm.
  6. Serve and enjoy

After a bit of java and a little buzz - Please leave a comment

PaigSr (author) from State of Confusion on July 07, 2013:

@othellos: Thank you. And enjoy making the ice cream yourself. I know I do.

othellos on July 07, 2013:

I am a coffee lover and coffee ice cream is one of my favorite tastes. Excellent lens and your recipe is very easy to make. Well done:=)

PaigSr (author) from State of Confusion on May 13, 2013:

@MaryMitchell: Then you probably don't want to hear that I just finished off a pint earlier today. Thanks for stopping by.

MaryMitchell on May 13, 2013:

I LOVE coffee ice cream. This is a great lens - I can almost taste it!

NibsyNell on March 02, 2013:

Mmmmm... this sounds right up my street! :)

PaigSr (author) from State of Confusion on January 29, 2013:

@Melissa Miotke: That's OK. As I am the opposite.

Melissa Miotke from Arizona on January 28, 2013:

I love coffee and I love ice cream but I'm actually not a huge fan of coffee ice cream for some reason.

rawwwwwws lm on January 16, 2013:

I love coffee! :)

PaigSr (author) from State of Confusion on January 14, 2013:

@Anna2of5: Ask not what you can do for your wife but what your wife can do for you. And as you can tell I asked for it. Yes before going off to work I asked her to check out my sites.

Anna2of5 on January 14, 2013:

Ok only 4 spelling errors, you asked... and the slide show here while cute makes the page bounce when I'm reading it so you might want to review what size slides you are using. That is all. It should do nicely.

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