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The Best Kitchen Knives Review

Best kitchen/Chef knives Review

Best Kitchen Knives Review

Best Kitchen Knives Review

What Are The Best Kitchen Knives?

What are the best kitchen knives?

Sharp ones!! And ones you feel comfortable using,

I am not going to start telling you that you need loads of really expensive knives, or trying to sell you things that you don't need, because the truth is YOU DON'T NEED LOTS OF EXPENSIVE KNIVES!
I probably use about four different types of knife in a day, and I am cooking and preparing all sorts of food and dishes every day. I do have more than four kitchen knives which I use occasionally, but for you at home, having four types of kitchen knife will be more than enough.

So in this review I am going to tell you which kitchen knives I recommend. Ok so lets start with Well the 'chef knife' or 'chopping knife' as it is sometimes known, is probably used the most out of all the knives. It will do most kitchen jobs if you look after it. This is a must have knife. This is my first choice however different knives suit different people and I have given you some other options below.
Your first Kitchen Knife, most chefs would agree with us, should be a good 8 -10 inch chef's knife. You can do most kitchen jobs with it peeling, chopping, slicing It can handle most kitchen tasks on its own. Most chefs consider the traditional chef's knife more Most versatile.
You will need other types of knife too to make things easier, Like bread slicing, ect;

The Best Chef Knives


Best Chef Knife Ever

Victorinox Chefs knife Rosewood, My Favourite, is the chef knife I use all day, and have done for years, its still going strong. I tell you its prepared so many great meals. And A few bad ones! :-) Anyway this knife is my first choice, I find this knife easy to sharpen and it stays sharp too, It is lightweight too so can be used for long periods of time. Victorinox (Forschner) Chefs Knife Rosewood Handle Manufactured by: Victorinox, Forschner Model: 7.5-inch Narrow Stiff Blade Rosewood Handle 5 based on 4 reviews $46.92 New

Best Chef Knives

Buy My Favourite Victorinox Rosewood Cooks Knife Now

Best Chefs Knife #2


Best Kitchen Paring Knives

Now The Best Kitchen Paring Knives

We say one or two flexible paring knives would be a good addition to your collection for peeling veggies. Typical blade lengths range from 2.5 to 4 inches, but you can go for a slightly longer blade around 4.5 inches they are useful for tasks like slicing fruit and cheese

Best small kitchen knife

Best Kitchen Paring Knives #2

Japanese Stainless Steel Paring Knife with Scabbard- Brown Handle

This paring knife is lovely looks good, Which is why I used it for a lot of things at work and it works well to and also very cheap, The down side it will need replacing after a few years in a domestic kitchen and will need replacing yearly in a commercial kitchen,

Best Kitchen Paring Knives #3

Bob Kramer 3 1/2 inch Carbon Steel Paring Knife by Zwilling JA Henckels

A great bob kramer knife design , I have one of these and the only downside to it is, I have to go looking for it all the time as everyone borrows it as its so good. A great looking High carbon steel knife that will last for ever if looked after,

Best Kitchen Knives Review

Ok this Is probably a good time to point out that kitchen knives are not screwdrivers, tin can openers or meant for chopping the firewood! :-)

They will last you a long time if you take care of them.

The Best kitchen Flexible filleting knives

The Best kitchen Flexible knives are not too big but still big enough to carry out vegetable preparation. Most people use knives that are too small when preparing all types of food, Like filleting fish, Boneing out meat and many other tricky things,


The Best kitchen Flexible knives

The Best kitchen Flexible knives#2


Top Chef Knife Tips

Knives should always be kept sharp. Working with a blunt knife makes you use more pressure, which increases the risk of the blade slipping while your cutting and result in an accident.

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And in need for a blue plaster.
We always work on a wood or plastic cutting board.

One Last Little Chef Tip: Put a damp cloth or paper towel under your board it will stop the board from slipping,

Best Kitchen Knives Sets

Best Kitchen Knives Sets

Best Kitchen Knives Sets

Best Kitchen Knives Sets


Best Kitchen Knives Sets


Best Kitchen Knife Review

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nice article you have on knives. it is good knowing that sometimes the most expensive knives aren't necessarily the best quality of knives. voted up.

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I was looking at buying new knives not sure what to buy but this helps

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