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The Best Homemade Chocolate Cupcake Recipe Ever


Easy, Delicious Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolate cupcakes are the best things on the planet. You can switch it up and use a different frosting like ganache, make a double chocolate version, or just use the classic vanilla frosting to make the ultimate treat. This classic recipe is one that you can use as a great go-to recipe over and over again (they're far superior to any boxed version). Moist and perfect for frosting hounds, these are rich and decadent. Read on for directions on how to make these homemade chocolate cupcakes and have them on your table in just about an hour!

Left: Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting and vanilla icing... kind of tastes like a donut with cocoa frosting and glaze -- can't beat this!

When you think of cupcakes, the first two types that come to mind are chocolate and vanilla. While vanilla is good, chocolate is a much more rich, satisfying food. Eating chocolate can release the same endorphines associated with making love, which might be the reason so many people are chocoholics. So, go ahead, satisfy your sweet tooth and make up a batch of these classic cupcakes! Here's what you'll need to make it:

  • 3 eggs
  • 3/4 cup butter
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Note: Before you begin baking, take the butter out of the fridge in advance to allow it to fully adjust to room temperature. This will result in less clumpy batter and frosting.

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chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes

Directions for Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes

Learn how to make this easy recipe in just minutes!

As long as you have the proper kitchen tools, cupcakes are pretty basic. Expect to spend an hour from start to finish making these, unless you don't have enough pans (then it might take you longer, so go back up and buy some through Amazon -- 2 Day shipping). This recipe will yield about 12-16 medium sized cupcakes.


  1. Soften the butter at room temperature, while taking the eggs out to also warm to room temperature, approximately 20 minutes. Grease the cupcake pans, and if desired, line them with cupcake wrappers and set aside. Meanwhile, stir together the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a mixing bowl, then set aside.

Preheat oven to 350° F. Beat the butter in a mixer on medium speed for 30 seconds. Add the eggs, then add the sugar gradually until fully combined. Scrape the sides and beat again until combined. Beat in the vanilla, adding the milk and flour on low speed. Beat on a higher speed for one minute, or until well combined and smooth.

Pour the batter into cupcake pan, filling each indention no more than 3/4 full.

Bake for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the center of a cupcake. Cool for at least 15 minutes, then remove the cupcakes. Frost immediately.

So what were people's reactions when they ate these? The chocolate lovers adored them, and really liked the double frosting of the ganache. They were on the very moist side, but not sticky like a muffin. Overall, these went over big!

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chocolate ganache cupcake

chocolate ganache cupcake

Chocolate Frosting (And Other Frostings)

Try these delicious frostings to accompany your cupcakes

Once you've made the chocolate cupcakes, you can make whatever frosting suits you at the moment, whether it's chocolate, vanilla, or ganache. Personally, the ganache was probably the best one, and is featured in the photo right. It's a little bit of extra work, but well worth the effort. They are cake-like, moist, and rich. They pack a sweet punch that will ensure you'll only be having one of these. If you can eat two, then congratulations, you have a bigger sweet tooth than I.

Vanilla Frosting or Chocolate Frosting

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  • 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 teaspoon milk
  • 1 Tablespoon butter, softened

1. Combine the powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk in a bowl. Once combined, beat in the butter using an electric mixer. Beat until smooth, then frost the cupcakes.

2. To make the frosting chocolate, add 2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder and beat into the frosting mix.

Ganache Frosting

  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • 12 ounces chopped bittersweet chocolate

1. On medium heat, bring the whipping cream to a high heat to a boiling point, then remove from the heat. Add the chocolate to the whipping cream, and let the mixture sit for five minutes. Stir to combine, then allow the ganache to cool for another 15 minutes.

2. Frost the cupcakes as usual. The ganache frosting will harden as the cupcakes cool more. Top with icing or vanilla frosting for a decorative look.

The Battle of the Frostings - Chocolate frosting vs vanilla frosting - fight to the death!

Which frosting do you prefer?

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Chocolate cupcakes, all done and ready to cool and frost!

Chocolate cupcakes, all done and ready to cool and frost!

Chocolate cupcakes, all done and ready to cool and frost!

Thanks for stopping by! The best recipes are made from personal suggestions from your friends and family. Are you willing to share one of those family secrets, or just a little tidbit for better chocolate cupcake making? Share your tip with the world here, or forever hold your cupcake!

Have a Tip for Making Your Own Chocolate Cupcakes? - Share your baking tips here, or let us know how this recipe came out!

Naomi on July 04, 2019:

These were literally amazing

Vicky on November 24, 2016:

My first batch and they are good. Thank you so much!

Abby on September 04, 2016:

The cupcakes turned out fine, but why did you have to put an advertisement in the middle of the recipe? It was very frustrating having to go up and down all the time! I don't care if your blog is funded by a muffin tin manufacturer!

luz on October 24, 2015:

Absolutely the best chocolate cake ever, I didn't use muffin sheet.

Instead I use a cake pan, follow the recipe exactly as it is, it come out so moist and delicious.

I pinned, definitely a keeper.

Thank you so much for sharing it.

stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on August 10, 2015:

Hi, just a comment to let you know these cupcakes are really great. They are very moist the way I like them. They came out great. Thanks Stella

Gemma on August 07, 2015:

I just finish making the cupcakes and they are great i added some dark choc chips with it and it makes them more amazing. this made 20 cupcakes for me which my house hold is very happy about.

Anonymous on July 29, 2015:

@tkm u more than likely opened your oven too soon causing the heat to escape and the cupcakes to sink.

tkm on January 24, 2015:

Mine fell in the middle.........any suggestions for how to remedy that in the future?

Hedgehog on October 12, 2014:

This does not make 12-16 cupcakes, more like 30, still good though!

anonymous on July 13, 2013:

I'm 16 but I have been baking homemade goodies since I was 8. I have been searching for the right chocolate cupcake recipe and everyone that I try the cupcakes tourn out dense and the chocolate flavor is almost hidden. I think this recipe will end my search.

anonymous on February 23, 2013:

im about to bake these for a party im having with my cousin at the coco keys.:) +cupcakes look good. yummy!

Kiwisoutback (author) from Massachusetts on December 20, 2012:

@anonymous: Looks like I have some editing work to do. Thanks, glad they came out tasty for your class!

Kiwisoutback (author) from Massachusetts on November 30, 2012:

@Lady Lorelei: These are actually really good. Haven't made them since this lens, but they were almost like donuts. Tasty.

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on November 14, 2012:

I have not baked cupcakes for years. I keep saying that I am going to but I just never seem to get around to it. Your chocolate cupcakes look so easy that maybe this Christmas my husband will get a special baked treat. Yummy.

anonymous on October 30, 2012:

Yum! I'm making this for my class for Halloween and after finishing my first pan they are really yummy! I didn't notice where the directions said to add the flour mix so i added everything to it and it still turned out good! (: I also used a crisco baking stick instead of butter and it seems to be good still... not sure if they are supposed to be so sticky but they are still yummy with cream cheese frosting (:(:(:

anonymous on October 20, 2012:

i have tried several choc cupcake recipes over the last couple of days and this is one of the best ones yet good flavor and moist i did add 1 1/2 tsp of instant espresso coffee help to enhance the choc flavor

Tea Pixie on September 17, 2012:

Dig a hole in the middle from the top and fill it with jam or ganache,lace the dug out piece and then ice. Intended to br part of a tea party where surprises are necessary. :)

anonymous on September 09, 2012:

I have finally found a keeper! I made these the other night, and they were AMAZING! So light and spongy, and not at all dense and heavy. I can't say enough good things about this recipe! I have a couple of questions, though. Have you made these with cake flour? I'm curious to know if there would be any difference. Also, do you have a recipe for yellow or vanilla cake? I'd love to be able to make cupcakes for my non-chocolate friends! :)

Kiwisoutback (author) from Massachusetts on July 17, 2012:

@janicewee: It may make them a little denser, I haven't tried it. These are a more on the moister side, so I'm assuming that would dry them out a little bit - but I'm sure it's still good.

kevkev227 lm on July 17, 2012:

These look amazing...thanks for sharing :)

janicewee on July 17, 2012:

I'd max out the cocoa powder. Actually, I used to do a mean brownie by getting away with triple the cocoa recommended by the recipe.

Hawaiitom on July 13, 2012:

I always use COFFEE in the ones I make--dee-licious!!

anonymous on June 29, 2012:

oil your cupcake pans first. makes the cupcakes easier to take out!

anonymous on June 25, 2012:

I've read through all the reviews below, and can't believe that no one has said anything about the frosting recipe. I made the cupcakes, then decided to do the first frosting recipe you submitted above. The measurements are not right. I mixed everything exactly as you suggested and it didn't look anything like frosting. What's missing?

anonymous on June 24, 2012:

looks good im having a bake sale so maybe ill use this

Zebedee32 on June 15, 2012:

They look great! Nice lens.

anonymous on May 21, 2012:

Oh my, yummy! Congratulations on being on the 75 Chocolate Lenses We Love...Yum! Monster Board...well deserved, did I mention yummy!

pyngthyngs on May 16, 2012:

Not really, but I can't wait to try some of these cupcakes.

anonymous on April 27, 2012:

These really are the best chocolate cupcakes! This is a receipe I will use lots.

anonymous on April 24, 2012:

These really are fantastic cupcakes. One of the very best!

cupcakeideas2011 on April 16, 2012:

Chocolates cupcakes, no need for wrappers. Looks great!

anonymous on April 09, 2012:

Can I make ahead and freeze these?

anonymous on April 04, 2012:

The best choc cupcakes Ive ever made. Added some choc chips into mixture and some vanilla icing on top. YuM.

Erin Hardison from Memphis, TN on March 24, 2012:

These look delicious! Gotta try them.

anonymous on March 24, 2012:

Totally yummy!

anonymous on March 02, 2012:

be very careful how you mix up the ingredients. i must have mixed them wrong because my cupcakes ended up crumbly and did not mix well at all. i ended up having to throw them all out.

julieannbrady on February 16, 2012:

I sure do love chocolate ... sounds delicious ... I'd try mine with cream cheese icing. Yumm!

anonymous on January 10, 2012:

I'm about to try these cupcakes out for a friend. Hope it turns out well. Fingers crossed. Gnna try it coz of da gud comments. :) Will get back l8r to tell how it turned out.

dcupcake85 on December 03, 2011:

Did you use salted or unsalted butter for this recipe?

anonymous on October 13, 2011:

Those ARE the best cupcakes ever!!! So moist and chocolatey and just plain delicious. But I think that your medium size is different from mine.I got 26 ;). Not that having 26 is a bad thing or anything...

pheonix76 from WNY on September 12, 2011:

This is an amazing lens! I love that you used your own photos. Thanks for sharing and I'm about to try out this recipe. :) (Your page was number three on google when I searched "easy homemade cupcake recipe" btw). Cheers!

anonymous on September 06, 2011:

so far, in my life, i've been a good cook, but a TERRIBLE baker. I wanted to make these for my first wedding anniversary. A tasty treat for a wonderful picnic. So, i went to my mom *she's a baker, but not a cook* and we made a batch. Absolutely wonderful. I've made them twice now and will keep this recipe forever! =) thanks sooooo much. you've inspired me to make myself a cook and a baker =)

anonymous on August 27, 2011:

I made these cupcakes and they were the most delicious and moist cupcakes that I have ever made. I used a cool whipped frosting which is not very sweet at all. 1 pint of heavy whipping cream, 1 box of instant jello pudding mix (whatever flavor you desire), and a 1/4 cup of poweder sugar. Blend all of the three ingredients together until it stiffens up. It stiffens up enough to pipe or frost the cupcakes. Thanks for the great cupcake recipe!

RecipePublishing on August 03, 2011:

What yummy treats!

laki2lav on July 26, 2011:

those are awesome photos and everything is nicely explained. actually so nicely that i don't think even i could mess it up (so far 0 in 3 of making cupcakes)

phoenix arizona f on July 15, 2011:

This looks like an amazing cupcake.

anonymous on July 13, 2011:

I'm 16, and I just made my very first batch of cupcakes. They are unbelievably good they came out perfect!

But I made a glaze instead of a frosting : I combined 1 cup of frosting sugar with a little bit of milk and lots of lemon juice. Then I just dipped the top of each cupcake in the glaze and let cool :) they taste awesome Thank You :)

Mary Crowther from Havre de Grace on June 27, 2011:

I love chocolate and cupcakes! Good lens!

KimGiancaterino on June 12, 2011:

Yummy ... any excuse to break out the KitchenAid mixer. I'll bet these smell divine.

blanckj on June 09, 2011:

I love chocolate anything! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

anonymous on April 03, 2011:

What kind of butter? I used salted and the butter didn't mix... did you use unsalted?

JoyfulPamela2 from Pennsylvania, USA on April 02, 2011:

Mouth watering good! =P

Moe Wood from Eastern Ontario on January 01, 2011:

Looks perfect for those intense chocolate craving moments.

Kiwisoutback (author) from Massachusetts on October 25, 2010:

@anonymous: The eggs should be added to the mix in step 2. Thanks!

anonymous on October 20, 2010:

When do you add the 3 eggs?

anonymous on October 18, 2010:

Tried these. set the eggs out to get to room temp - you never tell me when to add them?!?!

Kiwisoutback (author) from Massachusetts on September 24, 2010:

@anonymous: Looks like I did omit that ingredient from the batter. 1 Tablespoon should be enough.

anonymous on September 20, 2010:

Is there a reason you failed to mention how much vanilla to add? I'm very confused.

Barbara Radisavljevic from Paso Robles, CA on September 10, 2010:

Very well done! Can you see me drooling? I'm going to favorite this.

Robin S from USA on April 10, 2010:

These delicious chocolate cupcakes are being featured at the Cupcake Club blog today!

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on April 06, 2010:

Chocolate is definitely my favorite! Angel Blessed and added to my Squid Angel Mouse Tracks lens (under the special cupcake club section :)

anonymous on April 06, 2010:

Well done, but I don't think looking at those pictures of cupcakes does much for my waistline. Thank you.

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