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The Best-Ever Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Brenda loves a sweet treat. If she's going to have dessert, she wants it to be a yummy homemade one like the one from this recipe!

Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Chocolate Fondue Recipe

An Easy and Delicious Chocolate Fondue

Believe it or not, I stumbled upon this chocolate fondue recipe from a quick Internet search.

My teenage sons wanted a chocolate fondue — one of them had won a 400 gram Toblerone chocolate bar as a prize. New Year's Eve was coming, and I was not feeling organized or motivated. We had all the ingredients for dipping in chocolate in the house — like the Best Ever Banana Bread, strawberries, fresh pineapple, apples, mandarin oranges, and bananas. However, we did not have a recipe for actually making the chocolate sauce.

My online search quickly unearthed a multitude of choices for the best-ever chocolate fondue recipe. Many were almost identical. Because of the last-minute nature of our planning, we chose an extremely simple recipe. A trip to the grocery store was in order for the lone missing ingredient -- whip cream.

How was I to know that this simple little recipe was so delicious?

How could I know that it was so delicious that I would be forced to "clean" my plate?

Am I glad there was no camera present at our little gathering? You bet! I cannot imagine a chocolate fondue recipe that could surpass this one.

Whether you are planning a fondue recipe for a special occasion like your anniversary, Valentine's Day, the Christmas season, New Year's Eve, or you simply want it as a special treat, this recipe is perfect. It is incredibly easy (just three ingredients for the chocolate sauce) and you can take my word for it that it is delicious!

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Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

Photo used with permission of Edward Olive.

The Best-Ever Chocolate Fondue Recipe

Serving size: This chocolate dessert recipe easily fed two adults and three teenagers. Note that we did have a lovely dinner beforehand, so if you're hungrier, you may need more.


  • 6 tablespoons of whipping cream
  • 400 gram Toblerone chocolate bar (14.1 oz)
  • 1 tablespoon milk (optional)


  1. Melt the chocolate and the cream together, either slowly on your stovetop or in your microwave. Add up to 1 tablespoon of milk if your mixture seems too thick.
  2. Pour mix into your ceramic fondue pot and place it over a tea light. (These are small candles.)
  • To maximize the flavor of your chocolate and your dippers, don't serve your fondue too hot!

Yes, that is it! The sauce is so simple and easy to put together. You will not believe how yummy it is.

Note that you should, however, prepare your dippers in advance. That will take a bit of time but the nice part is that you can use whatever appeals to you, and the majority of the work is done before your guests arrive!

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Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate Bars with Honey and Almond Nougat

Toblerone was trademarked in 1909 and is actually an Alp in the mountains in Switzerland.

In the almost two pound triangular-shaped chocolate bar, there are 15 triangles of chocolate! It's a delicious chocolate. There are other varieties but this one is a combination of milk chocolate, honey and almond nougat.

Order your Toblerone chocolate from Amazon by clicking here and have it delivered directly to your front door.

As Many Dippers or Dunkables You Care to Prepare

Photo used with permission of 7070.

Dipper Suggestions

For our fondue party, we used a pretty basic selection of dippers, including:

You can also choose from:

  • Fresh fruit: strawberries, pineapple chunks, sliced bananas, orange and apple wedges, grapes, raspberries and blueberries.
  • Cakes: sponge cake, angel cake, banana bread and pound cake.
  • Other sweet treats: Biscotti, cookies, brownies, cheesecake and even doughnuts!
  • Dried fruit: candied orange peel, raisins, figs, plums, apricots and cherries.
  • Miscellaneous: anything goes! I have even seen salted pretzels, nuts, crystallized ginger, and marshmallows suggested. The possibilities are endless!


  • Tradition states that if a lady loses her food into the fondue pot, she must kiss the gentleman who is sitting on her right.
  • If a man loses his food in the fondue pot, he must empty his glass or provide another bottle of wine for the meal.

I am not sure how this applies to a chocolate fondue but I do know, that by the end of our fondue, a certain young gentleman and young lady were dueling in the pot over the last remaining strawberry. I think it was his strawberry, so maybe he owes us all a bottle! Kirsch, anyone???


  • Truffles. Make truffles before your chocolate sauce hardens by shaping the chocolate into small balls using teaspoons.
  • Hot chocolate. Heat a mug of milk, add a touch of vanilla and cinnamon and a spoon or two of your chocolate fondue mix. Now you have the best-ever hot chocolate!

More Recipes

It is too bad that one cannot eat chocolate fondue everyday! There are no shortage of recipes out there. If our simple one is not quite what you were looking for, perhaps one of the following links will be.

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