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Yume Fusion Sushi & Grill

Restaurant Review as well as detailed information about the experience.

Requesting Reservation

Hello everyone today I am going to give you some information about a restaurant I recently visited for lunch. Now as you saw in the title the restaurant's name is “Yume Fusion Sushi & Grill” located at 2640 Blanding Blvd #204, Middleburg, FL 32068. The first thing that you should know is to get a table you must set up a reservation through google. This is an easy way to make a reservation and make sure it is done to your specifications. In my particular case, I made a reservation for a Saturday for 2 people around 3:00 pm est. The process to make the reservation was simple you click the reserve button first. Then you choose the number of people and time you wish to be seated. You then receive a confirmation that the reservation was sent to the establishment. Then you call the restaurant’s number to confirm the reservation which is then confirmed in an email.

Further information on reservation and the initial experience

You will receive an email the day before your reservation time to confirm the reservation and if you need to cancel. “Yume Fusion Sushi & Grill” has a strait forward cancellation policy which is either 24 hours or a few hours before the reservation time. They prefer that you come in for your reservation exactly at the time you requested. When you first enter the establishment you receive a friendly welcome from the host who immediately confirms your reservation. They then swiftly movie to grab menus for the number of guests in your party. You are quickly guided to your table and given menus. The menus are well written, clearly labeled, and organized to easily find what you are looking for. As for the atmosphere, it has an upscale feel with its beautiful decor, easily traversable seating arrangements, and fast service.


The restaurant is extremely clean from top to bottom and no trash stays for long. Once we were seated a lovely waitress came immediately to take our drink orders and see what appetizers we were interested in. One place those orders we were left to look over the main part of the menu at our pleasure. Once the drinks were brought over we were immediately told how long the appetizer would take and the rest of our order was taken. Luckily for my company and myself, the appetizers came out quickly and were extremely well done. We had the pleasure of dining on shumai and gyoza which were pan-fried to perfection with just the right crunch and well heated. The flavoring from each was a muted explosion by themselves but when you add the dipping sauce it was as if fireworks were going off across my taste buds.

Shortly after we finished our appetizers the waitress came back to clear the table and refill our drinks along with relaying the time left for our main meal. Once she left it only took about ten minutes to get our main meals. For my meal, I enjoyed the California rolls and cucumber vegetable rolls. When the food arrived I received a surprising shock the portions were large and the sushi rolls were filled with delicious crab, avocado, cucumber, rice, and nori wrap. Both rolls were absolutely delicious and filling as well as mouth-watering. I just kept wanting to eat more of it since I started with the California rolls I was amazed at how filling they were. Next, I moved on to the cucumber vegetable rolls which were extremely refreshing after the first half of the meal. This was like an amazing palette cleanser that finished filling my stomach to full satisfaction.

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Lovely Ending

Upon hitting the end of the meal we were quickly offered to-go boxes and a bag. As we were packing up the leftovers of my guest as mine was demolished happily. The waitress was quick to clean the table and bring us cups of our drinks to go home with us. She then quickly brought us the checkbook for our meal and was discreet about the price of the bill and made the whole transaction as quickly as possible. As we left the restaurant we received a warm greeting to come to visit again and hopes that we enjoyed our service. Overall I would have rated the restaurant with the highest rating of five stars total. As they had some of the best overall services completely exceeded any expectations and reservations that I had about eating there. So if you are ever in the mood for sushi in Melbourne then this is the place to eat.

Yume Fusion Sushi & Grill

© 2022 Samantha Jones

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