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You Can Tell a Lot About a Girl by The Way She Eats Her Hot-Wings

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Eating Hot-Wings: Not For The Faint of Heart

There Are Many Times When

schools of every education level, fail. They are not only built by mankind, but man (and woman) kind are employed at this higher level of learning as teachers. Again, they are only flesh and blood and far from perfect. In other words, they, like us, are only human, and humans are fallible.

The reason that I stand on this claim so boldly is that I know something that not even the Harvard’s or Yale’s know. And it feels good. I should wait until I share it and just take my time and savor this golden moment. But I suppose that you are on the edge of your seat wondering what in creation can I be talking about? Soon. Be patient. And have another slice of delicious pasta or maybe another dozen of hot-wings.

I remember a few years back that my wife and I were dining in one of the best hot-wing eateries that we’ve ever visited: Buffalo Wild Wings over near Tupelo, Miss., and I tell you this. One visit and you are hooked, not on anything that will kill you, but cause you to want to come back to this place that can only be described as delicious. I know. I have ate 16 hot-wings at one time and they were fantastic.

Girls Seen on This Hub are NOT Those We Seen at Buffalo Wild Wings, Tupelo, Miss., but Girls Whose Photo Came From Pexels Photo.


But With That Being Said

this is hardly about me. This pertains to an instance when my wife and I were visiting Buffalo Wild Wings, Tupelo, Miss., again, when I had business there in that progressive southern town, and being that we visited Buffalo Wild Wings once, it did not take long to convince my wife, Pam, to visit this wonderful place again.

In moments, we were seated by a smiling hostess and then we both checked the menu that has truckloads of great food items (besides hot-wings), but I am a purist. I went for my favorite food: the hot-wings and the sauce “Blazin’” that will almost melt your lips. But oh, how delicious. That I can tell you. If you eat them once, like I said previously, you will come to Buffalo Wild Wings again.

Back to What Happened

to my wife and I on one occasion when we were sitting near a table with three young, college-age girls, who were apparently on a break from their school and they were going to celebrate. And I could not believe what I overheard from the three smiling girls: all three ordered the hot-wings, obviously the main item on their huge menu.


Then, I Began to Learn

what a girl’s personality is like because it shows clearly as she eats, of all things, hot-wings. I did read a few weeks ago, that most college sororities and frat houses have started having “Hot-Wing Parties,” but with no alcohol. The hot-wings are served in huge portions with several brands of hot sauce that is made by a separate company, but the results are the same: excellent.

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I had not attended any of these “Hot-Wing Parties,” due to our senior ages, and we didn’t want to be sticking-out like sore thumbs, so we just enjoyed ourselves at Buffalo Wild Wings, Tupelo, Miss., and while we were dining, my eyes kept glancing over to where the three college girls were giggling and eating hot-wings, but the bottom line is: not one of the three girls ate their order of hot-wings exactly the same.

So I decided to keep watching and before I go any further, I am not a stalker or pervert, I just catch things that are sometimes right in front of me and elaborate on it via HubPages. I tell you that my wife always has a great time (with me) every time we visit Buffalo Wild Wings, and this visit was very special.

The College Girls Continued

to eat, giggle, and laugh all in that order. I was envious of them with their limitless energy and ability to enjoy pure laughter. I felt older by the minute, but watching these girls was more or less, a personal trip to listen to a psychology professor in a big college lecture about “How Our Behaviors Are Uncovered When We Are Busy.” Although those moments were fantasies, I enjoyed myself. My dreams are very vivid.

One girl, the one who laughed the most, gently took her fork and knife and cut a small bite of her hot-wing and I know that she was an organized girl from the way she kept her water, utensils, and food all in perfect order. I even noticed that she chewed each bite around 15 times. She was a girl with plenty of order in her life.

The second girl looked at her order and smiled. Certainly, he order was pleasingly-delicious because she all but devoured her order of hot-wings. She ate as if she had not had an order of anything pertaining to food in several weeks. But the most peculiar thing about this girl was she stopped eating and it looked to me like she left over half of her order sitting on the table. And she just listened to the first and third girl as they both ate and offered conversation as the evening went by. Apparently, the second girl did not require a lot of food to satisfy her and she looked to appreciate her two friends more than her hot-wings. She was a girl who knew how to discern good and bad choices and to me, her choice was wise.

The third girl took bites of her hot-wings like a bluebird. Each bite was taken to her mouth by a fork and when she got the bite of food in her mouth, she chewed about ten times and then swallowed. Of course she laughed and talked with her other two friends and after a half-hour, she left the remainder of her food on the table. These signals showed me that she was more involved with keeping a balance between friends and food. And she knew what she was doing, because she and the other two girls left as they all had a great time.


As For Me

and my wife, Pam, we both enjoyed our orders at Buffalo Wild Wings, Tupelo, Miss., and besides how I loved eating my hot-wings, our server kept our water (and my sweet tea) always filled to the brim. And she was very friendly, one of the reasons that we love to visit this Tupelo food staple: Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Dancia Susilo from Canada on August 18, 2019:

Fun read! Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely the second girl.

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