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You Best Beware "Food Wasters"

Many of my hubs originate from my teenage years and those past twenty. Some pieces were funny. Some were sad,.Some were down right scary.

See what a "Food Waster" did?

See what a "Food Waster" did?

I am 67. No apologies . But I am going to share with you one of, if not "the" most-arrogant situation that a person can do in any restaurant. This imaginary couple enjoys a great meal, or some of it. When the meal is over, the imaginary couple leaves with almost two full plates and leaves. Without looking anything but remorse. I know. I've witnessed this slap-in-the-face of all chefs, fry cooks, and pizza restaurants in our land. The thing is this: intentionally-leaving half the food that was ordered in the beginning.

The people who do this cold-hearted action slide down to the cashier where we hear her/him ask, "was everything alright?" "Sure. Great." replies the couple who left their food on their plates and didn't even look at what others were doing. The "I don't care Beast" has once again reared its vulgar head to cause problems among innocent citizens--who were once humble-hearted, hard-working people. Not now. No, siree. These people drag their self-importance into this fine restaurant,order great food and eat a few bites. What else is this besides waste?

This half-eaten pizza could have went to a hungry person.

This half-eaten pizza could have went to a hungry person.

Enough small talk. I am not at a high-end society shindig where the hosts urge the guests to enjoy their spacious food buffet. The foods range from America to West Germany. What a scene. I am the only guest who eats his fill and heads to the refreshment area and grab a cup of my hot, black coffee. Then I see it. Over by the table where I have just left, I see this very rich people (the mom is still wearing her full-length mink coat) who are nibbling their food. Then they leave over half of their food, wipe their cloth napkins sewn with gold threads, and go to the bar for a martini or two. Knowing what I have just seen, I wager that they only take one sip of their martini and then set their crystal glasses (half full) on the bar and slide off for the elevator.

I said all of that to say this: enough talk. Time to get down to business. I am going now to tell you what happens when those "food wasters" are doing when they leave food on their plates and drinks half-drank. This might blow your mind.

⦁ When "food wasters" leave food on their plates, they force the already-overworked staff to clean more thus not making it to their hot dates that they have made six months ago or some of this burdened-staff are divorced and are finally going to visit their children for half an hour. All because food was wasted.

⦁ "Food wasters" do not take the time to think about how much food that the restaurant buys each week and the costs are staggering. All because food is wasted more and more. No wonder that there are so many restaurants that have shut-down, thanks to this greedy act of just eating a few nibbles of their food.
Hey, "food wasters,": if you are working to lose weight, then do not go to a fine restaurant and waste good food just because of your vanity.

⦁ When "food wasters" walk toward the door of their restaurant, this can be seen as a social symbol of being rich and popular. "I bet that couple are loaded and do not even like food," says a hard-working, middle-aged couple where the husband has worked for 70-hours for weeks and finally got one night off to take his wife out to eat.

⦁ Each time that the "food wasters" walk through the door of their restaurant, yo can almost hear whispers from the kitchen staff say, "I knew it. There they are, the snobbish "food wasters. I bet that they will waste an entire plate full of food tonight."

⦁ To further rub the faces of us commoners, the "food wasters" think their cute habit of ordering expensive food from the menu, then nibble on it, then leave is hilarious. I ask, to whom? Not me. And not any family of commoners or kitchen staff.

⦁ Wasting food gives the waitress and waiters a psychological problem that says, "that food that is wasted says that our food is not good enough to eat. Wonder if my therapist can help me?"

Now that you've heard what's wrong with "food wasters," now listen to what we, the food-loving citizens can do to combat these non-caring diners.

⦁ Have respect for ourselves, the food that we order, and eat it all. Simple. To the point. Nothing hard about this tip.

⦁ Even if our food order is not that perfect, do not make a nasty scene. Whisper to the waiter/waitress and they will fix it. They had rather whisper from us than be embarrassed in the restaurant and causing us to hate our guts.

⦁ If we love our food, then take your time. Do not gulp it down like a hungry wolf. Waiters/waitresses love this and they will tell the managers that they cooked a food that you love and those that you tell making new customers for the restaurant.

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⦁ We need to offer warm compliments to other diners about how they are "cleaning their plates." Restaurants love that.

And the final word to "food wasters," that includes me, if I have eaten breakfast between 10 and 12 a.m., then my wife wants to have an early dinner, I can pretty much say that I will not be that hungry, so instead of wasting my good food, Iwill have the small house salad and eat all fit. The waiter/waitress and kitchen staff love how I respect their food and work and my wife loves it for she thinks that I am trying to lose weight.

No wait! A second final word that will work but only without lawyers and the EPA. A few years ago, there was a famous fast-food chain located in my hometown. As part of my newspaper career, I got to be friends with the manager and staff. One night while I was on the second shift (I sound like Sgt. Joe Friday), I visited this restaurant for a cup of coffee. But as I waited for my order, I happen to notice that the restaurant crew were dumping brand-new, uneaten food--chicken, burgers, French fries. I was appalled. I had to ask. The cashier told me that this, the tossing of food was a restaurant policy due to the local health dept. and the EPA who would arrest anyone who helped themselves to this good food.

I had to reply, really? Really, replied the cashier. Then I had to ask this last question: what if a few homeless, jobless people were to take the food to eat to keep from starving? The cashier whispered, this is a great idea, but you know how the government works. Anything that is good and sensible, cannot work.
But I didn't forget my idea. And yes, Big Brothers, this idea WOULD work!

It's a win, win, win situation.

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The All-American food, now tarnished by a careless 'Food Waster."

The All-American food, now tarnished by a careless 'Food Waster."

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Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on August 19, 2021:

Sometimes it is unavoidable, as in the case of people traveling. If there is no way to refrigerate the leftovers, what is left on the plate must of necessity be tossed. We take leftovers home in what used to be called "doggie bags" if dining locally. Because of the pandemic, we have not done much of that in a long time.

What bothers me most is when people dine at buffets, help themselves, and then leave loads of food on their plate. That is wasteful! They should not take so much in the first place if they are not hungry enough to eat it.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 16, 2021:

I imagine it does trickle down like that.

I myself am not a big eater, but i take leftovers home to eat another day.

In the bigger cities you can find a homeless person that will gladly take your leftovers.

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