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Yogi Detox and Ginger Teas Product Review


Original Flavor


The Trial

I started using these Detox teas as a jump start to my weight loss. I wanted something that would naturally clean my system without being too harsh. Some detox drinks or juices will rip things from your system causing stomach pains or diarrhea. I didn't have any stomach issues from this tea. However, I did notice after my first time drinking it,that it made me sleepy. I mean I literally had to lay down thirty minutes after I consumed it. After drinking it a few more times I did notice that I was still getting tired but the feeling wasn't so overwhelming. I guess sleeping is a part of detox because it rejuvenates your body,but the box doesn't give any warning. Now that I've learned this I only drink it before bed,so if I do fall asleep it's OK.

Tasty Peach


Peach Treat

This detox tea has the same effects as the one above. It's best to drink this tea before bed. However, this one tastes so much better. With the original flavor I added honey and sugar just to give it more taste. With the peach one I only added a little honey and it's delicious. It also has a hint of spice which is really nice and you can't really taste that in the original one. This is now my new go to tea,and I won't be purchasing the original flavor anymore. However, this peach flavor was not available in local grocery stores. I found it at a natural community store,which is a bit inconvenient so I decided to order this one offline. Online offers a chance to order single boxes or a case,which is nice so your not constantly running to the store.

Slumber awaits


Ginger Flavor


Sleep for less

This one is used for sleepless nights. I usually drink this one straight for fear that the sugar or honey may add to my restlessness. It has a great taste and it is also easy on the stomach.This was actually the first Yogi tea I attempted to drink because I was having a hard time sleeping. Now that I know the detox versions makes me sleepy, and promotes healthy digestion, and weight loss, I tend not to grab for this one that much. This is a very nice tea but these teas are a bit more pricier than the other brands of sleepy time tea. For example Celestial teas are a lot cheaper and have pretty much the same ingredients, I would purchase that brand for just a sleepy time tea.The Yogi teas are pricier and depending on what store you go to the price can be up to four dollars.

Health Benefits

Ginger is used for a lot of healing reasons. I generally drink this tea If I feel I'm coming down with a cold or any kind of cough. It soothes my throat and helps my immune system. Ginger is also great for weight loss because it promotes saliva and sweat. That's a great thing so your body can remove toxins through your glands. Ginger is also used to fight against the flu,and increases blood flow. I recommend this tea just for a staple to your tea collection, it can never hurt to have ginger infused tea around. Ginger tea can be used for when you are sick,but you can also use it for preventive measures to keep your immune system healthy.This tea also has a bite to it because ginger itself has that same element of spice.

Inspiration with every sip


Little tokens

I like to collect these wonderful tags of inspiration and read them when I need a boost. They are perfect little tokens of words of wisdom and kindness. For example one of them says " Your intuition is your best friend" These are very wise and truthful words. Often times we can forget how important our intuition is,it's the feeling that are inside expresses much like the feeling that our outside expresses when we bump our knee. It's nice to be reminded of the power of our intuition. Other sayings talk about abundance, and living a good life, as well as being a good person. There all positive and they give you a good feeling while you enjoy your delicious teas. I like to think of Yogi teas as something good for your body as well as your soul.


Gupi on June 02, 2019:

Very helpful article. Thanks for sharing

Donna Hilbrandt from Upstate New York on August 17, 2013:

I just tried the detox tea last night. I have been searching reviews to see what kind of results people experience. It tastes great, which is reason enough to drink it. Hope it is working some healthy magic inside :)

Elizabeth (author) from ATLANTA,Ga on April 22, 2013:

@hawaiianodysseus,thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words. @gcrhoads64, thank you as well,they are worth a try. lol

Gable Rhoads from North Dakota on April 22, 2013:

Very helpful information. I will need to check these teas out. :)

Hawaiian Odysseus from Southeast Washington state on April 22, 2013:

As I turn a new leaf at an old age, I am very appreciative of health-related hubs like this beautiful and aesthetically pleasing article you've written here. Thank you so much for sharing, my friend! Aloha and blessings from SE Washington state!