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Why I Will Never Use Uber Eats Again

Sarah uses the Uber app often and used Uber Eats for the first time when she was given a promotional coupon on her Uber app.

What Is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is a branch of the Uber company where instead of requesting rides, customers can request food to be delivered to them. Uber Eats was launched in 2014 and many restaurants and fast food chains are on the Uber Eats app for customers to order food. When customers order food from the app, the restaurant receives the order and starts preparing the food. Then the restaurant leaves the food in a special place just for delivery service apps like Uber Eats and waits for the driver to pick up the food. After the driver picks up the food, he or she will deliver it to the address you have for the order.

1. Your Food Arrives Cold

The first reason why I will never order from Uber Eats again is because it takes so long for the driver to bring your food, your food ends up being cold. If I knew it would take so long for the driver to deliver the food, I would've just ordered a normal Uber ride to pick up my food myself and then order another normal Uber ride to bring it back home. I admit that what I ordered off the Uber Eats app was pretty far from the hotel I was staying at but it took much longer for the driver to deliver my food than it should've. This was due to the driver also picking up other orders along with mine and delivering them to the other people before bringing me my food.

On the app, it claimed that it would take the driver one hour to deliver my food, and as I said, I know that I ordered food that was far away from my hotel so I expected it to take a long time. However, I didn't realize that Uber Eats drivers picked up multiple orders at once and delivered in the order of what's most convenient to them and not in the order of whose food they picked up first. Therefore, the driver took almost an hour and a half to deliver my food and when I received it, everything was cold.

I had to put my food in the microwave to warm it up again. I ordered food from a restaurant because I wanted hot food, not leftovers that I would have to warm up in the microwave. Therefore, this ended up being a big disappointment. I really didn't see the appeal of ordering from the Uber Eats app if you will get cold food because the driver takes a very long time to deliver your food.

2. Not Worth The Price

The one and only time I have used the Uber Eats app to order food was due to a promotion I received in the app. It claimed that I would get $25 off my first order and this sounded like a pretty good deal so I decided to try it. I was staying at a hotel and while I could've asked my husband to drive us to a restaurant to eat, we never tried the Uber Eats app before and we were lazy to leave the hotel so we decided to give it a try.

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However, the $25 off your first order had some fine print attached to it that they don't tell you until later. It's true that it was $25 off my first order but that didn't include the taxes, delivery fee, or tip to your driver. Also, to make full use of the $25 off, I had to order something that cost me about $30 so I had to choose something expensive. By the time I finished ordering and applying the coupon, I realized what I thought would be a nearly free meal was still costing me almost $12 with all the taxes, fees, and tips. Therefore, it wasn't worth the price in the end and I learned that Uber Eats is really expensive. If I didn't have that coupon, I would've been paying almost $40 for my food because of all the extra fees.

3. Inconsistency

Also, Uber Eats is very inconsistent with their deliveries. My husband ordered separately on the app so that we could both take advantage of the $25 off your first order coupon. We had two separate accounts so it made sense to use both. My husband wasn't hungry at the time so the app allows you to request when the driver will deliver your food. He asked for the driver to come to deliver the food one hour after he placed the order. However, about 15 mins after placing the order, he received a text message from the driver saying that he is a few minutes away and the food is ready.

When I placed my order, I asked for the order to be delivered as soon as possible because I was hungry. However, my order took an hour and a half to be delivered so I was not happy with the service of Uber Eats. They're very inconsistent and I learned that the drivers just deliver the orders in the order that is most convenient for them and not for the customers.

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