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Where Do I Find Giardiniera? My Beef Needs It! (Up-Dated)

Marconi's Giardiniera on an Italian Beef! Yum!


Stopping for a Bite Turned Into Weekly Jaunt.

My husband and I lived about 40 miles from where we worked in Chicago proper, and from time to time we would stop to visit my brother and his family who lived in Glendale Heights at that time.

And, we would occasionally stop at Portillo’s for an Italian Beef Sandwich, they were located in Addison, Illinois. One particular day we drove right past Portillo’s then decided we had a taste for an Italian beef sandwich, but not wanting to backtrack we decided to settle for a hot dog and fries, and we stopped at 'Tommy’s Red Hots' which was close to where my brother lived.

When we went to Tommy’s there was such a long line, it was out the door of a little hole in the wall. Inside the isle was narrow with a row of bar stools at a bar against the wall on the other side the first counter was chin high on me and as the line moved on inside, the second counter was about waist high. The smell was intoxicating.

The Customer In Front of Us Ordered an Italian Beef Sandwich.

When the customer in front of us ordered an Italian beef, hubby and I looked at each other, and when we saw the size of the sandwich, we ordered only one and had it cut in half.

We were asked what kind of condiments we wanted and we chose ‘Hot Giardiniera.’The price was less than where we had been buying our sandwiches.

From that day forward we would stop at least once a week at ‘Tommy’s Red Hots.’ Tommy’s specialties is hot dogs, but they also sell ‘Italian Beef’ sandwiches.

This had to be the most mouth watering, tasty, juicy beef, I ever put in my mouth. Then I realized it was not just the beef, but the juice (gravy) and the Giardiniera.

What Is An Italian Beef?

What is an Italian beef? If you take the most-tender cut of beef in the delicatessen and have it sliced very thin. Of course the sauce/gravy has a taste all its own, that I have tried to match without success. The closest I came was when I used a can of Campbell's French Onion Soup, heated to boiling and removed from the stove and the beef dropped down into the soup (about a half pound)

The slices of beef piled high inside crusty French bread, Here, the bread is called "Baguette" – crusty on the outside and soft inside, and you must have it (joozie) juicy, topped off with cooked green bell peppers or ‘Hot Giardiniera.’

When we moved here to the Dallas area we searched everywhere for Italian Beef and gravy without success. But for birthdays and Christmas, our son Kevin ships us Italian Beef with gravy and a jar of ‘Marconi’s Hot Giardiniera.’ Oh my, the Giardiniera did not last long enough.


What Is Giardiniera?

Fresh jalapeno pepper slices ◊ Diced Celery stalk ◊ Diced green bell peppers ◊Diced red bell peppers ◊ Diced carrots ◊ Cauliflower florets ◊ Chopped onion ◊ Chopped garlic ◊ Red Pepper flakes ◊ Black Pepper flakes ◊ Dried oregano ◊ Salt ◊ White vinegar ◊ Olive oil ◊ Water. And then when mixed together – fantastic.