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When the World Hungers for Food, What Will We Do If We Doesn't Have?

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Backyard gardening is one of my favorite past-time activity on weekends and many times, a worthwhile activity rather than doing nothing.

As a hobby

Do you consider work as a hobby or a burden? If you consider it a hobby, you are right. If you consider it a burden, then I say, you have the right to say it. A hobby is an activity that you have done for enjoyment and not being paid for doing it.It gives one pleasure and satisfaction. It is edifying and worthwhile activity for an individual regardless of one's status.


Be Like the Ants :Stores food for the Rainy Days

Many animals can learn behaviors by imitation, but ants are different.They learn by interactive teaching.They work in tandem. They work by tutoring.They follow what there leader exemplifies.But just like the ants, man must be. Regardless of status in life, whether poor or needy, rich or wealthy, no one is above the law of nature- to work and work and work.

When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, "Certainly I can." Then get busy and find out how to do it.


Junks but Gold

I came across to a man who happens to be on the street everyday with his backpack and a little cart with everything on it like, empty bottles, jars, containers, used tires ,used shoes, and old newspapers and boxes. He seems to be a garbage collector but no, he is not. He collects them as garbage,but to him its gold. Those collected used items were taken home and he made it as a tool for his backyard garden. What amazed us the most is, the plot he cultivated was a barren area that mostly by-walkers were treating it as nonsense, worthless and unfruitful. Surprisingly amidst the Covid-19 crisis, the community he belongs was infected with this virus and has to be quarantined for a while. Without savings and having a big family to raise, he manage to use the barren land that was before unworthy. Being raised by a farmer in his childhood days, he was able to take the initiative and make his first move. He turns this barren land into a fruitful one. He makes his own food out of nothing.

Because the quarantine period starts late February and in the Philippines this is summer time and expected that the weather is too dry and hot, drought is possibly be a challenge for all farmers so that water supply is a necessary element for plants to survive.

No water no problem, because if there is a will there is way.

I told you,this man has the will. Because family is his first priority. He digs up his own source of water supply which all of his neighbors and friends didn't discovers it. Until when the community supply of water drains out, they look up to him for help.


Growing plants can be profitable if you turn your gardening skills into getting an extra cash. While most of us immediately think that eating potato chips can be good as planting a potato or getting a good harvest without cultivating the soil for a good harvest.

Your Soil, What about it?


Test and Improve the soil


soil test reading


what you must do

high ph


the soil is alkaline. Lower the ph by adding sulfur

low ph


the soil is too acidic.Add lime or wood ashes

low nitrogen


Add manure

high nitrogen


Soil maybe over-fertilized.Water the soil

low phosphorous


Add rock phosphate

high phosphorous


Soil maybe over-fertilized.Grow more plants

low potassium


Add potash or wood ashes

high potassium


Continue to fertilize with nitrogen and phosphorous

poor or too much drainage


If the soil is clay-like or heavy it won't drain.Mix in compost to add better texture on soil.

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Guiding principle to start up a garden and raise food

1. Start small. Empty lots or your backyard may help you start your own garden.

2. Don't expect too much from what you do. Gardening is a hobby and just for fun. Of course, earning an extra cash from the farmland is overwhelming and expecting too much to earn beyond the food you eat is not fun.

3. Avoid debt. Many farmers or vegetable growers were likely to incur to debt because there is already a need to put up the materials necessary for a good harvest.

4. Take time to talk to farm experts. They will surely gave incredible ideas ,knowledge and expertise in farming.

5. Be responsible but don't be too serious. Farming is a commitment. You have to spent more time working at it.

Make Your Own Food

Here are some suggestions on how to make and raise our own vegetable garden from our backyards.

1. Many vegetables like full and direct sunlight to grow. If possible, choose a location in your area with at least 8 hours of direct sunlight.

2.Do not work the soil while it is wet. Clean the soil and if available you can add organic material like compost or well-rotted manure for added nutrients to your garden plot.

3.If you choose to plant tall or trellised vegetables varieties,like bitter melon, they grow best with support like trellis or fences.

4.The best time to water the plants is in the morning so the leaves have time to dry out before evening. Do not let the soil dry out before you water them. If possible, water the soil deeply so that when drought come it will help the plants to withstand during this condition.

5.Weed around your vegetable so that your plants do not have to compete the moisture and nutrients.

6. Inspect your garden daily for pest infestation.They are your competitors. Garden pest,specially garden snails likes tender plants and leaves. They can be seen during nighttime and early in the morning.

7. Some vegetables need more harvesting to make more vegetables. If possible pick your vegetables before they are fully ripe or mature.


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