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What to Serve With Oyster Stew?

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An oyster stew is made of, of course, oysters. You have an option to use fresh or canned oysters but it is always recommended to use fresh oysters. This dish is very easy to prepare and is delicious in the taste. Before, it was considered to be the food of the poor. But, that was before. Today, oyster stew is one of the most famous dishes in elite restaurants and can be prepared in home meals for a whole family to enjoy. Making it is fairly simple and easy. Most of the time people use cracked black pepper and paprika aside from the main ingredient – the oyster. Also, you can add milk, cream, and some amounts of butter for added taste. Yes, oyster stew is fairly easy to make but what would you serve it with?

Picking side dishes that would go well with oyster stew might be a little challenging to you, especially if you are not a culinary expert and is just doing the cooking for the first time. Matching the taste in order for them to complement each other is quite a challenge to accomplish. However, with the right amount of determination, an Internet connection, and a tool for research; you could just do about anything with your oyster stew. But for your comfort, you only have to read on to find some delicious recipes that will go well with oyster stew. Get your pens and papers ready and start taking down notes.

Hearty Potato Garlic Bread


· 1 cup of water

· 2 cups of Robin Hood Best For Bread flour (homestyle white if available)

· ¾ cup of instant potato flakes

· 2 tablespoons of butter (margarine if butter is not available)

· 1 tablespoon of sugar

· 1 ½ teaspoon of salt

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· 1 ½ teaspoon of dried dill weed or chives (this is optional, so do not stress out if you do not have them)

· 1 ¼ teaspoon of gourmet yeast


Step 1: Get a mixer or any machine that you often use to mix ingredients. You can do this process manually if you like but we suggest that you use an electronic machine for easier life and your convenience.

Step 2: Combine all the above ingredients in the container provided by the electronic mixer. Add the flours first before putting in water. Close the lid of the container and then shake it lightly just to blend it slightly. Once done, you may put the container into its allocated space in the machine.

Step 3: Turn the machine on as directed and use it as instructed. Be sure that you do a thorough mixing. If the WHITE cycle is available, by all means use it.

Step 4: Enjoy! This recipe can make 1 pound of loaf for you to enjoy.

Other recipes that is good for oyster stew side dish is available for you to choose from. What you need to do is just be a little more patient and persevere in searching the World Wide Web.

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