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What Are the Top 5 Best Gifts to Give a Wine Lover

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What are The Top 5 Best Gifts to Give A Wine Lover

The typical wine lover will do anything to enjoy that special moment with their favorite wine types and brands. Even if they are occasional drinkers, they do deserve some lovely wine accessories that can be packaged as gifts and presented to them specially. If you are unsure of what to give that person who enjoys their wine alone or socially, here are the top 5 options you may want to consider.

Handlebar Cock Screw with Bottle Opener

Most wine lovers don't take cock screws with them, especially when going for a social engagement. They will surely appreciate your effort in finding this essential accessory to reduce their troubles. Go for a cock screw with a mustache design containing a spiraling bottom opener. All the user has to do is rotate the mustache head until the screw tip becomes stuck to the screw, and then turn it clockwise to remove the screw. This cock screw often comes with a stainless finish, and you can also find some in glossy finishes.

Wine-stopper USB Memory Stick

This is a fantastic wine accessory for the tech-savvy. The USB is a portable device for keeping information, but you can transform it from an ordinary device to a wine accessory. Don't worry about your USB wine stopper being damaged during storage; the device has been well-protected against extreme cold temperatures. The wine-stopper USB memory stick comes in diverse memory sizes, and the more popular ones are the 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB sizes.

Rustic Wine Rack

This is an accessory gift for those who appreciate the value of vintage storage. The rack wouldn't just provide a storage compartment, and it will add some old appeal that reminds you of the old wine-making process. Though the rack is made from various wood, the cedar wood option seems to be one of the fascinating options you should consider. This rustic rack can be hung on the wall. There are different cedar wood rack options, and you should consider the one that has passed through staining and burning processes. Some racks are coated to prolong their shelf lives. The rustic rack is a wine accessory that can be handed down from one generation.

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Soiree Bottle Decanter and Aerator

This is another fascinating accessory to consider. If you want to change your wine's characteristics, you may have to use decanters and aerators. With a soiree, you can pour the drink into, mixing it with air and cascading it unto your glass. The subtle change in taste generated through aeration can give your drink a better flavor. Aeration is also important if you like to consume your alcohol at slightly warmer temperatures. There are several options for this aerator you can find in the market today, opt for the one that suits your preference.

Wine Thermometer

This may seem like an unnecessary accessory, but it sure will serve a purpose, especially if you keep records of the temperature of different wines. Sometimes, you can predict the taste of the drink by detecting its core temperature. If you are a regular taster, for instance, you can take this accessory with you anywhere you indulge in wine tasting. The design of this accessory is such that you can remove it easily from its case and then wrap it around the bottle and take your measurements. The accessory is designed to withstand repeated drops and other mechanical impacts without shattering. You can also keep the thermometer in a drawer or cabinet after use, but make sure you read the user directions for storage. You don't have to insert your thermometer into the bottle; hence it is much easier to clean after use.


The gift options for wine lovers are not limited to the highlighted options above, and you can consider some other options. The metal flow wall rack is quite similar to the rustic wine rack, just that this one comes with a metal structure with a special curved design to hold your wine bottles stylishly. You may also consider the stemware holder for wine glasses. The stemware holder makes the glasses easily accessible at any time and can hold as many glasses as it can contain.

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