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What Type of Herbal Plants Would You Have in Your Herb Garden in Spring

Devika enjoys sharing her work with a friendly community. Writing opens the mind. I live in a foreign country learned a foreign language .

Spring Herb Garden

What Type of Herbal plants would you have in your Herb Garden in Spring?

Herbal gardens require time, patience, space and good drainage soil. I had no idea where, to begin with, a herb garden.

I didn't follow a guidebook to improve on my herb garden. I love this time of year when I allow the thoughts to flow through my mind about planting the different herbal plants.

Do you have a Herbal garden?

What type of herbs would you plant at this time of year?

I began with the earliest planting, Coriander, a few different types of Basil and Sage.

The herbs planted in Spring are Coriander, Thyme, Mint, Basil, Sage and Rosemary

To begin with I need to focus on the earliest herbal plants.


Sage reseeds so not much to be concerned about this herb. In the autumn to winter seasons the seeds of the Sage flowers grow along the stem and the dark brown bell-shaped seeds are clearly visible.

I notice the seeds turning dark in colour and the flowers turn brown. I cut the flower stalk and place the seeds upside down in a brown paper bag. It doesn’t matter what colour the paper bag is. Seeds ripen and fall in the bottom of the bag.

I don’t often do this, and know the seed lasts up to three years. Sage needs a sunny spot in the garden and grows well in the Mediterranean region. Sometimes it grows well in pots.

Gray coloured leaves with a velvety touch give lovely purple flowers. From these flowers, we ferment in the local traditional drink called Rakija. I like spring gardens always interesting ideas for me.

A dark colour forms and is a tasty appetizer.


I first planted Coriander, or Cilantro, as many would call it, used for garnish or in an addition to meals. This herb grows in Southern Europe and in Northern Africa, going on to Southwestern Asia. I didn’t know where it grows and what type of climate suits Coriander.

I discovered this on my own when I decided to plant Coriander in a small patch of garden. I planted a few seeds, to see how it would adapt to the Croatian climate. It grew very well. Unfortunately, snails and slugs ate all of it.

Ground with a lot of stone is best for the Coriander to grow without pests. I decided to plant more seeds in the rough ground with stone and it has taken and grown in most parts of the ground with small stones.

The stones are rough and snails don't like the edges. I am impressed and have many coriander plants. Every season, I plant a new batch

Thyme is one of my favourite herbs.

I go on long walks to search for the wild thyme. The aroma of wild Thyme is different to the cultivated Thyme and the leaves are rougher on the wild thyme.

Thyme is a good choice of herbs to use in kebabs and lamb roast. It may not be a choice for everyone, but I prefer it. Thyme likes rocky areas and chalky ground also, self-seeds.


In my experience, Mint didn’t grow on the first attempt.

I tried to grow Mint at my first attempt and it didn’t grow until the third or fourth attempt. I wasn’t sure why it wouldn’t catch on to all the attempts.

A perennial plant and a green herb that has been used for centuries, there are many varieties of this aromatic plant, with peppermint and spearmint flavours and a refreshing taste.

Mint is used for many purposes, with vegetables, mint sauce for roasts is one of the most popular ways in a sauce, and the leaves are used in salads and mint tea relaxes you on a summer’s day.

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Used in most foods, and grown worldwide, the peppermint and spearmint herbal plants were discovered in the early eighteen hundreds in the European regions.

Mint is used as a stimulant, is good for colds, flu, digestion, hiccups, stings, earaches, sinuses and other minor ailments. I realized that Mint prefers warmer weather.


A herb worshipped by many people in India and is recognized as a sacred green herb. In parts of Mexico, Basil is thought to attract money and keep your partner faithful. Traditionally Basil is used as a good luck charm. Amazingly, but the truth of what people believed in medieval times, and some still do.

The taste and aroma of Basil should be used with caution when picked freshly. When dried sweet basil leaves don't have their strong fragrance. A choice of many cuisines, a garnish in salads, especially, with tomatoes is a great combination.

Fresh Basil, when added to the flavouring of foods for a few minutes at the end of your cooking is most appropriate just to release the flavours.

Asian cultures use Basil for many kinds of foods, including stir-fry dishes and curries. This herb is used for coughs in the Far East, while in Africa it is used for expelling worms and it was believed that some people used it as an essential ingredient for snuff to ease headaches.

A herb used in creams for insect bites, ringworm, tired eyes, as a mouthwash, and to increase energy after bathing. The essential oils of Basil are used for abdominal pains and contain camphor. A perennial plant, which grows in the tropical regions, they are best grown indoors from seed. It shouldn't be kept in cold weather, sunny spots are better.


Rosemary, a herb commonly found in your back garden, and used in cooking from an evergreen plant with small narrow leaves. There have been old beliefs of this herb, and most people still believe in their traditional thoughts, especially those in the Mediterranean region.

With strong flavours, used in the flavouring foods at the end and discard before eating, in soups, or any other foods in your daily menus. Rosemary enhances flavours in salads and goes well with tomatoes.

Leaves and flowers are used for cooking or in salads. Rosemary is used as a herb and a tea. Rosemary can be used as a laxative; anyone can have this herb as a tea, if you have allergic reactions, control your intake. I

In Croatia, I have noticed that Rosemary is grown everywhere. People plant Rosemary as a hedge and it is cooked in many cuisines.

Since living in Croatia I have discovered many herbal plants and have experimented with the different types of herbal plants. Mostly I was familiar with it but had not used it from the wild.

Herb garden in Spring





Basil  growing in a pot

Basil growing in a pot







Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds

Herb garden for Beginners

Spring herb gardens are attractive

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

Chitrangada Sharan Herbs are of great health benefits and may not be for everyone. As long as you can find the new herbs and experiment with it also, know the type of herbs you find is a great experience. Thank you.

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

FlourishAnyway thank you for sharing your views here and I appreciate your time to stop by.

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

John Hansen, I like to pick my own herbs to cook with or make herbal teas. My book The Simple Uses of Herbal Teas and Indian Spices has all the information you need. I researched and discovered many herbs put it all in a book. Thank you

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

Bill thank you for sharing your side of it here about the herbs you have in your garden. I plant to expand and the greenhouse is a great idea.

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

Hi Peggy It is easy once you get into it and the choices are unlimited. Thank you

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

Pamela Oglesby Sorry to hear that you can't work in the garden due to health issues. It must be unpleasant and to not be able to do what you enjoy is not such a good time for you. I didn't have much of an interest in the garden. Living in Croatia has given me that opportunity and changed my mind about not working around the garden. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

Hi Dora I heard that Coriander and Cilantro are the same. It is interesting to know about the different herbs and its purpose. Thank you

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

manatita44 I am glad you think I have done a great job on this hub I try to give my best work here and to inform you of my experiences. Thank you

Devika Primić (author) from Dubrovnik, Croatia on March 05, 2021:

Hello Ann I learned a lot living in Croatia has taught me about many herbs. In Spring I plant the herbs I mentioned here and other herbs grow in the wild. I try to use many different herbs in cooking and sometimes make tea. I appreciate your time, thank you very much for stopping by.

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on March 04, 2021:

Excellent article about the herbs, we can grow in our home garden. You have provided tips and useful information, through your own experience, and this makes it easy to understand.

The green coriander, Mint, Basil, curry leaves are almost a regular in my home. And, it's always good to use our home grown fresh herbs. We use it in salads, chutneys, smoothies, snacks and so many more. I grow Basil/ Tulsi in clay pots , and have around six of them.

Well done article Devika, and your pictures are great.

Thanks for sharing!

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 04, 2021:

I enjoy having fresh basil available for recipes right outside my kitchen window. I like the information you have presented here.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 04, 2021:

A very useful article, Devika. We have basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, parsley, chives, garlic chives, and curry plant growing. We had mint but unfortunately it died. Thanks for sharing.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 04, 2021:

We have rosemary, three types of mint, and chives. I will have more next year once I get my greenhouse up and running.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 04, 2021:

I like to grow all of these except the coriander. I also like to grow chives. It is great having herbs available whenever you wish to use them.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 04, 2021:

This article has a wealth of information about herbs for our gardens. I cannot work in the garden anymore due to my health problems, but I sure miss it. I would like to grow all of these herbs. You have done an excellent job with this article, Devika.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 04, 2021:

Thanks for the tour through your herb garden. I recently learned that coriander are seeds from the cilantro. So many interesting things to know.

manatita44 from london on March 04, 2021:

You've done a great job here and its nice to see these plants as I have the final products in my kitchen essentials. For one learning, you seem to have done pretty well. Alas! gardening is not my forte. Sorry. Next time you can talk a little about their herbal qualities.

Ann Carr from SW England on March 04, 2021:

I love all the herbs and have all these in my garden except the coriander and basil. Perhaps I should try basil in a pot as I've had no luck with it outside as yet. I don't think it likes the climate here!

Great hub - any garden should have herbs and vegetables, in my opinion. It's great to be able to use your own ingredients when cooking.

Great article, Devika.


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