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What Should I Be Eating?

Adekunle Akinmade is a clinical nutritionist with interest in prevention and management of chronic diseases via lifestyle modifications.

Most Important Components Of A Healthy Diet.


A Simple Dietary Guide To Preventing And Managing Diseases.

Managing Hypertension, Diabetes, and High Cholesterol Level - many times requires the use of medication. This should not be the only strategy been use. Solely relying on medications has resulted in many patients struggling to optimally manage these conditions.

The question is: What Else Should You Be Doing?

There are areas of your life that needs to be changed or can be improved upon, things you probably already know about, they include:

• Diet

• PhysicalActivity

• Weight Loss

• Alcohol

• Smoking etc.

Essential Part Towards Health Management.

Lifestyle modifications are an essential part and not option in the management of these conditions. They are to be included as part of the initial strategy or sometimes the only initial strategy depending on the soverity.

Making the necessary changes in these areas can be sufficient for some individuals to manage their health conditions without medications.

But for those who will require medications, there are many benefits of employing both lifestyles.. modifications and medications compare to just medication alone.

This article has been written to helping you understand and put into practice "Healthy Eating Towards Managing Your Condition Better".

What A Healthy Diet Entails.

A simple way to understand what a healthy diet entails is by following the simple mantra below:

1• Eat Food: This means you should try to eat more whole and fresh foods and less of canned and processed foods.

Whole and Fresh Foods are food items that are basically the way they were when they were harvested with minimal processing like fresh corn, brown rice, whole wheat items (flour, bread, pasta).The more processed a food item is the less healthy it becomes.

Food are processed for a variety of reasons:

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• From preserving it's shelf life to making it taste more appealing.

• They are usually achieved by the removal of some, and in many cases most of the nutritional values of the food item or addition of additives, plenty of sugar or salt.

This doesn't mean you need to stay away from canned and processed foods - it's almost inevitable. But you should try to reduce the frequency and amount you consume and when you do consume them, ensure you are picking the healthier choices out of the various brands available.

2• Not Too Much: Many of us are in the habit of eating till we are so full, we can hardly breathe. By doing this, you will end up eating more than you need. Ideally you should eat till you are no longer hungry. While it might not be easy to immediately start eating exactly what you need, you can start by reducing your portion slowly and steadily.

3• Mostly Plants: The basis of Healthy Eating is the use of variety of plant foods. Many nutrients in plant foods have Antioxidant and Anti - Inflammatory Properties, inhibit Blood Clots, regulate Blood Pressures, Enzyme Activity, Blood Glucose Levels, Fat Metabolism, affect Gene Expression on Biomarkers associated with Cardiovascular Disease.

• A larger part of your meal should be plants based. Your carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits should make up at least 70% of your meal and the remaining animal based such as your meat, poultry, seafoods, milk and eggs. While animal based foods have their place in our meals - they shouldn't make the major portions of your meal.

Most Important Components Of A Healthy Diet.


Grilled Or Roasted Chicken Is Preferable.


Benefits Of Healthy Diet.

1• Control Weight: Eating the right diet would help you maintain a healthy weight, lose weight if you are overweight and gain weight if you underweight.

Chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension and Dyslipidaemia have been linked with obesity, and so one of the cornerstones of their management is weight lose for overweight people. Study have shown that losing weight reduces or prevents high blood pressure, blood glucose levels and blood lipids.

2• Increase Productivity: Like a car, your body andr brain need quality fuel to run effectively. Eating healthy boost your energy, making you more efficient and increasing your focus in your day to day activity. Study have shown unhealthy diet to be one of the primary caused of low productivity.

3• Enhanced Mood: Although there is no single food that acts as a proven antidepressants, maintaining stable levels of blood sugar, through regular proper nutrition will help you feel better overall on most days.

4• Be Healthier And live Longer: The vitamins and minerals in the diet are vital to boost immunity and healthy development. Healthy eating diets are associated with a significant reduction in the risk of death (from all causes).

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, in combination with exercise can protect you from diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancers, helping you to live a longer healthier life.

Diets Rich In Vegetables And Fruits With Exercise Is The Secret Of Good Health.


Food That Are Useful In Moderation.

• Clinical and epidemiological studies have shown that Cocoa - Rich Foods reduce the risk of Cardiovascular disease because cocoa is high in polyphenols especially Flavonoids.

• Consumption of dark Chocolate can help to create a feeling of satiety and reduce the Caloric Content of food.

• At the same time, consuming chocolate can lead to weight - gain without increasing the risk of heart failure.

• In the case of moderate consumption of eggs (No more than one egg per 2days) is associated with a reduced risk of death from various causes, excessive use with an increased risk.

• Excessive egg consumption (more than one egg per day) is associated with Ischemic Heart Disease, Heart Failure (25%) and an increased risk of Myocardial infarction.

Unhealthy Foods.

• All the reasons for the increased risk of death are related to the use of Red - Meat, Processed Red - Meat, (sausages, bacon etc), Sweetened Beverages (most of which are popular carbonated beverages.

• Over - Eating of a group of foods leads to the spread of Chronic Non - Communicable Disease, Death Which allows them to be considered unhealthy or harmful foods.

• Excessive Consumption of salty foods (fast - food, pickle, semi finished products, chips etc) is the cause of high blood pressure and a number of cardiovascular disease.

Tips For Right Cooking

• Try to reduce the amount of frying that you do to reduce your intake of fat in general. Do more of Boiling, Grilling, Steaming, Stir - Frying and Roasting.

E.g: Grilling of Chicken

There is nothing special about grilling chicken, it is just like cooking chicken. The only difference is the use of dry heat. If you want to grill chicken i would advice that you use an ovum for best result. I have learned that it is more healthy to grill chicken than to fry or cook, this however depends on several other factors. During the grilling process the heat from the ovum melt away the sagging fats (animal fats) and the real edible chicken is also cook for human consumption.

It is better to clean properly, apply all the necessary ingredients and throw into an ovum that is set at low heat.

• Stir Frying: is when you use minimum amount of oil to fry ingredients, while constantly stirring the ingredients.

It is used a lot for cooking vegetables, as it helps preserve the precious nutrients in them. It is also used to cook poultry and sea food.

• When cooking with oil, use as little as possible and use those high in unsaturated fat such as olive, safflower sesame, groundnut, soybean, corn, sunflower etc.

• With poultry use more of the leaner light meat (breasts) instead of the fattier dark meat (legs and thighs) and sure to remove the skin.

• Using Non - Stick Pans: Non - Stick - Pans are pans with a black covering on the inside. This covering prevents food from sticking to the pan when you cook, allowing you use lesser oil, compare to when you cook with a pan that is non - stick.

Be Wise

Thank you

Adekunle Akinmade

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