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Wegmans: A Grocery Shopping Experience!

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Wegman's Grocery Store

I am the grocery shopper in our household. Last year, we moved to Virginia and I discovered Wegmans grocery store. I didn't know what I was missing until I walked through their doors.

Not only do they have affordable prices, but they also have great quality products. They value nutrition and low prices with all of their store-brand products.

Cheese Display

Wegman's Produce and Cheese Sections

The first thing I saw when I walked through their doors was their expansive produce department. I have never found anything below high quality there.

The produce is wonderful. It's like you are shopping at a huge indoor farmers market. The variety and quality of the produce is the best I have found amongst all of the grocery stores in the area.

The next department is the cheese department. They have tons of fine cheeses not found in other stores and at reasonable prices. They constantly have samples to try.

They also have an olive bar in the cheese department with every type of olive you can think of and more! They have everything from the basic black olive to the Kalamata olive, to stuffed peppers. Since it is an olive bar, you place as many olives as you would like to buy in a plastic tub. The price is around $8.50 per pound, so you can put as many different types of olives in the tub as you would like.

Wegman's Meat, Seafood and Bakery Sections

Next is the meat, seafood and bakery area. It's almost like you are in a lively market place.

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You can watch the bakery make an assortment of tasty cupcakes, cakes and other treats. They will make specialized cakes for you, but sign up a few weeks in advance around Graduation time to get your order in. They are very popular!

The seafood department has a large variety of fresh fish to choose from. You could choose fresh fish that look like they have just been caught. In the middle of the aisle, they have an oyster bar if you would like a light snack and drink.

The meat department is high quality. It's like walking into a butcher shop. Again, there is lots of variety and it's very high quality. They carry organic meat and meat that you would normally find in other countries.

Wegman's Organic and Wine Sections

Wegman's has a large organic section near the cheese shop which includes everything from frozen organic meals to organic shampoo and organic pet food. Their prices are competitive and they regularly have sales.

They have a huge wine section. Normally, on the weekends, you will find employees giving out wine samples. Wegman's carries every day wine, local wines and specialty wines. They have everything you would need for wine including the wine glasses, aerators and the wine itself.

Wegman's Locations

Wegman's: A Kid-Friendly Grocery Store

The rest of the store is like any other store. You will find the same sort of shelf-stable food you would find in any other grocery store. Their store brand is high quality and very competitively priced. I have even found that Wegmans has lower prices than Walmart on some items!

The whole store is kid-friendly. They have shopping carts that fit two kids at a time. They even have car-carts that fit two kids in the car part and two kids in the shopping cart part. While in the car part, kids can "help" drive around the store and honk at obstacles.

In the dairy section, they have a large set of train tracks suspended from the ceiling. During high-traffic times, they turn the train on so it can ride on the train tracks and the kids can watch it go around and make its choo-choo sounds.

Wegman's is based out of New York with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

Even though it takes me 20 minutes to get to my local Wegmans and I have at least 10 grocery stores near me, I still choose to make the drive to Wegmans. The high quality and low prices are worth the drive. Plus, they have the best produce in the area!

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© 2012 Melanie Casey

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