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Ways to Make Great Tasting Coffee at Home


With the prices of certain agricultural commodities such as coffee going through the roof in 2021, you may have noticed that the price of a nice cup prepared by a barista at your favorite java spot has also gone up. The good news is that you don't have to go broke at your local cafe in order to enjoy amazing coffee; you can get the same effect, and in some cases even better, by staying home. The key is in selecting the right beans for brewing methods that do not involve a coffeemaker kitchen appliance. Here are four ideas:

Turkish Coffee

To make this rich and foamy coffee at home, you will need the most finely ground Arabica blend. Robusta beans will work as well, but it needs to be ground into powder. For best results, invest in a Turkish cezve pot, but just about any small cooking pot will work as well. Start by brewing water; you will want to add sugar once it is warm enough for the crystals to dissolve. Add the coffee at the boiling point and begin stirring until you get foam. Let the coffee sit for about four minutes before pouring it into the cup. Don't worry about straining because the fine grounds will stay at the bottom.

The Keurig Method

After gaining popularity in Europe, Keurig brewing machines finally made it to the North American market, and they are the best and most efficient method of enjoying things like Starbucks coffee at home. You can order items like Starbucks K Cup Pods or flavored Keurig Pods online for home delivery with flavors ranging from Veranda to French Roast and from Verona to Breakfast Blend. Depending on the pods you select, you may not even need to add spices or sweets such as caramel.

French Press

This simple and affordable kitchen device is actually an Italian invention, but it can deliver amazing coffee without bitterness or excessive caffeine levels. Any kind of ground beans will work with a French Press, and the flavor will always be fresh as long as you do not let the boiling water sit for more than four minutes once the plunger is pushed all the way down.

The Sock Method

Coffee cloth filters are the only means for brewing coffee in Costa Rica and other Central American nations known for their excellent beans. The difference between cloth filters and coffeemakers is that the drip is a lot faster, thus cutting down on acidic taste and higher caffeine levels. The result is a cup of coffee that tastes extremely fresh.

In the end, you do not have to stop going to your favorite cafe if what attracts you is the ambiance. Nonetheless, the brewing methods mentioned above will give you all the flavor you should expect from a great cup of coffee.

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