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Simple Watermelon Salsa

Cook Time

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20 min

20 min

Serves about 10 people

Spicy Watermelon Salsa


How to Make the Best Watermelon Salsa

My sister had her high school graduation party this year and we found we had purchased far too much watermelon for the event. When it was over we had to find creative ways to get rid of it, and here we are. This side dish is amazing with pretty much any grilled meat, but it's also perfect with a simple tortilla chip. It's sweet, spicy, and salty, and it's incredibly easy to make! It's perfect for cookouts and changing things up from the typical boring bowl of watermelon that is always the exact same thing. Give it a shot and I'm sure you will absolutely love it!

Serving Sizes

Since all watermelons are different sizes, I will be basing my ingredients off of how much I made myself, which was plenty to serve my family of five and we had plenty of leftovers for the next day! I used a half watermelon, so if you're planning on using a full one simply multiply the ingredients by 2, for 2 watermelons multiply by 4, and so on and so forth. You will need the following:

Watermelon Salsa With Mint

  • 1 Half 20 lb Watermelon, cubed
  • 2-3 Jalapenos, seeded and diced fine
  • 1 Cilantro bushel (optional), diced fine
  • 1/4 cup Spearmint (optional), diced fine
  • Pinch Salt and Pepper

What Causes Cilantro to Taste Like Soap?


What Can be Used in Place of Cilantro?

While I believe cilantro is absolutely delicious, some people believe it tastes like soap. It's entirely up to you whether you use cilantro or mint as a substitute! Fun fact, a recent study has shown that people who think cilantro taste like soap only feel this way because of a particular gene in their body! So it isn't your fault you're missing out on one of the greatest herbs ever, AND you aren't crazy either! Great recipes and you're learning something new! Anyway, on to the recipe.

How to Cut a Watermelon

Begin by cutting your watermelon in half. Cut the half into 4 quarters. Placing the watermelon pieces rind side down, make verticle cuts towards the rind, spacing the cuts to the size of the cubes you'd like to have. Once completed, cut horizontally across your vertical cuts, trying to maintain the same length between cuts as your vertical ones. When you've finished, cut along the curve of the rind to release the fruit and dump it into a bowl. I've posted a video link for visual aide.

How to Cut Watermelon

Are Jalapenos Hot?


How to Seed a Jalapeno

Next, cut your jalapenos in half, and using a spoon, scrape the seeds and membrane into a trashcan. The heat of the jalapeno rests inside of the membrane and seeds, and even though I love my spicy food, it entirely overpowers the watermelon if they're not removed. If you enjoy a little more or less heat, just add or subtract a jalapeno or two. Once the peppers are seeded dice them fine and add them to your cubed watermelon and mix them together. Finally, pick the leaves off of your cilantro (or spearmint) bushel and dice them finely before mixing them in. I personally don't chop or dice my veggies when I'm making something like this quick, so I use my food processor or chopper. It's a hand-crank one, but it works fantastically and saves a ton of time. You can find them cheap, and they're very easy to clean also. They're also really convenient if your knife skills aren't great.

Watermelon Jalapeno Salsa

Lastly, mix your ingredients well and serve in a nice bowl! This dish is going to look and taste amazing. It's sweet and juicy from the watermelon, spicy from the jalapenos, and either a fresh green flavor from the cilantro or a refreshing minty flavor from the spearmint. Both herbs make this entirely different and delicious all at once. This is great served with chicken or pork. It's also just a great side in general by itself or with chips! It's definitely a nice twist on simple watermelon and packs a ton of flavor! I hope you all enjoy it this summer! Your friends and family will be asking for you to make it each year guaranteed!

Serve With a Main Dish of:

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How was it?!

Questions, comments, or criticisms?

Let me know in the comments below what you think this would pair well with, or any praise or criticism of the dish! I look forward to reading and responding to any questions as well! Also, please be sure to keep an eye out for any new recipes I post or pair with this dish! And as always, keep eating good!

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Jesse Unk (author) from Ohio on July 24, 2017:

Hey thanks for the positive feedback guys! I try to share some extra tips so it's more interesting than a basic recipe! You should check out some other recipes I've shared! Enjoy!

Leah Kennedy-Jangraw from Massachusetts on July 24, 2017:

This is a great idea for leftover watermelon. Also I love the tips and tricks you shared while you were explaining the recipe. Great hub!

Camille Harris from SF Bay Area on July 12, 2017:

Hi Jesse,

This sounds fantastic! Watermelon is such a healthy treat, and this is a great way to incorporate it into our diets. Well done!

Jesse Unk (author) from Ohio on July 11, 2017:


It's absolutely fantastic! Plus you can make it extra spicy or minty buy just adjusting a few measurements! It's so good for summer parties.

Brenda from Florida on June 24, 2017:

I love fruit salsa, and I love watermelon, this sound really yummy

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