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Where did Vegemite Originate? In Australia of Course

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A passionate lover of his native Australia, Peter loves to share with the world the wonders of this beautiful Country called Australia.

My First Vegemite

Early in 2011 Kraft Foods after 70 years of manufacturing Vegemite succumbed to the pleas of many dietitians and released a new salt-reduced version of Vegemite.
The new Vegemite is call "My First Vegemite" is aimed almost shamelessly at the kids.
I believe there is only half of the Sodium content that the original Vegemite contains.

A spokesperson for Kraft has said that 'My First Vegemite' was intended to introduce new arrivals in Australia and children who had never tried the spread to the unique taste of Vegemite and then I guess graduate on to the full strenth Vegemite

Vegemite - on a Supermarket shelf near you ?

Vegemite - on a Supermarket shelf near you ?


In a way this is my homage to Vegemite a simple spread that grew into a Legend.

During October 2008 Vegemite celebrated its

"Vegemite-Billionth Jar Promotion"

so I figured any product that has sold 1 billion units deserved some sort of Homage.

I have been asked by many people ( well at least 2 ) just what is Vegemite.

When I explain what Vegemite actually is made of , their faces screw up and they say "How can you possibly eat shit like that?". Well I'm here to tell you that you can eat shit like that , and I'll explain how.

When I was growing up as well as many Australian kids our staple diet included Vegemite spread. We would have it on toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and in our dinner at night as a flavoring for soups, stews etc.

Cheesybite - Vegemite and Cheese mixture

Cheesybite - The new Vegemite and Cheese product. Did not catch on

Cheesybite - The new Vegemite and Cheese product. Did not catch on

New product update - Cheesybite

New update on the new spread with the combination of Vegemite and Cheese !

To all and sundry and hopefully not be change again it will be called :

taaaa dumm


Just to prove it is not a joke there is an image of the product released in early 2010!

Update : Did not catch on! I tried it myself but much prefer to add the cheese to my own personal taste ! Cheddar Tasty at the moment .

Vegemite Recipes - try some!

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New recipe release June 2009


The name for the new spread has been released, wait for itttt----*****DRUM ROLL***

******************** i snack 2.0 ***************

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Guess what :

******************it is no longer called isnack 2.0*************

stay tuned for the new name ?  No this is not a joke it is serious . LOLOL


Vegemite and Cheese in the one jar.

What will it be called : "Cheesimite" how about "Vegeese"

Give me your thoughts in the comments below.

14 th June 2009
Great News for Vegemite Lovers
Myself and many AUSTRALIANS have been happy little Vegemites for almost a century so Kraft the manufacturers of Vegemite didn't want to mess with the famous spread lightly.

But after quizzing over 300,000 people about how they eat it, they decided that Vegemite goes well with cheese. ( I agree completely )

So yesterday the makers ot the famous Australian product, launched a new version of Vegemite that the manufacturers say is smoother and more velvety than the original.

While the recipe is top secret, it is basically a combination of regular Vegemite and cream cheese.
The original will still be available and it is the first variation of the brand in 85 years.

Vegemite - One of the first advertisements

Vegemite advertisement appearing in "Women's World circa 1925"

Vegemite advertisement appearing in "Women's World circa 1925"

Vegemite - the Origin

But first before the eating a lit bit of history about the origins of Vegemite.

Vegemite was created in 1922 by a chemist named Cyril Callister who worked for the then named "Fred Walker Cheese Company"The factory was located in Port Melbourne,a suburb of Melbourne (Australia).

The company became known as "Kraft Walker Cheese Company" in 1926.

Around 1952 the advertising reflected the association the company had with Kraft food Company in America.

Because of the strength in the market of its opposition "Marmite" the products name was changed for a while to "Parwill". (get it). But thank goodness that did not last to long.

The main ingredient in Vegemite is Brewer's Yeast!

I grew up in Melbourne and the rumour that I grew up believing was that Vegemite was developed because they did not know what to do with the waste left over from the beer manufacturing process.

I threw that fact in for shadesbreath our resident beer drinking expert.

I would like him to know that during the process of making Vegemite there is definitely no waste of good beer.

The name Vegemite was obtained from a competition ran by the company for the amazingly good prize at that time of 50 Pounds (Approx A$100)

For more detailed readings visit the Kraft food website.

Unsubstantiated Rumor

A non-member has placed a comment below challenging he origins of Vegemite. In case you can't find it in the comments I will reproduce it here it in entirety.

Keith42 says and I quote:

"They say that to copy something is the best form of flattery, and that is just what Vegemite is a copy of Marmite, the true story is that Marmite was sent out to Australia from very early on and at some stage there was a shortage of Marmite , so a butcher in Melbourne decided to try to copy it , which he did and then Kraft got hold of it , and the rest as they say is history. Marmite has been around for about 150 years or more. For people to say Vegemite tastes different to Marmite is totally stupid they have the same taste."

I have challenged Keith42 to produce some proof for his statement.

Hi Keith nice to hear your "rumor". What you are saying can only be put down as a rumor because you do not produce one skerrick of information to substantiate your rather bombastic statement.

If you cannot taste the difference between Marmite and Vegemite I suggest you might consider having your taste buds revitalized.

Mate, Drop in any time you like, I love a chat!

Vegemite advert on TV circa 1950s

Down Under performed by Men at Work

Pop Culture

Vegemite became so popular that it got a mention in song that has almost become Australia's national anthem " Down Under" performed by "Men at Work" and has ranked number 1 in America, England and Australia.

Australia's real national anthem is "Advance Australia Fair".

Vegemite on Toast with Soft Boiled Egg

Vegemite delicious with eggs for breakfast.

Vegemite delicious with eggs for breakfast.

Vegemite - now for the eating

Vegemite the Product

OK it's been variously described as:-

axle grease, which it ain't, but you could probably use it as a substitute.

baby poo, not to sure.

dog poo , pretty sure it's not.

various other things not suitable for publication.

As far as taste goes well everyone seems to have a different opinion, you do really have to try it for yourself.

I've been eating it on and off since I was born and it hasn't done me any harm, not much anyway!

The eating

OK I hear you say "how do you eat it" .

Well any way you bloody well want to! That's how, that's the beauty of the stuff, there are no rules.

I will offer you some suggestions to get you going:

  1. Spread a THIN layer on buttered toast. till you get the taste for it.
  2. Spread a Thin layer on warm fresh buttered bread.
  3. Sandwich made with cheddar cheese and Vegemite.
  4. Add it as flavoring to soups, stews, anything really.

Vegemite - they even make memorabilia

Vegemite -Ford "A" Model memorabilia released 1993

Vegemite -Ford "A" Model memorabilia released 1993


Just to show you how popular Vegemite is in Australia, there is a range of collectable items such as:-

  1. Vegemite "A" model Truck.
  2. Vegemite cap.
  3. Golf balls.
  4. Toasters.

Vegemite Poll