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Vegans and Marmite: Make Yourself Some Marmite Marinade!

Best of British Yeast Extract!

Creative Commons licence

Creative Commons licence

They say you either love it or you hate it!

Marmite, that is. (In fact, they’ve even built a whole ad-campaign around that popular bit of culinary wisdom. There's nothing like using your defects as part of your armoury and turning them into advantages.) Certainly if you’re a vegan, it helps in both culinary and nutritional terms if you love Marmite. This yeastily delicious spread is rich in B vitamins including vitamin B12, as well as being pretty much an instant stock or gravy if you need such a thing and you’re in a hurry and relying on the contents of your store cupboard. Just as long as it hasn't been hanging around for long enough to turn into a gloopy cement, and glued the lid to the jar.

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Is Marmite Vegan?

Strict vegans should however beware, being aware that there is a degree of controversy over the issue of whether Marmite is actually vegan. A by-product of the brewing process, some may have problems with the fact that animal products form a part of that process (although they don’t constitute an ingredient of Marmite). Others may have ethical issues with the owners of the Marmite-making company.

Marmite, Love It Or Hate It?

But on to the marinade! I decided that this last Saturday evening – for our special celebration pre-Dr Who shared supper, for me and my vegan other half – we would be having mushroom risotto. This is an old favourite which I’m comfortable cooking with – but I usually add Linda McCartney sausages as the vegan protein source.

Tofu Vegan Marinade: Try Marmite!

Having decided to use tofu instead this time, I was left with the issue of how to add yummy flavour to it. This good old vegan protein stand-by is a champion staple in many ways – nutrition, versatility and ease of sourcing, since every supermarket stocks it these days. Where it may be thought to fall down is regarding the criterion of flavour. Unless you have practically no palate, raw unflavoured tofu is no yummy taste treat!

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So the question comes up, what to put in a tofu marinade? As my other half recently identified Marmite as satisfying his vegan criteria and had bought a jar, that was an issue soon put to rest. The jar was almost empty – my OH is a Marmite lover! – and I had a use for the dregs.

So I chopped up the tofu into cubes, put it in a Tupperware container, and added water to my scraped out Marmite jar. Shaking it up, I poured the yeast-rich liquid into a jug and added a crushed garlic clove and a good squeeze of tomato puree. My loved one also threw in some liquid smoke when my back was turned! (Another useful vegan store cupboard ingredient.) Adding this to the tofu, we covered it up to infuse with all of that yeasty goodness for a few hours. Yum!

When it came time to cook, I spent some time chopping vegetables and boiling rice, and conjured up a humungous pan of mushroomy spicy rice goodness. But the tofu? I fried it up in basil-infused olive oil, and I’m happy to report: tofu marinaded in a Marmite marinade is fabulously yummy and delicious!

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the end results for you: we were too hungry, and the results of our efforts too delicious, for the delay that would have involved. Maybe next time! Vegans and non-vegans, don’t hesitate and don’t delay: break out the Marmite and start soaking your tofu today!

But that's not all you can do with a delicious yeast spread marinade. Risotto done (and scoffed) I proceeded to add some garlic puree and knock half of it back as a delicious thin soup. Then the rest went into making onion gravy for the sausage fried with cabbage that made up the next night's supper. Double duty, double delicious!

Marmite marinade/hot drink/onion gravy, folks – it has my seal of approval!

Love it or hate it?

Public domain image.

Public domain image.

Marmite: It's A Divisive Issue


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